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  1. Thank you Josh ! Lots to think about. Thanks for the information.
  2. DaveP

    US Army Seal

    Being an U.S.ARMY vet myself...that's AWESOME !!!
  3. I don't have anything currently. I was just thinking about it. Maybe something like I holster I have. But not necessarily inside the waistband. Or with a fold over sheath with the belt loop cut out with the sheath and a snap at the end where you stitch it (in red circle).
  4. Basically I'd like to use pull the dot snaps with my knife sheath belt loops. Question is how do you install them so they won't scratch the knife while in the sheath? I'm using 8-10 oz veg tan Wicket & Craig leather. Knives are on the small side roughly just over 5 inches overall length. Will in future be making longer knives. Also, where's the best place to purchase them from, what tools are required? Thanks again
  5. It's adjustable. Barrel is just under 1/2", blade to saddle is 3" - 4 1/4".
  6. Back up for sale Robert Beard swivel knife like new. $215.00 shipped in USA. Bevelers are sold.
  7. Bevelers are sold pending funds
  8. I'm using a 8 prong and 4 prong stitching chisel, 7 spi with .8mm tiger thread. I think that the 4 prong makes a slightly larger hole...not much. I've been waiting on a set of Kevin Lee irons for a year now. I don't use the 2 prong much at all. Should I? What do you mean by reversing needles? If I am, I don't know what it is. I'm not using a groover. I've been using dividers to mark a line. Some say grooving weakens the leather. I pound the stitches flat with a cobblers hammer. I'm pretty new at this, but like the diagonal look instead of the drilled holes.
  9. I've been saddle stitching for a little bit now...not much mind you. When I'm stitching sheaths on the curve I occasionally get this wonky bit a couple times. I use a cast on the front side with every stich. It happens about 1 out 4 sheaths. I don't do anything differently that I know of. You can see in picture the difference in the stich. I'm self taught watching the Utube. Especially the English fella Armitage. Advice please? Thanks again
  10. The bevelers are still for sale. Set of 4 , $209.00 shipped to USA. If the original post was misleading I apologize.
  11. Swivel knife sold pending funds.
  12. Still for sale! Price is wrong in 1st post...swivel knife is $205.00, bevelers $50.00... $215.00 shipped in USA .
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