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  1. Very nice! Did you recycle the HDPE? How hard is it compared to nylon or delrin?
  2. Very nice! I'll have to look for that. Do yours have a bottom piece sewed on?
  3. A friend wants me to make a leather bottle coozy. I've trying to think what the liner/ insulator would be made from. I thought of just a piece of rubber wrapped in leather. I think it would get stuck from the bottle sweating. Anyone make any and with what products? Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the close ups of the caps! They look great!!
  5. Very nice! Is it saddle stitched or machine? Can you show the caps more? I've looking at doing some for myself. I only saddle stitch. Thanks again
  6. It also looks like several layers. Just can't tell what or where they are.
  7. I don't believe one slot/ loop will hold in this position.
  8. Still confused about what the back is supposed to look like! Here's another drawing I just finished. Kinda! Pic has my knife. I've made a couple horizontal sheaths but I really like this design from pic above. Second picture is my horizontal design. It's 5 layers thick at the loop. In this drawing the 2 long horizontal lines is the belt. I'm missing something with this!
  9. Someone has been where I'm at working with sheaths. PLEASE HELP!!
  10. Looking for a lot of help constructing a canted sheath for a fixed blade knife. In the picture I have a pattern drawn with the forward belt loop to be folded in half. This is for a left hip orientation. Trying to use a sewn in loop as seen in picture for the second belt loop. Not sure what I'm really doing with this. So allbof your expertise would really be appreciated!!
  11. Here's the back of another black with blue tiger thread. Unfinished edge as just finished stitching. Thanks for the kind words!
  12. I don't have that knife anymore to take a pic. But looks just like this one.
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