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  1. Here is a link to the finished project. Thanks for any info you helped with. I hope that you will check out the link. JWheeler331: Pooler & Jones Boss Shotshell Cartridge Belt Restoration
  2. Thanks. I will give it a look and see. The holes are 3/32 holes I believe and they will be going in leather that is about 8-9 oz or 3.9mm thick. The original belt was a little less thick but I am going back with what I have on hand already. I did post somewhere else and ask about them. They may be grommets.
  3. My concern is that they will stick up too much and not allow the shells to go in without catching the lip of the rivet. Will do.
  4. Got them all off and straightened the ones that needed straightening. Some were bent up pretty bad. Got them where the will fit a shotgun shell properly again. Now I will get them cleaned up and tumbled and start the search for proper fitting eyelets. Once I am finished with the project I may do a complete write up on it. Thanks.
  5. I’m impatient at times and when I posted this post I went to the bench and took a small drill bit and drilled out the front of the eyelets until it let go. Luckily this did not even mar the brass carriers. I’ll still need to figure out what the eyelet or grommet size is so I can look for something similar to replace them with. I have never used eyelets or grommets so I’m not familiar with their methods and sizes.
  6. Maybe this is the right place for this. Can someone tell me what kind of rivets or fastners these are? What would be the best way to remove them? I have this old shotgun shell belt that I want to restore by taking off the brass carriers and replacing them onto a new belt since this belt is not good anymore. Would I just carefully drill out the center of these? Obviously I do not want to hurt the brass shell carriers in any way. The fastners that are holding on the metal pieces are different than the ones that are holding on the billet for the belt part.
  7. Thanks man. Yeah, the original Cogburn would have needed a SAA holster.
  8. The holsters are for guns with a 7.5” barrel. Both holsters are the same size. Just the angle. Clint Eastwood’s Remingtons he is so known for have 8” barrels and his Walkers from Outlaw Josie Wales are 9” barrels so it’s very much in line with what Clint would have used as far is length goes.
  9. Here is my latest pair of holsters that I just finished. They are made for 1851 Navy Colts. They are right hand strong side and right hand cross draw. Done in 10oz veg tan leather.
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