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  1. Bert03241

    Im New Here

    this thread is going nowhere time to put it to bed. Mods please close this.
  2. by gluing it while bent it will make the liner a little longer then the wallet and hopefully prevent the wrinkling
  3. yea my thoughts its a beautiful bag but that handle detracts from it
  4. Bert03241

    Im New Here

    say something
  5. Probably easier to take out the lining and put a new one in , but we really need some picture
  6. Thats very nice good job
  7. She was very happy, I also engraved her Ints after I took pic LOL
  8. Made this quick for a lady who's nylon holster was falling apart.
  9. I've made 3 hats nothing special, but the thing is they use up a lot of leather, there heavy and hot to wear, so no more hats for me LOL
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