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  1. I bought the book. I need some more figure bevelers. I thought antiquing might make it pop like sheridan. Not so much
  2. It's solid Same buckle I have on my cardillo powerlifting belt I bought in 2009. 4" all the way around is a power lifting belts.
  3. Good idea Does the chalk line effect the leather. I've used them for construction Great idea I'm going to get some more work done on it tomorrow
  4. Working on a carved power lifting belt, it's a surprise gift for someone. Ordered the 4" buckle from weaver. I cut my 4" strap from hermann-oak skirting. My poor strap cutter did not survive so I used my head knife. It's exactly 4" the whole length for the strap. I think im gonna bite the bullet and just order a vergez and blanchard plough gauge from rocky mountain leather.
  5. I ordered one, only nickel color. Anyone know if I can use 2 x layers of saddle skirting with this buckle? It will be a single layer at the fold over I think.
  6. Thank you, hopefully they have some nice brass ones that would look bad ass
  7. I'm gonna carve a custom lifting belt. I'm going to use two layers of saddle skirting. Where can I find a buckle for this?
  8. Nice work. I don't golf but I've wanted to make one.
  9. Thank you, it's a craftaid from tandy Thank you, I think it would make some cool suspenders as well
  10. Sure ya do. Carve then bevel everything, then turn that picture next to your project. The 2 B tools bevel left and right side so you may have to turn your project. Then your 2 P tools are pear shades I believe then start with the tips of leaves, walk them back to where they all kind of meet. Use a bragrounder to fade some texture around the leaf.
  11. I gave up on all that I just bevel and that ad depth with a shader and a leaf liner then decorative cuts
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