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  1. Here's one I had made. It was done twice as well. As above with hatchets and axes the welt really does need to be tapered . I have a double layer in this welt. I also used copper rivets on the corners. They are inside the welt.
  2. DaveP

    The twins

    Those are both really awesome! Like the file work on blade.
  3. Thanks again! I really didn't want to have burned ends at both ends, it's a good idea. The sheet bend worked! Surgeon knot actually pulled out.
  4. I finished a sheath the other day with two colors of tiger thread. Now I can't remember what knot I used to secure the two. I tried a square knot several times but keeps slipping apart. Tried melting the ends. Comes apart or too giant for the chiseled hole. What are you using??? Thanks again
  5. Thank you! Those scales are really tough to match up on the spine. I think these will be the only two with this pattern on the handle.
  6. Thank you! Without counting drying times for dye, Neets foot oil and Resolene. All of those steps are overnight or longer. Depends when I get back to the project. Blue dye I dry longer for some reason it still bleeds after a few days and buff everyday. I guess about 40-50 minutes saddle stitching. Don't really watch a clock as I'm usually watching TV while I'm doing it. LOL It would probably be faster without the TV on, but relaxing to me saddle stitching. Thanks Chuck!
  7. Yes, there is a welt. I do skive it down a little bit half way down. Just about where the blade meets handle area. I also groove the inside stitch line for the belt loop. So the blade won't cut the thread. So it's below the interior surface. Then tap down from the inside leaving a recessed line.
  8. A friend wants a patriotic knife and sheath. Here's what I came up with. Granted the knife is not finished. Have a pair to make. Along with two sheaths. Wickett and Craig vegetable tanned leather dyed blue. Saddle stitched with red and white tiger thread. Glad I accidentally made the thread on the long side. Kept the dye from rubbing onto the thread. Especially the white! I believe it looks pretty good. Hopefully not too candy cane ish. Thoughts? Back side.
  9. That's a great idea! Probably use that method one day!
  10. Well, that was good luck and turned out great! Question...What's holding the end cap on the knife? Doesn't look like a through tang.
  11. Very nice indeed! Like the way the hearts came out on the corners. Does that tool make that all the time on corners? Again nice work Chuck!
  12. As above...looking for good both bi-fold and tri-fold acrylic templates for men's wallets. With multiple card holders large enough to actually get several cards into each slot. Hopefully something you have actually used and really like. Thank you in advance
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