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  1. As for the dying and finishing....... I went a different route on this one. NO dye. I used an old bottle of Fiebings Antiquing Gel in Med. Brown. Lots of hand rubbing applied with dabbing it on an old piece of T-shirt. Then finished it with Mink Oil and lots more rubbing.
  2. Thank you Fredk. I have not carved much and you are very correct. There are many aspects of the stamping process that I have not gotten good at yet. Now that I finally found a swivel knive that I like and feel I can use I hope to start doing more carvings and hopefully get better and better at the artistic part of the stamping.
  3. Thank you. I am going to do a belt. I am trying to decide on the style of belt though.
  4. I do not do many carved holsters. I want to get better at them and finally found a swivel knife that I am comfortable using. Now I feel like my swivel knife work is finally okay so I can practice my stamping work for floral designs.
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