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  1. It is a gift given, I believe in using it to help others too. Thank you, Taking a little breather to help a neighbor clear some land. Thank you
  2. Thank you Well I would normally say "thank you SIR", afraid I might offend you!
  3. It is a number if different stamps (figure carving) to do this. Traced the drawing on the leather. Thank you for the compliment, Jim Linnell's Elk Track Studios has a number of classes that have helped me.
  4. Thank you, try to challenge myself to learn. Thank you, it is a drawing from Jim Linnell, had to adjust for this sheath. It is done, tried a new method on the securing strap. Last one it was mentioned about the possibility of the rivet scratching the handle. Wanted a wide belt loop so tried securing to the back and slots through the front, no rivet.
  5. Finished the tooling, will assemble in the morning.
  6. Working on a knife sheath for a benefit event that is close to my heart. The back was the easy part.
  7. Thank you, it was a labor of love. Thank you
  8. Yes Sir it is a powerful place. Thank you Thank you, The letters were cut with a swivel knife Thank you Trying to Honor those who paid the Ultimate Price.
  9. I haven’t responded till now, because the post was meant to Honor those who gave everything when called upon. This was the hardest project I have done! Not because of technical difficulty, but due to Honoring those who it represents and the place. My father was a WWII vet. Who served with the 85th Div. from Camp Shelby thought the end in Northern Italy. During this time period he received the Bronze Star. He was a man short in stature, but not one who could be intimidated. I am also an Army vet. who had the privilege of serving on some of the very same places he trained on. The photo this tooling is based off I took on Dec. 27, 2008 at 11:25 AM. During a bucket list trip to Arlington and the Mall with special emphasis on The Tomb and WWII Memorial. Gini and I were talking last week about the next project. During brainstorming Memorial Day came to mind and it was settled. Next was the process of going through the D.C. trip file to find this image. A ruler was used in marking lines on the leather, all the swivel knife work was freehand with numerous breaks due to my hands trembling. The letters were cut with a swivel knife, have heard many times to practice with your swivel knife so that you can cut on the lines. So true, had a couple waivers in it you may see. This was tooled on roughly 4-6 oz leather not sure of maker, it was there.
  10. Working on a bi-fold wallet for a friend who was a bass fisherman. It will be a surprise for him, his wife snuck a photo of his wallet so the right style was made. Used my smallest figure beveler on this one, first time needing it.
  11. 64oz flask gave me needed room. Thank you Thank you Thank you, finally used one of the two. Thank you, 64oz flask gave me some room.
  12. Thank you, I love western themed stuff. But wanted to try something different, to do something pertaining to the east coast. Thank you Thank you, it was fun. Thank you, it was a fun challenge.
  13. Finished mounting the leather to a flask for a thirsty individual.
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