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  1. A machine is not always the answer for thick leather. I have sewn welts this thick with my class 3, but you really have to pay attention. Sometimes it's just easier to break out the awl! Sometimes I've taken an old #25 needle, put it in my drill press, and used that to punch (no drill!) my holes. Worked pretty good. Just make sure it stays lined up. Nice job by the way!
  2. My guess is there was shoe polish on there first. Can you really get it all out? Don't really think so. I tried that early on and found it wanting. All fiebings now. Tankote isn't bad, but I prefer resolene 50/50 with water. But, all kinds of choices there. I have resolene and tankote. BUT, nice looking holster! Good work.
  3. Pretty nice. I like the tooling.
  4. Hags


    Pretty cool!
  5. Always room for improvement isn't there. I think I saw a "close quarters" beveler from BK maybe. Was supposed to be good for belt loops. I can't get them right either. I do the sides and burnish the heck out of the tops.
  6. I use the Manila folders as well. But, the divder cardboard in the TP stacks at Costco or any other big box store works great. I use them for large patterns and as a staining barrier. Free as well.
  7. I made one of these for a 6in 44mag over a year ago for a young man that is a timber cruiser up here the Olympic national forest. He carries this gun almost daily for 8 to 10 hrs a day. He's come back for several axe sheaths, slings, other holsters,etc and always brings this one so I can see it. The plastic buckle has held up fine. It's not holding up the pistol, it's holding it close to the chest. See my post "one year later".
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