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  1. My experience was very different. I had a couple cheaper swivel knives and I could never get them sharp. I ended up buying a BK knife and it has been wonderful. I never had to sharpen it yet. Just stropped it out of the box and before each use. I also have a Craftool Pro that works pretty good also.
  2. Absolutely. I always enjoy what you come up with.
  3. I have to give it to you, You're always making something cool.
  4. Just finished up this Basketweave Double Loop style holster for 5.5" barrels.
  5. Thanks. Another guy seen this and ordered himself a pair.
  6. He carried Colt Walkers though. Edit: seen where you said later that he carried Colts. Fun fact: One of the Colt Walkers carried by Clint Eastwood was also carried by Kim Darby in John Wayne's True Grit film.
  7. Thank you Chuck. The Half Flap holsters such as this were nice back then and I think they fit in perfectly for someone who wants to possibly use a gun for hunting as the half flap will hold the gun in greatly under most circumstances. Thank you Samalan. Thank you for your input. I put it there as a homage to the way they did it back then. I have also put them on the back if requested as I know some people do not like them on the front.
  8. Neat. That will be sure to start a conversation or two.
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