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  1. USMC leather has to be buffed and will still bleed. It's for making your boots black after you strip them and then wax polish is applied. Atleast that's what we did when I shined my boots everyday.
  2. I got a set of 2 aluminum blue ones off ebay for that. Then went to the local steel yard here and had a 8" piece of stainless cut out for me. Then 2 x sets of brass mider gauges off ebay for 7 bucks a piece. I can line anything up now with minimal effort.
  3. That looks nice. Now I want a set of those letter stamps
  4. A show how to build would be appreciated bro
  5. If no individual letter c stamp. I will be forced to buy a whole set and part out mine on old flea bay. I do like the prices from members though. This forum is top notch.
  6. I'm still coming up empty. Might have to just buy another set.
  7. Wife picked upnthe blue dye and tan Kate today. I just need work to calm down now
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