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  1. Hags

    scrap works

    Reminds me of a "stash pouch" I made for a golf buddy out of a piece of horse I had laying around. I told him I could do Armani or revenant man, and he don't look Armani! He loved the rustic look and unfinished edges
  2. I'm giving the pull the dots a look but thought they would just about have to open the same direction... I'm still going to get some to try. Don't care for the belt clips for holsters, cool for mag pouches though.
  3. A friend asked if I could come up with a holster that he could take off/on easily when he needed to. I modified my pancake pattern yet another variant. Might make a couple of these for myself. Hermann Oak 7/8 veg tan Fiebings light brown pro dye with neatsfoot oil after drying Line 24 snaps Sewn on a Cobra class 3, 277 top and bottom, #24 needle. Wet-molded in my new vacuum rig. Thanks Adam's leather works, great video and parts list! So much cleaner! Resolene, water 50/50 2 coats
  4. Ditto jls, I use his methods and have great results. One other thing I didn't see covered, watch going over the top of the cylinder. With softer leather it may not be too much of an issue, but with mine, 7/8 oz wet molded hermann oak it will lock that gun in like you wouldn't believe. You should also look at Adamsleatherwork on Youtube. That and jls' free instructions has helped me tremendously.
  5. Sorry I didn't see this sooner! 7/8 or heavier leather. Chisels are rated at more threads per inch than size. Look at Main threads, they can help with thread size and are a quality product
  6. I've done both as well, and have had good luck with each. Boning and forming can cause a difference in absorption, but that can be considered character to me. I have gone to using fiebings pro dyes, and like the results much better, and a lot less rub off. Still, use gloves or you'll have colored hands, helps eliminate fingernail mark's too. I use pure neats foot oil on my holsters and sheaths. I've heard of many using olive oil, but have never tried that myself.
  7. Nice work. The holder is a nice touch as well.
  8. Thank you, Hermann Oak 7/8 oz, fiebings light brown pro dye, cobra class 3 with 277 top and bottom. And the second holster molded in my new vacuum set up.
  9. Yes, the you open the snaps and then put them behind your belt, back up, and snap in place. I've seen this type of attachment for IWBs, but not OWB.
  10. Very nice. I wet mold mine to the gun as you did and have had no issues with retention with normal use.
  11. Hags

    One more

    I did this one for myself. XDm 9mm
  12. I had a guy ask if I could do a bolster that was easy off and on. I modified a pancake holster to a "snap on". I think it came out pretty good. I will shorten the left tab on future ones though.
  13. Chest rig for a S&W 686 357 mag. I extended the side connectors to accommodate a speed loader and a knife
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