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  1. After writing that it was Ajacks grips I started to doubt what I told you and so I went looking. I found some like it on Buffalo Brothers page so that must be where I got them. Like I said, I have had these for a very long time. RUG-008 Checkered Grips - Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store
  2. Thanks. I believe these are old ajacks grips. Can’t remember exactly. I have had them a very long time.
  3. A lot of those are a type of oak leaves. We have two oak trees in our yard. That is a good looking Mexican Loop on page 112. Great book. Yes, I do. Most of them will get ran over with a lawn mower and mulched. The rest will get raked up.
  4. Looks like maybe the mold is longer but the holster is made for the said 6.5" barrel. Very nice set up
  5. He is a veteran. I have looked at the US replica rigs. They have some nice ones. Its something I am wanting to learn to make also. Thank you.
  6. I have a ways to go on the tooling also. I don't do it as often as I would like. Hopefully getting better as I go though. Thanks for the comments.
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