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  1. Hags

    686 Holster

    Nice work! One of my favorite revolvers.
  2. Hags

    Leather Key Fobs

    I struggled trying to get even curves for fobs and other items using a knife. Not such a big deal for large curves. I had pretty good luck cutting the bottoms with a set of half round punches off Amazon, about $20 i believe. Eventually I went with a die cutter (now have 2) for about $60. I use it on a 1 ton arbor press from harbor freight. Also about $60. Great way to burn through a bunch of scrap.
  3. I have a Cobra class 3. The holster plate is used for stitching around belt clips and stuff like that. You use the right top feed dog, no bottom feed dog. This allows you to get very close. Mine has no serrations.
  4. Welcome! Lots of seniors here.
  5. Very nice! I have a LCP with a CT laser on it. My holster is very similar.
  6. Welcome! There is a lot of good info here. Look forward to seeing your work.
  7. Welcome! Looking forward to seeing your work.
  8. Thanks guys. We've been lucky so far. 3 trips, 3 hook ups, 2 in the boat. Lost the first one to a broken hook at the boat..
  9. I recently made this pancake for a hellcat with a holo sight. Fiebings USMC black with a Fiebings light brown reinforcing piece in a flag motif. Hermann Oaks 8/9 277 bonded nylon top and bottom Cobra class 3. Then I took a little side trip to the Straight of Juan de Fuca for a little halibut. Right around 50 pounds for this one.
  10. I seem to remember about $400. Had to have a drop gate truck.
  11. I do a lot of holsters and sheaths. 207 and 277 bonded nylon. Usually 277 top and bottom. I've had my class 3 for just about 4 years. Starting to feel comfortable.
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