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  1. Very nice! My wife tells me that the mistakes I see from 6 inches are invisible to everyone else. But I still see them, and will work to eliminate them.
  2. Thank you and I agree with all the points you have made. I tell my customers that these are not going g to be a "speed draw" holster, but they will still have it when they get high enough in the tree to think about it! Especially with a gun with a 7.5" barrel. I think they like the looks of the reloads on the side, but I much prefer they get a speedloader. I can mount a pouch for this just as easy, and I feel they are much more secure. He wanted the drop leg due to his military background and his use of them then.
  3. This is the drop leg version of the Ruger 480 I recently finished. I used the 2.5 in ring to allow for swing when walking. Pita to sew, but not quite what thought it would be. HO 7/8, Cobra class 3, Superior thread bonded nylon 277 top and bottom, Fiebings light brown pro dye. Bear logo the same as the chest rig. Customer loves it. I left enough space for a strap if needed, but, this thing is tight! And unfortunately, no, that is not me in this photo.....
  4. Yeah, I can see that would be a good option. Mine just disconnects on the left side and slides off the shoulder. My belt seems to be a bit higher than yours as well.
  5. Hags

    Small Ladies Bag

    Nice job! Some one is going to like that.
  6. Thanks guys. Good feedback. Not a big fan of the bullets on the side myself. But, we do what we are asked, and several customers have loved them. And they can be taken off the rig if he feels they are impractical or uncomfortable. I am now working on a "drop leg" holster for the the same gun.
  7. I've done a couple like this now. Feedback has been positive. Putting anything on the shoulder strap can interfere with back pack straps so I quit putting them there. These cartridge holders slide off or around if needed. I use one of these rigs for my speed 6 and dont have an issue.
  8. I seem to attract large pistols. This young man bought this as a backup gun for a Montana hunting trip. I stressed that this will not be a "quick draw" holster. But, it will still be with him when he gets to the top of whatever tree he manages to climb. I have found that barrels this long, with prominent front sights, have a very distinct draw and re-holster. He loves it. I'm happy, and he wants a gun belt, and now a drop leg for this one. I also made a 6 rd loop slider for the left side of the chest strap. Have to study on drop legs now.
  9. Nice addition! I use an approximately 40 oz wooden maul I bought at an antique store for $10. Must be maple or something, works very well. I have lusted for a 48 oz BK for a while.
  10. Exposure sounds the best. I'll suggest that to him thanks guys.
  11. A little while ago I did a judge type gun In natural leather. The owner contacted me wishing to get it a little darker. He asked about PNO and I to,d him I would try it on a piece of scrap let him know. Well, no luck. I finish with resolene 50/50 with water and it wont touch it. Any ideas? He just wants it a shade or 2 darker, but still looking like aged leather.
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