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  1. Simplejack1985

    Ruger P89 Holster

    Heck yeah ill take the pattern
  2. Simplejack1985

    Ruger P89 Holster

    My dad has carried a p89 since the day they rolled them put on the shelves. I shpuld make him one
  3. Simplejack1985

    Hermann Oak English Birdle

    How much? Send pic and price
  4. Don't use tandys supposed superior oak veg tan. Im in anchorage and the side they sent me is far worse than the economy sides i have got from them. It looks like my kids split it to weight. And they set a whole bunch of wallets on it for this super wierd square bleach patches all over it. And they want me to wait until my tandy opens for exchange. It will be a refund for sure. Let me know what you find for suppliers that ship here for fair prices. So far all I have found is maverik leather. They have 2nd sides but they are atleast honest when they sell it to you.
  5. Simplejack1985

    2 Barry King Mauls shipped from NYC

    Wanna throw in the 1lb al stohlman ill buy right now.
  6. Simplejack1985

    I'm Looking for These 7 Stamps

    I have that white tail. The standard jumping trout maybe and a couple others. I just got a smiley face for 4.50 off ebay from the leather guy free shipping. He was asking 19.00 plus shipping a month ago I believe.
  7. Simplejack1985

    I'm Looking for These 7 Stamps

    Sorry I have doubles of 8341
  8. Simplejack1985

    I'm Looking for These 7 Stamps

    Possible on the deer head. When I head to the bench I'll check the number on my doubles
  9. That looks super nice can you pm me some details I wanna try my first holster soon
  10. Simplejack1985

    Weaver English Point Punches set

  11. Simplejack1985

    Leathercraft Tools

    Well dibs on the weaver bevelers 00 beveled and French skiver