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  1. Tandy rifle case pattern has 4 different patterns
  2. He will clip some piece off the duck. Attach it to the paper. Write a narrative about the bird and the hunt. I don't hunt duck just big game.
  3. Working on this. Waiting for oil to even put fully before I decide to re coat
  4. Always nice to know im not the only one that jumps out of a perfectly good airplane wearing 150 pounds of nonsense.
  5. Thank you all and 5/6oz. George hurst pattern leathercraft library ball cap. Figured I'd work on my blue painters tape pattern game. Before it do some converse for the wife. I just wish I could actually draw.
  6. Gotta finish stitching it tomorrow.
  7. I feel you. Every time I get leather I wanna cry. I only get 3 or so sides or hermann-oak-leather and same with some dublin or similar. Nice things are alot of coin on this hobby.
  8. Thats always a pain. My back never looks good unless I mark a line and just use an awl. Im sure his are straight and Purdy just like that knife.
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