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    Drone Photography, leather working, motorcycling, and most importantly Standing for those that Stood for Us with the Patriot Guard Riders.

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  1. wow I dont see how its possible to burn thru leather and hav no char i'd like to see that with natural veg tan done
  2. I really cant believe you can wipe your hand down it and come out clean, thats just not possible
  3. I'm familiar with wrist surgery I have 3 screws in my right wrist, plus a whole bunch metal in various other parts of my body Love the Blades and leather you do nice work
  4. Semper Fi Brother from an Older and Grumpier Marine and welcome to the forum.
  5. Holy crap that came out awesomeReally nice job
  6. 1. Its way over Priced, you can get a much better machine for less money. 2. Its cloud based you need internet to use it. WHAT!!!! who ever thought of this had a screw loose. 3. They tell you you have to use their preferred materials which are way over priced and totally BS. you an use regular materials just like real laser use. 4. Their slow 5. They lie to you about their power ratings. They say their pro version which coswt close to 7K is 45 watts which is not true. its closer to 30 watts nominal out put 6. Their cooling system sucks, they tend to over heat and stop so you have to wait for them to cool down. 7. Their made of plastic and if theirs a fire( and lasers do catch fire) they burn your house down. Most real lasers have metal cases which have a better chance of containing the fire. 8. There's no Z axis I could go on but you get the idea
  7. If you want send me your proto type I'll work it up in corel and send it back in any format you need .
  8. First off never ever buy a glowforge OK Now and 80 watt Chinese laser like a Rabbit USA , a Boss Or Thunder will cut 7 to 8 oz veg tan leather no problem. Also it will do very nice engravings. I have a 60 watt co2 laser and it does all I ask of it, altho sometimes I have to make a second pass on 8oz veg. I cut and engrave all my knife sheaths and gun holsters and wallets on my laser.When hand stitching I leave about a foot of thread over the needle this give two strands of thread going thru the hole for the first foot and this cleans out most of the char. another thing I do sometimes is make the holes smaller then us a 1/16 dremel drill and then there is no char to dirty the thread. Also I oil and dye my leather then give it 2 coats of sheen before I cut out the Pat. This makes it very easy to clean of the soot with a damp rag. You can buy a 60 to 80 watt laser well under 10 K anything more then 80 watts and you loose engraving sharpness . Its hard to dial down the power for fine engraving , so 80 watts is max I'd get I like my 60 watts does it all pretty good.
  9. Your correct if I thin it 50/50 its much better
  10. it was an offer but I guess your all set
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