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  1. Hags

    New holster.

    Yep, pretty darn nice!
  2. Hags

    Best Online Leather

    I have bought from most of the suppliers listed here. Maverick and Rocky Mountain both having great news letters and great deals from time to time. Springfield also has great deals on cheap hides from time to time. However, the bulk of my work is holsters. And for that I use Hermann Oak veg tan in 7/8 and 5/6 oz. I know when I order H. O. it will be as advertised. I buy sides, so there will always be belly's and the various mark's etc. The last few have been from Goliger leather, and I have been very happy with them. I would still like to try Wickett and Craig though. I have been tempted to try the premium belt bend from Springfield leather as well.
  3. I think it looks great. Good job!
  4. Thanks guys, these were a challenge. The open top more than the other. It ended up being almost 3/4 of an inch after the sides were put on. Fortunately, my cobra class 3 went through it, but I used a new needle and took my time. He loves them both.
  5. My favorite as well. I built up a 1/2 inch welt on the bottom to support the structure of the holster and made all the attachment points on a sewn in piece on the back.
  6. My wife tells me I can see my mistakes because I look at things from 6 inches. It looks a lot different from a couple of feet. You will always see something that you could do better. Nice job!
  7. Wife, daughter in law, 2 grand daughters, 3 little girls down the street, and very nice young lady and her fiance across the street. Yep, I get it. And happy to be able to do it. The smiles are worth more to me than I can say.
  8. Very cool. I'm in the process of making a holster, double mag pouch, and belt with suspenders for my XDm for practical pistol matches. I'm liking the basket weave, I use it on most of my holster reinforcing pieces. Nice job!
  9. Welcome! I make a few holsters and knife sheaths myself.
  10. Good point about the metal clip. He wears it in the front so shouldn't be a problem though. I'll have to look at alternatives. Thanks about the barettes too.
  11. These are for a golf buddy. He just bought the Bersa and was torn between IWB and KWB carry. I built both and he was very happy.
  12. I'm getting more of the larger handguns. This is a Ruger 44mag with a Leopold scope. I made the first one to cover the scope.it turned out nice, but he wanted an open top that left the scope uncovered. Well, now we're talking a lot of cow, but he said he'd take both so,,, here we are. I didn't feel that a regular pancake type holster would be stiff enough with an open top. So I went with about a 1/2 in welt on bottom to provide the stiffness I felt was needed. I had to change the attachment points to the rear andi think it came out pretty well. I hope to take more pics tomorrow, but we'll see.
  13. I like it, and yes a bit long. I leave mine at 4" past the first hole. Better than being short like my first one was!
  14. Hags


    Very sweet! Is that lasered?
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