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  1. Nicely done , love how you incorporated the tooling. Keep it up.
  2. Thank you for the kind words, it just sort of clicked. Thank you
  3. Thank you, it is a Barry King stamp. He doesn't use a numbering system sorry.
  4. Saw Springfield Leather Co. make a fly fishing wallet and it looked fun, this is my first attempt and have decided to change some things already. Fly fisherman are very serious about there craft.
  5. Wow looks like Sheridan style, very well executed. I am trying to learn it and you set a high bar.
  6. Thank you will post finished photos tomorrow. I like your interpretation it is cool, love the basket weave. Please post full photo of it love to see it.
  7. WalterF

    Some Dice Cups by fred

    Nice creativity, keep it up.
  8. I am in the process of making a wallet for a Brick Mason, it is a commissioned piece. I was left with some ideas of his type of person and left to come up with a Bi-Fold wallet. I truly enjoy this type of work as it allows me to have some fun with it. The wife has seen the back and loves it so it is a win so far. Will post finished pics when done. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thank you Thank you, will get photos soon. Thank you Thank you
  10. Very nice figure carving, and painting. Well Done.
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