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  1. Well I joined this forum a couple days ago to find out about making a leather book cover for a Hardback book.I've been reading threads and jumping in on a few things I'm familiar with and still haven't got around to asking about my book cover LOL .I've been dabbling in leather work on and off for a couple years. I'm mostly into laser engraving wood, acrylic and decided to see what I could do with leather and the laser and wa la I'm hooked on lasering leather . I make custom engraved leather knife cases for Buck 110 Hunting knife and other knives of that size and shape.
  2. I disagree his wallet's are customized , buyers can ask for custom designs and words to make it personnel .
  3. I laser all my designs directly onto the leather. I use mostly Veg Tan and dye it the color I want then 2 or 3 coats of supper sheen or resolene before you laser. You can then take a damp cloth and wipe what ever residue is on the leather. Always laser from the bottom up so the exhaust draws most of the smoke away.
  4. I'm gonna go and do what the op didn't want. But please don't get a glowforge . Please go find someone that has a Rabbit or a Boss or a Thunder laser. You can buy one here in the USA for about the same price as a glo pro and its going to be 10 times the machine. Have good support and doesn't depend on the internet to work.Someone asked it it would cut the stitching holes. You can program in corel to put the holes in. You make them the size you want and space them at what you want and the laser cuts them out. Not sure if you can do it with a glowforge.
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