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  1. I use a toaster over very low setting like 120
  2. I don't the the attraction to airsoft guns they cost as much or more then blue guns.
  3. Very nice I'd steal that too LOL
  4. Thats fantastic great idea and nice work
  5. check this out https://www.amazon.com/plastic-handgun/s?k=plastic+handgun
  6. Bert03241

    Last ones..

    Nice lookin sheaths, but won't the rivets dull the blades?
  7. I don't know Omtech machine's But I'm sure that a 60 will be really good for you. Just make sure the laser tube is 1200mm long 50 t0 55 Dia otherwise its not 60 watts a 1000 mm tube is 40 watts. As far as cooling if your just a hobbyist using the laser a few hours a day a 5 gal bucket from HD with frozen milk jugs is fine. Fill the bucket with 4 gal of distilled water drop in a frozen gal milk jug and your good for a couple hours. I try to keep my water between 65 and 75 if it gets up to 73 I put a new jug of ice in. Let us know how it goes and if you need any help were here for you.
  8. OK I have the 9 spoke wheel so I can do the change over and it will work OK? with out the bobbin .? So if I follow that video I'll be OK ????
  9. is the change over to the lrg wheel easy and can it work ok with out the bobbin winder change, just buy pre wound bobbins
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