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  1. Recieved, thank you The pair came pretty sharp. I look forward to slicing and skiving leather with them.
  2. That knife looks like a Rambo copy knofe I carried as a teenager in the early 1990s but super awesome leather work. Keep it up
  3. Add the mister, modeling tools and swivel knife to my box please.
  4. Lol. Thanks you. I just had to stop drinking coffee so I'm not the happiest of camper.
  5. Horween is the tannery, dublin is one of their veg tan lines.
  6. Nice tooling. What is it?
  7. My kindergartener told me he wanted this made. I've never let him watch the movies but he told me it's spooky season so he needed it carved. 9/10oz HO with black dublin for the backside
  8. I call one of my wallets the rudder wallet named after COL. James Rudder. Leader of Rudders Rangers. I named most of my wallets after famous Rangers. Most recent designs I started naming after my buddies that were KIA in the global war on terrorism.
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