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  1. Some times " less is more " . Nicely done !!!!!!!!!
  2. Very nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone will be proud to end up with that .
  3. Daughter found this type of clip somewhere , they have more surface area and will be what I end up using .
  4. Yes Sir , that is NICELY DONE !!!!!
  5. I love them !!!!!!!!! That is one of the coolest ideas I have seen , Sir I doff my hat to you .
  6. Not according to Webster . leather 1 of 2 noun leath·er ˈle-t͟hər : animal skin dressed for use I don't doubt it might be the greatest thing since sliced bread but it as NOT leather ! Have a nice life .
  7. Gezzer

    Pup training bag

    I looked at Honest Kitchen an it does look to be quality for certain , we have fed Science Diet for ever and it is good and a little higher in fat , I think
  8. people in the third world countries go on breeding like rabbits Just wanted to see if I could say it . Just 4626 years and we will find out if Libby was right
  9. Gezzer

    Pup training bag

    Thanks . Actually it is just her kibble , she works for cheap right now , she won't get the high value treats until a little later Thanks Bert !
  10. I made her a tennis ball sling which I can't use for a couple of months . But this bag is already getting used in the yard
  11. If you have ever worked a Jack , grit in the teeth from a tennis ball is not a factor with JRT's LOL !
  12. It will save your shoulder for sure . If I did another one I would make the center hole 1 1/4 inches instead of 1 inch . If you need a starting point mine is 5 1/2 by 2 3/4 inches
  13. Looks very good ! what mess ?
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