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    Drone Photography, leather working, motorcycling, and most importantly Standing for those that Stood for Us with the Patriot Guard Riders.

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    Knife Sheaths
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  1. Bert03241

    New holster.

    I guess it personal preference. I like to cover the trigger
  2. Bert03241

    New holster.

    Beautiful work just one thing I think the trigger needs to be covered, so when drawing you don't accidentally grab the trigger and shoot yourself. I've seen it happen.
  3. Very nice work But at $40 your giving them away.IMO to much work for so little return JMO
  4. I like it simple to the point
  5. Beautiful probably the most exquisite putter cover anywhere
  6. Bert03241

    Rifle case

    Very nice case I also have a air pistol.
  7. JMHO but I'd use heavier leather 8 to 9 oz. Hatchets tend to get thrown around the campsite and get beat up pretty good over time
  8. I shot recurve when I was in my early teens, just had a flat piece of leather
  9. I'll try to remember to do it that way I've never really seen instruction as to what side to go to only how to set them
  10. Just a cheap Steel Warrior I picked up to use for making sheaths for that type and size of knife.
  11. Made this for a guy who says he's a super fan of Bison Football. Man I need new glasses LOL . Sheath looked fine when I looked it over when done, But now I see the pictures in extra lrg and I see I could have done better burnishing the edges and I missed cleaning a little edge kote drool.But outside that I think its ok
  12. That looks really nice and a cool idea with the watch
  13. Bert03241


    OK Mike my baaaaad!!! My old eyes are messing me up, I had to read read everything 3 times to get it sorted out in my head LOL please accept my apology .
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