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  1. I got an order to make a leather handle for a smaller dagger, but not sure how to do it. I already tried once, but was unsuccessful. I cut out leather circles 40mm (1 1/2"), made a hole in the middle and stacked them together not being shy with epoxy, and squeezed with the end nut. Later on I used dremmel and sandpaper to shape it and used fine grit sandpaper (P240 i think) and used resolene afterwards. The result was so poor, I didn't even took the picture, before I cut it off. Anyone got any better ideas on how to do leather handle as such? Pics for attention. And to show what I got.
  2. Got spare daubers, didn't use any for years, since I keep buying pre-died leather already. If anyone still dyes and needs em, i'd be happy to ship them over. Stored in a dry and clean zip bag. I'm looking for 25€ for all the daubers. Shipping is 10€ flat, worldwide.
  3. Looking for blue guns (doesn't matter the material tho) for Glock 17 and Colt 1911. Located in central Europe.
  4. 1911, yes. I know about the barrel size, but im concerned about the guard. But I hope it's gonna be okay aswell.
  5. Can be same mold used for Colt 1911 and Paraordnance? The gun is actually a copy, but idk about the molds.
  6. Is this the full list? Im looking for a g17 in particular.
  7. If anyone ever made a combo sheath of any kind, I'd be like a child in candy factory to see it.
  8. I wanna make a combo sheath for my dad, to put into the back of the car. Since axe and knife got same style handle (cheap plastic, but as much as he will need the tools, it's good), so I added a file to sharpen axe and sharpening stone for the knife. See items below, it's just what I got/how they looks like, they're not placed as final shape. Now, as far as I have made a research, there are two options: First, which I wouldn't like to give it a go, is a full axe sheath, where on one side is attached knife (and the file on the other, in my case), but I don't really like this one as it's kinda "bunky". Shown here: Now, the other option, which I'm more and more into, is larger sheet of leather, where all the items are attached from the same side, as I can leave back side for straps or loops/hooks for attaching in the car. Like the one on photo below. Is there any other option or has anyone ever done anything simmilar and have any guidelines for it?
  9. Yeah, I've seen this one, but it's just a simple regular bag that I'm not even sure, if I can put it on my belt and balls won't just spill if I bend over or something.
  10. Well, purpose is different, but the design remains same: I'd like to make an ammo pouch for slingshot bullets but the design I'd like to keep as from American Civil War lead balls. My slingshot ammo are actually balls from bearings dimensions either 3/8" or 1/2" (10-12mm). Has anyone ever done something as such and maybe have a pattern for it? (just a thought: if this ammo pouch would have somekind of attachmend to hold slingshot aswell, it would be more than perfect)
  11. Anyone would reccomend a good one for a beginner?
  12. Yeah, but for me it's that impossible...for now. ALthough I want to live someday on a place like this I guess. BUT, back on topic: how quiet are for example, electric machines? I've never had any real feel as I've never seen one sew alive.
  13. Yeah, that's the info I needed :D The thread is 346 probably (or equal to /10 to threads I'm getting in my country). I was thinking about the weaver's cub, but I doubt it's much quieter. Tippmann's problem is only foot striking down, nothing else actually. And cub seems to be simmilar loud, compared to tippmann here. But I solved the problem already: Spoke to other neighbours, noone can hear a single stitch from my appartment, figured out, that only this neighbour is p*ick. He's complaining over anything. I already sew from that time on, so this is it I guess. He's my floor, neighbour appartment. Below me there's noone. I will probably put some thick rubber below my machine aswell, but kinda doubt it's gonna make much quieter after it.
  14. So, I have had a Tippmann Boss for about 2 years now, and I must say, it did most of the job as it should. Its not perfect, but I'd rate it 5/7. This week, I got a neighbour complaint, that it's "too damn loud" so I have to upgrade machinery to electric one. I'm mostly working on belts, holsters, sheaths and bags, that's over 90% of my work. I am located in central Europe, Slovenia. A must-have for next sewing machine is: -electric, 110/230V, single phase -have to sew AT LEAST 10mm of veg tan (preferably more, but at least 10mm or 3/8") -top + bottom feed, can't leave no markings (sheaths, holsters, bags) -quieter than Tippmann (which shouldn't be a problem, since nearly nothing isn't loud as that anchor :D ) -preferably portable, so I can put it on my desk and take it off after work aswell. (something in size of tippmann would be perfect, but like a great philosopher Mick Jagger once said: "You can't always get what you want") Please let me know, what kind of machine would you take for this kind of job, what do you think about changing machines, any other suggestions and/or remarks
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