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  1. Thank you! Color is Fiebings Saddle Tan, pro dye. I buffed it right away with a towel not letting soak too much a few times. If that makes sense? I was hoping for a nice light tan color. Think it turned out a planned.
  2. Decided to try to improve my previous sheath. Here's the the new one.
  3. DaveP

    Biker Wallet

    That's cool! Do you have any pics of the inside? How do you 2 different colors in the stitching? I like that a lot!
  4. DaveP

    Awl blade?

    Thanks for the replies! I'll research those links. Plus Osborne again.
  5. DaveP

    Awl blade?

    I mostly use stitching chisels for my stitching holes. I'd like to try using the diamond awl. Which diamond shaped awl blade should I use for smaller holes? Size? I'm primarily going through 3 layers of 8-10 oz veg tan. Just the blade as I'm going to make my own haft handle. Below is what I've found. Which one? Or is there something better? Thanks again
  6. I don't think the overall thickness will be much more than any normal sheath with 3 layers of veg tan. The inlays are cut out so the snake or whatever has a place to go. Some even put padding between to raise the inlay. The layer on top of the blade is much thinner. You can order it that way ...split is what it's called... down to like 3-4oz. Then you have an outline piece of 7-9oz range on top, plus your back piece.
  7. Could you add me as well..thanks!
  8. I'm not drilling the holes. I used a stitching chisel and slightly opened the back from the front with a small diamond awl. All seams are glued with contact cement as well.
  9. Thanks for the kinds words on my sheath! No rivet it is! Now I have only been doing 2 back stitches so far. Do any of you put more than that in? Thanks again
  10. I do put a welt in the sheaths I make. Skive them down some towards the tip. The stamp is a Tandy E294, turning a little bit each time. And Thanks for the praise
  11. would you put a small rivet at the top of the stitching? At the case opening. If so what kind?
  12. What do you keep your dye applicators in when not in? Seems they will last longer kept moist. So far I've just been using small snack zip lock bags and writing what color it is.
  13. Looks like you did a great job!
  14. The finger rest/ yoke...
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