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  1. Thanks Hags. Appreciate it. Just takes practice. Thank you. Thanks. Thanks TexasJack. Thanks PastorBob.
  2. Thank you. Yes, it is. lol. Thank you. Well, in the old books the bridle leather back then seems to be about 7-8 oz. Most holster work done now tends to be a heavier leather. Thank you.
  3. Thanks. The leather is Hermann Oak 8oz to be like what the 19th century called bridle leather. The holster is closer to 9oz. Thank you.
  4. Recently finished up the saddle scabbard and matching holster for carbine and 5.5" barrel revolver.
  5. The Brill holster is one of my favorite holsters to look at. Such pretty holsters and neat in design. I have not yet made one but will get around to it one day. Thanks for sharing your work.
  6. Very nice work. Would love to see how the chest holster attaches to the straps.
  7. A purchase you won't regret. I have been more than happy with mine.
  8. JWheeler331


    Love it. Great work.
  9. Can we see it with gun attached?
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