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  1. Thanka you.... The seats, can be used for any boobers , garage made bikes , show bike...
  2. "Death was in that poisonous wave, And in it gulf a fitting grave For him who thence could solace bring To his lone imagining – Whose solitary soul could make An Eden of that dim lake." E A Poe
  3. Or....Welcome to Raleigh. Edited: removed private information. You can message more details if you want or need it.
  4. Check my works here....I cam make something for you from real leather.
  5. I have some Harleys seats here: https://www.pinterest.com/peterzarkov/_saved/ Don't worry.... Do it. No pain ,no game...We are with you...
  6. "Nice. Is it laced or stitched together to form the tube that goes on the handle?" Thank you and yes. Also ,I used double scotch tape on the bottom. "BADASS!!! tell us how you did that texture please." WHAT??? ok....Stamp number PA003 for texture and custom made stamp for cracks.
  7. It's time to change my old grips with the new . .... ....all done. Looks good....
  8. “Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart”

    Pooh Bear

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