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  1. Most things I do start with a card stock pattern , once you like that then transfer that to your leather and start cutting Don't be afraid of wasting a little leather , I think most here di that starting out .
  2. Like Chuck said those are squares . This is how I do diamonds . I too think a V-gouge was used
  3. OUTSTANING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as always I have got to start saving up for one of your knives !!!!!!
  4. Looks real nice !!! Tooling is my favorite part of the work but I have a lot to learn . Oh and WELCOME !!!!!
  5. VERY NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks folks ! I wasn't sure what size and thought billet style might make fitting it easier
  7. Young folks next door have a Boxer/Pit mix , great dog . They have been a big help to me so I decided to make a collar for Toby ( their dog ) as a little thank you . 8 oz veg tan , diluted saddle tan , dark brown antique ( no resist ) acrylic top coat
  8. Weight of leather will have some effect , 6/7 oz I lose right at 5/8 inch per foot . Best way to know is cut a sample @ known length ( say 9 inches )and braid it then measure to see what you are loosing . Overall length will be shorter by X amount , now just do the math for the you want .
  9. @Bert03241 if you have $40.00 more to spend , buy one of their holsters and use it for a pattern . https://byrna.com/products/byrna-nylon-holster?variant=31820201033795
  10. This is for a great young lady who is a nurse and actually understands what that encompasses . She took care of my brother back in Dec. , during which time I found out she hunts and is planning her first elk hunt for this fall . I thought this would make a little Thank You for the care she gives each and every day !!
  11. Gezzer

    Hair clips

    Very nice clips and should move well
  12. Very NICE and well done !!!!
  13. Gezzer

    1st Wallet.

    Looks very good but it might be a tad thick with those weights of leather .Very nice though !
  14. I just take my mop&glow to my leather shop and have the guy keep it in the back for me . He will pour it into smaller bottles and add a buck an ounce when I come in for supplies , just makes me feel better about the whole thing .........................
  15. Very nice indeed !!!!!
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