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  1. Coming along nicely. Heck of a shop.
  2. Thank you. I wanted something that looked fairly period correct.
  3. Hey, thanks for the comments. Yeah, the 1877s are a finicky bunch. This one functions well at the moment. The holster is actually supposed to have stitching and rivets but I rushed and completely forgot to stitch around the rivets and in my haste forgot to go back and do so. I may still do it thought. I would rather not trust just one of that style rivet on each side. The holster is a copy from an actual period holster minus the stitching that I forgot. This is another one of a similar holster that I did in the same style. It has better rivets and also the stitching. And if I am not mistaken the original has the stitching all the way around the rivet rather than on just one side.
  4. Would love to see it in action.
  5. Thanks. I have many of his patterns but never tried out the saddlebag patterns.
  6. Very beautiful work boy Wyatt and Josh. What pattern pack is that from? How is the holster attached?
  7. No. Just a standard Craftool Pro Adjustable Creaser.
  8. Thank you. As a kid watching Young Guns 1 and 2 and as someone who loves western history I have always wanted a pair of blued 1877 Colts. Over the years I had chances to buy them but for one reason or another I didn't. When I found this one it was not exactly what I wanted but came with lots of reloading components such brass, bullets, dies, 2 bullet molds and the gun functions as it should so I jumped on it. I almost did but wanted to try a mix of old west and some styling from a Brill holster so I used a textured beveller around the edges and around the makers mark.
  9. The edges on the strap have a rounded appearance but that is mostly from the crease line I made as a border.
  10. Thanks Chuck. The 1877, while prone to breakage, has long been a gun I have wanted. I prefer blued guns over nickel and stainless but it came with lots of reloading stuff for it and was just too good to pass up. Everything functions as it should also.
  11. Thanks for the advise. What rounded edges are you talking about? I used a number two edge beveller on the edges if that is what you mean.
  12. Recently got an original Colt 1877 and decided it needed a holster to compliment it so I made this for it. Fully suede lined to be soft on the nickel finish on the Colt. It was made in 1883. Thanks for looking.
  13. Very lovely holster and belt. Question, What is that type of belt called where it doesn't have separate billets for the belt loops and buckle? I have made several but never knew what they are truly called.
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