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  1. Thanks for your reply ( along with everyone else's). Looks good
  2. Hopefully in right spot. My sister sent me her horse brasses for a little help. I looked at them and saw they weren't even made from real leather. So, I re-did them for her. I have some from my parents that they brought with them in the early 60's. Top left is what Mom called a horseshoe carrier. Here's mine
  3. Thank you NDphung...I like your explanation. What type of projects do you like it for? Wallets, bags? I've made ONE wallet! Now other folks want more made.
  4. Hello all...for those that saddle stitch ...would you use Vinymo MBT thread? What's it like compared to Tiger thread? Which is all I have ever used. I mainly use 0.8mm on veg tan and don't want much thinner. I like all the colors it comes in. I know it's not waxed like tiger thread. I have a block of bees wax for that if needed. Does it flatten out like tiger thread? Thanks again for your time !
  5. Thank you. Hindsight the clip could've been deeper in the leather. Next time.
  6. Saw a friend of mine with a large paper clip he was using for a money clip. Figured I could do something a little better. Here's what I came up with. Used what I have on hand. It's a bit stiff for a money clip but it should work. Belt clip for knife transferred into this. What do you think?
  7. Here's a really good video on sharpening an awl. Sharpening a Saddlers Awl - Bing video
  8. Very nice !! What is the blue thread? Who makes it? Again great looking !!
  9. You're probably correct. I have enough leather to trim it.
  10. Really didn't like the way the 1st one turned out at all. It just bothered me! Here's my 2nd attempt. Turned out soo much better for me. It's 8 1/2-10 ounce Wickett and Craig vegetable tanned dyed with Fiebings pro dye Mohogany. Thoughts?
  11. Not sure what you mean? There's 2 layers of welt on the bottom. Figured that would fit really well. The rivet is too tight and smashed the extra welt.
  12. Here's what I came up with. Not perfect but this is my 1st. It'll need tweaked a little. Rivets I smashed too much, which in turn made it really tight and pushes the top up. Thoughts for 1st attempt?
  13. Here's what I came up with handle is held in with a wedge. The rust color on the axe head is original coating from the factory. It's how almost all the Norlunds came. Not hardly any corrosion at all. I just want to protect the edge once sharpened. This is the Canadiene model...1973-1986. They stopped production in 1986, closed permanently. Thanks for the ideas for a cover.
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