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  1. That is very nice and the color is awesome ! Lot of hours in that I would guess .
  2. not much to it but you need something for those hot handles .
  3. Weeeeeeeeeeeell , when you get the rust knocked off .......... you gonna do some fine work Those are beautiful !!!!!!!!
  4. @tsunkasapa Thanks , I just placed an order and went ahead and got the F900 . I think it may be more the size I need .
  5. Gezzer

    The Spiders of October

    OUTSTANDING !!!! I love it
  6. Thanks , the only reason I'm doing it " traditional " is I just ain't figured out the other ways yet Thanks and I will look at some matting tools . Suggestions would be welcome .
  7. I never had that problem because this is how mine is made . (SLC )
  8. @Wild Bill46 Thank you ! Sorry I took so long to say it , I guess I lost track somewhere
  9. Looks good ! I really like the blood knot on the concho
  10. Best I remember I used the edge of a file and cut about 3 light v notches in mine . Like tsunkasapa said it doesn't take much .
  11. Gezzer

    Just an Old Lutz Scene

    Very NICE !! You have an eye for color
  12. Thanks Chuck ! Doc I just hadn't thought of that but it is a great idea ! So here goes : no name ( cheap ) swivel knife with 3/8 " straight blade craftool B995 narrow smooth beveler no name Z-B701 checkered beveler
  13. and the flankiest piece I have ever tried to carve , I think I kind of like the look . Wish I hadn't stained it though
  14. I got a couple of shoulders and some and a belly in so a little more scrap to practice on .
  15. I use olive oil but whatever oil is used , start with a light even coat
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