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  1. DaveP

    Swivel knife WIP

    The finger rest/ yoke...
  2. DaveP

    Swivel knife WIP

    Drilled for 6/32 set screw. Knurling is not a strong suit for me. I didn't want it all the way up the barrel.
  3. DaveP

    Swivel knife WIP

    This is kinda what I was thinking..
  4. DaveP

    Swivel knife WIP

    No, the blade will have a set/ grub screw. The main body and second shaft will also have a set screw. The stainless bolt I turned down is what will be connected to the finger rest. Which is what I'm trying to figure out so it will turn freely.
  5. DaveP

    Swivel knife WIP

    Was thinking something like this...kinda. with this piece that's turned down connected to the finger rest. It's .310". Then the other shaft is .375" drill a hole .228" diameter of the bolt shaft. Secure with a set screw. Does that make sense? Better ideas?
  6. DaveP

    Swivel knife WIP

    Trying to figure out how to attach the finger rest to the shaft so it swivels. Is it a stub shaft inside 2 threaded halves? Anyone? Thanks for your help
  7. DaveP

    Swivel knife WIP

    Home made swivel knife I started making this evening. Pieces are 303 stainless scrap bits laying around. The finger rest is from a barrel cut off stub, 416 stainless. Not sure if I'll drill and tap or silver solder. Have to cut it half after. The body has a great fit. Really like the sound of POP when pulling it out. Here's what I've got so far..
  8. DaveP

    new awl and haft

    Looking marvelous!
  9. DaveP

    Lots of Medieval Knives and Sheaths

    WOW !! Those are great !! I like them all !! Great job !!
  10. DaveP

    New to me basketweave

    Thanks for the praise. It still needs some finess.
  11. DaveP

    New to me basketweave

    Picked up a couple smaller stamps. These are from the Tandy store. The other basket stamp is a Berry King. Wanted a stamp now so drove over the Tandy store... 25 minutes away and open. Tried it again. It's not perfect but it's a beginning. I think this smaller size is harder to use. What do you think of this one?
  12. DaveP

    New to me basketweave

    Question... Would you take the basketweave pattern all the way around to the back side as well?
  13. DaveP

    New to me basketweave

    Thanks for the help! After reading these I will put the boarder closer. It's the only one I have. The lines were just free handed. On a real project I would use divider to make it right. I did scribe a line for starting point. Thanks again
  14. DaveP

    New to me basketweave

    Trying to practice a new basketweave stamp. I've not done this before. I would like to put something like this on my small knife sheaths. Thoughts? Thanks again, Dave