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  1. I tried food saver as well. Didn't care for the bag texture. Even flipping the bag over and putting the smooth side up. Still was too prone to wrinkles that transfer to the leather. I now have a vac set up with a 27 mm vinyl bag and vac pump that does very well. If you look at JLSleather's website he has a very good method for making holsters and establishing stitch lines that will benefit you a lot in the future. But, all in all, a very worthy first wet mold. The texture is a matter of personal taste.
  2. It really does appear to be some seriously heavy thread. I machine sew, and use 207 on mine, and have had no issues. I do wet the back of the front after sewing on the reinforcing piece and hammer the thread flat from the back. Maybe use a little smaller thread? And Papaleaf, if you like my design, check out my attachments, I posted a pic of all my parts and pieces on a grid board so you can see the sizes if your interested. I too used Jls's holster design method.
  3. I've been getting more requests to build shoulder holsters. Single sided. I have looked st others and really like the ones that use a very thick 1 inch wide or so elastic around the other shoulder. Any ideas where to find this stuff?
  4. Very nice. I own a few SA firearms. Might have to steal that double stitch thing. I usually double all the way around, but that is cool.
  5. I agree with more forward cant as a possible solution. Can't really tell what you have since it looks like an avenger type with a belt tunnel in the back. I tend to go with a 15 degree forward cant. I also have my sweat guard rise up in the back of the holster to allow for more retention from the back of the holster than the front. I achieve most of my retention from the trigger guard and the back side of the holster. I usually tape over the ejection port to prevent lockup. As you see in the pic (chest rig, not hip, but the holster is the issue) , I have no molding around the ejection port. Wish I had pics of the back, sorry. Hope thos helps.
  6. Hags

    Hello from VA

    Welcome! Lots of good info here.
  7. I was the same way a couple of years ago. I tried the budget shoulders, 4 for $100 oil tanned sides, and other less expensive routes. I found that while there are a few worthy mentions (maverick leather in Oregon has some great sales), I just get more value out of a side of Hermann Oak. For me, I do sell a few holsters. This helps defray the cost a great bit. I'm looking at $250 to the door here for 7/8 oz B grade side, and the same for a 4/5 oz side. I try hard to find a purpose for all the scrap I generate, but still have a big box under the bench. I find i can use small pieces of 4/5 for a lot of speed loader pouches, wrist bands, mag pouches etc. But, there also I have invested time in making quite a few molds for these items. So I guess yes, it is not cheap, but let me ask you. Do you fish? That ain't cheap either...
  8. Hags

    Custom tolols

    I posted these on the holster page but felt they might benefit from wider exposure. Might just prompt someone to stretch out and make their own. I got frustrated with contemporary boning tools and decided to make my own for boning my holsters and sheaths. I used 5/16 hex head bolts and one piece of odd material I had. Need to work on my handles, and the long bent one is not functional, I'll probably cut that one off and make a beveler or something else out of it.
  9. Kinda late welcoming you but, welcome! I'm from the Olympic peninsula so, up in your neck of the woods.
  10. I too remember Reddy from my childhood days in Dallas. He was on top of the utilities building on the way down town. Nice pouch!
  11. My guess would be that is a regular quick rivet that has been set with a punch of some sort and not the concave one that is normally used.
  12. Prices must have gone up. Big surprise huh. I got my vacuum pump at Harbor Frieght, think it was about $90. The 2x2 bag and kit was I believe about $125 at the time. Being retired on a pretty fixed income, I can feel the burn over the $. I did see a vac bag local for $75 a while back. Wouldn't fit my set up but was a good deal if you were starting from scratch and could set up around the fitting the bag had. So keep looking, and I got good results without it. It just took longer.
  13. Hags


    Nice, I spent a lot of time on Padre when i was in the Navy in the early 70s. Miss the vibe.
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