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    Drone Photography, leather working, Laser Engraving., and most importantly Standing for those that Stood for Us with the Patriot Guard Riders.

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    Knife Sheaths
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  1. oh he paid me for the work I charged him a minimum I work cheap but guess it wasn't good enough.
  2. Great lookin Belt. I'm gonna have to try one some day
  3. I've sent pms no reply anyway Im not interested anymore
  4. what are the templets made out of , pictures of a templet pricing ??????
  5. OK I guess he really doesn't want help. Its like pulling teeth to get a reply . I'm done here
  6. wow I never realized that asking a simple how to question would create so much controversy
  7. Welcome WOW you definitely have Skill's awesome work
  8. No no the turkey gets sliced up for sandwiches the next couple days yumm
  9. Lining the sheath is not that difficult . take your sheath and lay it out flat on top of your lining and cut out the lining a little larger then the sheath. then apply glue to both the lining and the sheath, and press them together, trimm off the excess lining and then sew the sheath together. Viola
  10. whats the diameter of the leather what does it measure across the center
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