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  1. What foam is recommended? I see a lot of closed cell foams online. But which one for a comfortable seat? Thanks again
  2. I'd like to put a little skirting around as well. Like picture. Not my work. I'd would rather without the holes.
  3. The old cover is just vinyl. Looks like cheap foam as well. Here's the mahogany Fiebings pro dye I was thinking about using. Red rag for contrast.
  4. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. I was wanting to use a heavier leather. Like 7-8 ounce. Taking it apart seems like the way to go. For color I was leaning towards a mahogany getting away from traditional black. Bike will be either candy apple red or a little light black cherry. Frame will be powder coated black.
  5. Looking for a good starting point for this seat. Looking for a pattern. I don't know the make of the seat. Picked up at a recent swap meet for $20.00. I want to redo the in veg tan. I also only saddle stitch. No machine. Where do you start ? I've read some of post here. How much bigger do you make the pattern than the seat?
  6. Just ordered yesterday and arrived today! New Wiss and Olfa. Very nice! Thanks for the help finding a good pair of scissors. Wawak has really good prices.
  7. I just looked at these. Does the serrated edge of lower leave a rough cut? They look strong.
  8. Very nice! I had a custom seat made by Corbin years back. It was a great seat. I wanted all leather, and they wouldn't do it because of the bottom stretching and would become loose over a short period of time. They used some very thick vinyl. Just thought I'd share that with you. You did an amazing job on your seat!!
  9. Thank you Bigpaws. I have looked at these as well.
  10. Which brand of scissors are best for cutting veg tan leather? Since such a wide range of options. Looking for a good pair. Thanks David
  11. DaveP

    bear gun

    Very nice! I have a tiny North American Arms 5 shot 22lr revolver. It's smaller than your bear gun! WAs thinking about a holster for that. I've never made one so it'll be a 1st.
  12. Looks better after tapped down. Top side will actually be hidden from another part of the wallet where the scratch line is.
  13. I've saddle stitched a few zippers in veg tan. Now this is the 2nd attempt at putting this zipper in and looks like crap! I've undone the stitches and redone them with a cross over ( don't recall the term for that). My personal wallet zipper was my 1st and it turned out really nice. I can't repeat that. Frustrated!! How does everyone saddle stitch a zipper?
  14. DaveP

    Bag punches

    Beiler's manufacturing in Ronks, PA 17572 717-768-0174 They are a wholesale distributor. But will sell retail.
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