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  1. Unfortunately yes, vacuforming may smash some of the detail. But I really only basket weave on a reinforcing piece on the front, and don't really notice it. I believe if you carved and tooled, it may be minimal. I like the bottom of the holster as you did it. It allows it to drain should the need arise, and protects the end of the pistol.
  2. That looks very nice for a first attempt. Trace your gun, add 1/2 the slide width + the thickness of the leather for a pretty good stitch line. I also draw a line from the top of thefrontsight to the top of thereafter sight and space the stitch line from that to allow for front sight clearance. Good work!
  3. Hags

    New belt for myself

    I use 8/9 with a 4/5 backing to hold up holsters and pouches. Works well.
  4. A picture would help a lot. Do you mean a trijicon type/holo sight, or a round red dot sight. I've done both, but would like to know.
  5. These are 2 I have come up with. The one for the stamping tools is 2 layers of 1x6 with holes in the top board. The other is a 2$ knife block from goodwill that I drilled to hold various tools I use for punching holes, corners, ect...
  6. Ditto the bonded nylon from LMC and toledo. I have been using 277 top and bottom for a long time with no issues on my cobra class 3.
  7. I also did the scrap granite deal. Tipped the office girl $5 bucks for showingme the scrap pile.
  8. Very cool. Nice attention to detail, and well thought out.
  9. That's pretty dang cool! I love making tools!
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