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  1. Nice job, the lacing looks top notch.
  2. Like Chuck said, not to dent the cigars. agreed, thank you More ladies smoke cigars than I would have thought.
  3. Had a friend ask me about a 4 finger cigar case to hold her cigars for the day. This is the first one off of the forms that a friend made me. Now to make 3 and 2 finger cases.
  4. Thank you, I used Weaver 3mm irons, and size 270 thread from my class 4 sewing machine. Then ran it through wax.
  5. Thank you it was a fun challenge. I agree with you 100%. Thank you, they do work the eyes.
  6. Thank you, I agree it shocked me how much time goes into such a small piece. But was a fun project Also an alligator band.
  7. Made a couple watchbands 1st one is Ostrich with Wickett and Craig tan on the inside. The 2nd Is burgundy bridle from Wickett and Craig with a Tan underside. I didn't realize the time that goes into making one. 4 hours per band.
  8. Nice job, definitely cheaper than buying.
  9. Possibly, but it is out of my wheelhouse.
  10. Thank you Thank you Thank you, I used this stamp https://leatherstampstools.com/steel-stamps/823-tool-for-leather-craft-stamp-424b-iuergen-volbach-stainless-steel-size-14x11-mm.html Glad I could, partial to them myself. Thank you,
  11. Worked on a flask wrap to compliment a great new cigar. What can be better than Leatherwork followed by a cigar and refreshment.
  12. Nice job, do you dye before forming or after. Thank You
  13. I used neatsfoot oil on Herman Oak and this is what I get. Thank you. Thank you, go for it.
  14. Thank you. I agree but the logo doesn't have the ground so I kept with the Stolen Throne Logo. Thank you
  15. Today I was down at the cigar shop enjoying Stolen Thrones newly released today cigar. I went home and quickly carved this wallet face to take back and show them. Less than an hour in it. It was a quick job but I am p[leased with it and so were they.
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