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  1. Look at Trademark registration. It's a little spendy...$250.00-$600.00 US. If you want to protect your logo or company name. This website will have all the info you need. United States Patent and Trademark Office (uspto.gov)
  2. Looking for info on which kind of snap to use on a daily use knife sheath for retention? What and why of your recommendation. Where to get them from? Thanks again David
  3. The irons teeth are roughly 2.5mm wide. I use 8-9, 9-10 ounce veg tan mostly. The tip of the Wuta awl barely goes thru.
  4. Thanks Frodo...sent him a message
  5. I have a small Wuta diamond awl which I like. Plus an array of others. The Wuta small fits my Kevin Lee stitching irons very well. It's just not long enough going thru 3 layers of veg tan. I'll probably need it to go thru 4 layers at some point. Who makes one that size but longer? Thanks again
  6. Very nice indeed! I'd also like to know what's on the inside for the weight?
  7. That's awesome! I had a few myself serving in the U.S.ARMY for 26 years!! Thanks for the praise. Always trying to be better
  8. Here's a sheath I just completed. Wicket & Craig veg tan, dyed mahogany, saddle stitched with .8mm black tiger thread and used Kevin Lee stitching chisels. It has the recipients meaningful military call sign on it. I also made the knife with O D green micarta scales. What do you think? Second pic
  9. Thank you Josh ! Lots to think about. Thanks for the information.
  10. Being an U.S.ARMY vet myself...that's AWESOME !!!
  11. I don't have anything currently. I was just thinking about it. Maybe something like I holster I have. But not necessarily inside the waistband. Or with a fold over sheath with the belt loop cut out with the sheath and a snap at the end where you stitch it (in red circle).
  12. Basically I'd like to use pull the dot snaps with my knife sheath belt loops. Question is how do you install them so they won't scratch the knife while in the sheath? I'm using 8-10 oz veg tan Wicket & Craig leather. Knives are on the small side roughly just over 5 inches overall length. Will in future be making longer knives. Also, where's the best place to purchase them from, what tools are required? Thanks again
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