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  1. Just post the brand here and old boys contact info. We can just order a new knife for it from a few different aftermarket makers. 200 is a steal bro
  2. Christmas is coming up and my wife asked what I want. She said she cannot find one anywhere. Does anyone have a lead?
  3. I have a giant case full of dublin and herman oak. I usually just make my self things with them.
  4. Thank you. I'm gonna make her a briefcase next. I just took a picture of one changed what she didn't like amd measured her computer.
  5. Nice work. I have a chunk of saddle skirting left I wanna make a 2 loop mexican style holster for my old blackhawk.
  6. Made my wife a gift for reentering the workforce after 13yrs of raising all my sons.
  7. 6 x bevelers 2 x tandy keen bevelers number 3&4 Seiwa 1,2,3 & another marked 2 that is more of a size 4. 50 bucks shipped in the USA I got most from @YinTx if i remember right in 2019. I just upgraded to a set of barry king grooved edgers and need to consolidate and reorganize after the purchase. (Army humor)
  8. USMC leather has to be buffed and will still bleed. It's for making your boots black after you strip them and then wax polish is applied. Atleast that's what we did when I shined my boots everyday.
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