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  1. Thank you Thank you, will get photos soon. Thank you Thank you
  2. Very nice figure carving, and painting. Well Done.
  3. Finished a new knife sheath, the carving pattern came from Jim Linnell, it is amazing how you can repurpose a drawing for other items. Knife sheaths are a fun item to make, because each one is custom fit to the knife. Thanks for looking
  4. Thank you, I will try to out your suggestions to use. Harder than it looks when a good artist draws. LOL
  5. This is my first pattern drawn while taking Don Gonzales course. The bottom flower needs to be bigger, but I wanted to see it carved. Think it will be kept as a reminder of my starting point. Lots of improvement hoped for but it was fun creating my own design and satisfying. Suggestions always welcome, and thanks for looking.
  6. Very Impressive.
  7. Hi thank you. the whole thing was antiqued, If you look up Jim Linnell Elk Tracks Studio he has great teaching videos. He is very down to earth and his style is very easy to learn from. It might be worth your time. Hope this helps.
  8. WalterF

    Axe Sheath

    Nice job. love how you cut the leather for the pattern, it assembled very clean.
  9. Wow something to work towards. Thanks for posting.
  10. WalterF

    I phone wallet

    Nice, the stamping is great. Have wanted to try airbrushing, you are giving that nudge to try.
  11. Handsewn would be better no marks then, plus larger thread. Thank you
  12. Thank you, Jim put outs some great stuff. Thank you. Yes I am gluing the flap to the body, I sand the body first to give the glue something to bite into.
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