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    Drone Photography, leather working, motorcycling, and most importantly Standing for those that Stood for Us with the Patriot Guard Riders.

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    Knife Sheaths
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  1. Bert03241


    Nice can't wait to see the next one
  2. I can't add anything more to whats been said about this amazing work of art. I sincerely hope your Grandfather is still here to see what you and your sister have done.
  3. Bert03241

    Fly swatter

    You don't need to go buy anything for the handle , I just cut some thin branch's off some bush growing around my house. Any tree branch will do.
  4. Bert03241

    Fly swatter

    come on people we only have 3 swatters we can do bettercome on
  5. Bert03241

    Fly swatter

    its a very tight fit into the pocket, but if it loosens up a small screw in the back will do the trick
  6. Bert03241

    Fly swatter

    well it ain't much but it swats fly's real good
  7. Bert03241

    Fly swatter

    is all this thread drift normal? It kinda sucks having to read all these threads that have nothing to do with the fly swatter. I could care less about reading all this other stuff. I'd get in on the make a swatter comp. but reading 3000 thread to get to my entry
  8. Inkscape, and sketchup are to free programs you can design in. I use coreldraw I bought years ago
  9. Thanks, maybe someday I'll get another revolver that needs a holster , and I'll take in all the tips you guys gave me and make another one.
  10. I've been cutting and engraving veg tan leather for years and my exhaust is not the best. really no problems with the fumes , you might not like the smell, doesn't bother me. You do not want to cut or engrave chrome tan as those fumes will bother you.
  11. Well you guys got me lookin and yes the stitch holes aren't very becoming. So I said to myself is there anything I can do to fix this.Then I came up with this really brilliant idea to try and cover up the holes some how, and decided to edge kote them. WRONGIdeaGood thing this is not for anyone but me and will hang in a closed closet, never to see the light of day again.
  12. Well to be honest I'm probably not going to make any more of this type. This ones for me and its really just to hold the gun. I'm not going to wear it anywhere LOL.Just wanted something to put it in .I'm not in business, I'm old and this is just something I do for fun.
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