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  1. Does anyone have a pattern for a buttstock cover that holds ammo that they would share? wanting to make my dad one for Christmas for his Marlin rifle in .357
  2. I have used Texas Dies and they have always been great. Have only heard good things from Weaver also.
  3. Turned out nice. I have made a couple in a similar pattern. I just modified a California Slim Jim style holster to have the belt loop made into the holster instead of sewn on.
  4. Cool. I'll look for your earlier thread. I like the design. Bravo to you.
  5. Excellent. Can I see the back of the holster? Are they made from two pieces like a pancake? If so, do you cut the front larger than the back?
  6. Well I like your design and think it goes perfect with the 1911 style of pistol.
  7. Very nicely done. Did you design your own pattern for these? I have been wanting to do something similar for a 1911 but havent yet. The pancake style is prob. the ones that I am least confident about.
  8. Yeah, they will work for shotguns long as you have the proper length. Haha.
  9. Thank you. I didn't measure the stamp. Just did it by hand. Was happy with the way it turned out. The gun in that one is a Winchester 1892 Carbine. Thanks.
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