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  1. Sheilajeanne

    Problems with access to

    I think I know what the problem with Tandy is. I got a notice in my inbox yesterday saying all passwords have to be upgraded to make them stronger. (My current password is letters only, so needs strengthening.) Willing to bet if you reset your password, you'll be fine! Just say you lost your password, then reset it when they e-mail you.
  2. [sigh!] I figures as much!
  3. Sheilajeanne

    So you wanna learn tooling....

    Yup, Barry King may be making some money off a few of! I just got over 100 tools and stamps, mostly Tandy and IvanTaiwan tools, and here I thought I'd be totally done buying tools for a long time to come. Then Don shows us how to use a crowner, which Tandy NO LONGER MAKES! One nice thing about the new tools I got, is that the people in Taiwan have realized people still want some of the older Tandy tools, and are making things like acorn caps, etc. The numbers are even the same as the discontinued Tandy tools!
  4. Sheilajeanne

    What's your favorite skiving tool?

    I just watched the video of the safety beveler. And you know reminds me of the parer I use for paring vegetables! Hm...wonder if that would work? My aunt was left-handed, so her parer was wicked sharp on the right side, and right-handed people couldn't get it to pare for them at all. The more you use them the sharper the blade gets. My mom managed to amputate a very large piece of her baby finger while peeling potatoes one night! :D
  5. Sheilajeanne

    B198 Beveler

    In the old tools I purchased at the hock shop the other day, there was a B198 beveler. At first I thought someone must have altered it because the face is not symmetrical. Then, I looked at the Craftool tool conversion chart, and saw the face of my beveler looked EXACTLY like the one on the chart. What's the reason for this beveler being asymetrical? I have a newer version of this tool, and the face is symmetrical on that one. Here's a link to the chart so you can see what I'm talking about: CraftoolConversionChart (1).pdf
  6. Sheilajeanne

    *Hello* from the Great White North

    Welcome from a fellow Canadian! What part of the country do you hang your hat in?
  7. Sheilajeanne

    how to identify old singers

    LOL - I had to restrain myself from posting something similar! Oh, what the heck we all need a laugh! Maybe by the way their voices crack on the high notes?
  8. Sheilajeanne

    Lookee What Followed Me Home Today!

    As you can probably see from the photos, there's an Al Stohlman brand trim knife, made in China. I'm assuming this is probably going to be of the same quality as the Al Stohlman round knives, which won't hold an edge because the steel is such poor grade?
  9. Sheilajeanne

    Lookee What Followed Me Home Today!

    As I sort through these, I see I am going to have some stamps available for sale. There are a few duplicates, as well as duplicates of stamps I already own. Many of the Craftool stamps are the older ones I've been wanting! Some of the more common stamps have the numbers and letters nearly worn away from use... The former owner engraved his name (Heyden) on some of the tools. I wonder what happened to him... It's interesting to see the difference between older and newer tools with the same numbers. I have 3 versions of the 707 veiner. The oldest one is the smallest (Craftool Co., no letter) while the 2 newer ones (Craftool USA) are very similar, but one is just slightly thinner than the other!
  10. Sheilajeanne

    Lookee What Followed Me Home Today!

    Anyone familiar with Barontoola stamps, and Craft Japan? Also, which stamps are older, Craftool Co. or Craftool U.S.A.?
  11. Sheilajeanne

    Lookee What Followed Me Home Today!

    I just finished cataloging the figure stamps. This is just the right side of the stamp box, there are approximately 70 more stamps on the left side, plus some stitching chisels, two swivel knives and two extra swivel knife blades: Diesel truck – no maker's mark Taiwan Barontoola 292 flower and leaf stamp Taiwan W818 flower stamps (2 the same) Ivan Taiwan J 547 flower stamp Taiwan L948 leaf stamp Ivan Taiwan L 949 leaf stamp Taiwan L 515 leaf stamp Taiwan L 516 leaf stamp Craftool USA Z772500 heart stamp Craft Japan O 85 heart stamp Craftool USA Z 726 heart stamp Ivan Taiwan Z785 star stamp Ivan Taiwan L 792 maple leaf Craft Japan W 966 rose Taiwan F 991 compound leaf stamp Craftool USA W 755200 small acorn Craftool USA W755300 medium acorn Taiwan W 554 large acorn Craftool USA L 951 leaf stamp Craftool USA L 950 leaf stamp Ivan Taiwan L 929 leaf stamp Ivan Taiwan L 930 leaf stamp Taiwan L 953 leaf stamp Taiwan L 954 leaf stamp Craftool W96400 rose stamp Ivan Taiwan D 616 ribbon and flower stamp Ivan Taiwan D 617 small flower Taiwan W 567 ?? background stamp. Medium Ivan Taiwan W 568 background stamp, same pattern as above, large Craftool USA W 965 rose stamp Craftool X 503S triangular basket weave stamp, large Craftool X 502S triangular basket weave, medium Taiwan, W 553, medium acorn stamp Craftool USA, Z 952, bucking horse and rider U 787 (can't read maker's stamp) large daisy flower stamp Craftool USA G 870 border stamp Taiwan W 561 acorn cap, medium Taiwan W 562, acorn cap, large Taiwan, Barontoolla, 634, Horse stamp Craftool USA, Z460 horseshoe stamp Craftool Co. 343, spiral seeder Barontoola, Taiwan, 815, large sunburst stamp
  12. I still haven't had time to take a really close look at what I've got, but from what I saw in the shop, it was well worth the price! The stamps are a mixed bag: some are Craft Tool made in U.S.A., some are Craft Tool made in Taiwan, and some are non-Tandy stamps made in Japan. There are over 100 stamps!
  13. Sheilajeanne

    neatsfoot oil

    During my horseback riding days, when oiling old horse's tack that had gotten very dried out, I'd always warm the leather with my hands as I applied the oil, as the warmth would help it penetrate better. I never thought of warming the oil, but this proves what was said above! This is also the reason neatsfood oil is often sold as a compound, mixed with other oils that are more liquid at colder temperatures. Unfortunately, these oils are usually petrochemicals that eventually rot stitching!
  14. Sheilajeanne

    Over 80 Books and Patterns For Sale

    Me too! I just paid the plumber $356 today, and I likely need my fridge replaced sometime soon. I shouldn't even be LOOKING at buying more stuff! But ohh, those are some NICE stamps!!
  15. Sheilajeanne

    Gasoline and Leather

    Thanks, Fred!