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  1. Thank you, phones are powerful now. Thank you, I reuse the bottoms/soles after cutting of the stock sides.
  2. Your welcome Not sure, I tried vellum and had to change the settings to photo for it not to smear. I print on plain white paper and use clear packaging tape on the back and it works great. Cheaper too.
  3. Thought it would be nice to share how I create tooling patterns from images. May do some more with the difficulty going up. This is how the pattern was made for my pistol case.
  4. Thank you, the hummingbird is from an image brought into Photoshop sized, cleaned up. and fit on a scan of the part. I am thinking of doing a video of the work flow as it opens up many possibilities. Thank you, she is a sweet person and I hope so. Thank you, now to finish well.
  5. Working on a Pair of Berkenstocks for a friend who likes hummingbirds. She is the wife of our retired Pastor who still checks in. .
  6. Sweet job, it is a complete package.
  7. Thank you, The zipper is a #3 five yard bulk roll from Amazon. With the zipper you get 10 zipper pulls, they both work well with one being slightly smoother. Possibly the one that is in the reverse direction. It posed no problem. I am sorry, not familiar with the uni-directional YKK.
  8. Thank you Thank you Yes Sir. After seeing it a while the floppy handles started bothering me. Added the handle wrap out of remnants also.
  9. I wanted to try a few different things, gusset, handle, and Breaking Out Eagle. These are new to me. I am learning everyday from lots of people, some may not be my taste yet a technique they use may be better. Thank you for the compliment. The eagle is called Breaking Out Eagle by Robert Barr. It is free on Elk Tracks web site. Thank you, remnants for me are great when trying new things. They are not something to be used for a customer. The sheepskin is just glued in along with the inside flap covering the zipper ends. Thank you Thank you it was fun.
  10. True, this gives it a different look though I have done both ways. Yeh I dropped the ball on not burnishing the edge by the zipper.
  11. Thank you, it is all machine stitch. The gusset is two piece with the edge flush with the outside and another piece stitched to it for the zipper. Thank you.
  12. Worked on a case to learn. Made it out of remnants so it has some marks, for me it just adds to the character. Modifying it a bit and it would be a great Bible case.
  13. The sole is attached and a light buckle.
  14. Thank you I know, family told me I wasn't ready then. LOL Thank you, Put the rubber soles on and different buckles so you may be right.
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