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  1. Tandy is garbage. They have burned me on a side of superior oak veg tan it had square bleach marks all over it and the corporate said wait till my store opens. Then in good faith I ordered a b grade hermann oak tooling side. It was a garbage craftsmanship grade at best. Ill stop by the store for some dye and other odds and ends. But I will never buy leather from them again.
  2. Did you use the tandy barbwire set for stamping?
  3. Send it to me and I'll put a whiskey glass in it
  4. R grizzle leather im sure can make it. I dont think he's on here.
  5. I'm probably gonna get a barry king
  6. Nice work.. I'm pretty jealous, I will have to make one now to hold my 3 cheap swivel knives. And there is still room and justification to get a real swivel knife finally.
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