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  1. Got the edgers they work perfect thank you

  2. Simplejack1985

    Craftool Stamp Lot Many Vintage

    Do you have the mountain goat
  3. Need to make a journal cover for someone and the only one I can find is 40 on ebay
  4. Simplejack1985

    Set of 4 edge bevelers

    Lol tracking
  5. Simplejack1985

    Set of 4 edge bevelers

    Dibs if they aren't beat up on the edge. I'll send a pm tomorrow
  6. Simplejack1985

    Wood edge slicker $3

  7. Simplejack1985

    Pancake buck110 sheath

    Thank you all
  8. Simplejack1985

    getting ready to retire my leather business

    I have a rjones sheath on a collaboration kephart. Probably my favorite sheath
  9. Simplejack1985

    New Leather Crafter

    Looks good
  10. Simplejack1985

    Pancake buck110 sheath

    I have no idea how to properly basket stamp I'll get it down eventually
  11. Simplejack1985

    Pancake buck110 sheath

    Thank you
  12. Simplejack1985

    Pancake buck110 sheath

    Made this for my son's knife for our camping trip he picked out everything about it. And he helped to Also brand new to forum as of today