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  1. Still for sale! Price is wrong in 1st post...swivel knife is $205.00, bevelers $50.00... $215.00 shipped in USA .
  2. Here's what the scuffed bevelers produce.
  3. Been looking for a pattern, a 6-7 " fixed blade knife cross draw sheath. Searching in here didn't come up with anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!
  4. This price is for the USA. Forgot how many countries use this site.
  5. I've gone another direction with my leather work. Swivel knife...like new. Bevelers like new. $470.00 shipped.
  6. Some great ideas there! I actually need a are blade cover for an old Hudson Bay area. Thank you!
  7. With the belly portion of your shoulder or side what can you use the extremely hard part for? I'm mainly making knife sheaths and practicing carving and stamping. These edge pieces are so hard that they're hardly bendable. Parts near the tanning clip marks. Some are fairly large in size. Seems a waste to just trash it. Thanks again
  8. Thanks Mike! It is through the welt the whole length. I haven't been doing this very long. Each time they get better.
  9. No lake jumping !! They actually start out a little closer at the mouth of sheath. Didn't look like it when I started...it did turn out some at the bottom.
  10. This is the first time I've done a double row saddle stitch. Hopefully it turned out correct. Thoughts?
  11. Nice job with your holster! Could you post a pic of the back side? Thanks
  12. DaveP

    V gouge tool

    Want to shout out a nice THANK YOU to ABC3!! I received your gouge tool yesterday. Just a few strokes on my strop and nice and sharp. It looks like a C.S. Osborne but not sure. Free of charge...great people on this forum! Turns out I've dealt with ABC3 through his leather business. Am I allowed to mention his business? Don't want to break any rules. Thanks again!!
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