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  1. Looks pretty durn good to me .
  2. I like that stamp as well . Mind me asking who's stamp that is ?
  3. Gezzer

    New pistol

    It is the way it is sitting , also I don't run the thread adapter on mine . According to Taurus website there is not much difference in size by measure . Now it might feel a good bit smaller in the hand but I don't know . Compact is 4.90 high Full size is 5.44 about 1/2 inch Compact is 6.70 long Full is 7.06 about 3/8 Compact is 16;50 oz Full is 17.30 about 3/4 oz Width is the same for both @ 1.25 Compact does have an open top slide and optics cut but I am going to have to get one in my hand to know whether there is enough difference for me .
  4. Gezzer

    New pistol

    This is the full size { 16+1 } . This one runs like a swiss watch , great feel in my hand that makes it a natural pointer . I replaced the front sight with a fiber optic but that is just personal preference , the rear sight needed a shim to hold elevation (kept creeping down ) . Other than the sight issue I give it an A+ and may get the compact if it is considerably smaller in size .
  5. I hear ya about the eyes and the only point of any type of sight is to converge your eye and the bullet . I myself have put a red - dot on a lever action
  6. Gezzer

    Duck log

    Is that around 14"x 16" ?
  7. Sir , that is just plain AWESOME !!!!
  8. Gezzer

    Duck log

    Great idea !!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful work as well . I have a buddy that has almost completed ( North American Waterfowl Grand Slam ) I think is what he calls it . He likes less than a dozen species , I am going to have to make him something like this . Thanks for a genius idea .
  9. Oh son .......... a red-dot on a single action OUTSTANDING leather work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Gezzer


    CLASSY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Gezzer


    Real nice !!! I bet he will be very pleased with that .
  12. Looks good and a happy wife makes for a happy life !!!!!
  13. I dampen lightly and use glycerine saddle soap and glass slicker . Makes for a pretty good finish .
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