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  1. Mocivnik

    Thread for Tippmann Boss

    is it possible to use tippmann boss with waxed thread?
  2. I will use (most likely) 15mm plywood. @zuludog: Yep, I saw his vids. But he attached his boards to the wall, I think. @hwinbermuda: Yup! That's a great idea! I had an idea of only text already @hasbeencowboy: it's not a door blank, but solid 30mm plywood. I will most likely tried as hwinbermuda recomended. I might not fasten it down to the legs of the desk, but will just use 3cm (1 1/4") of the board to screw it through. Will use brackets on side. While the shelf..isn't a bad idea at all Will consider that aswell Thanks! I just have to wait till my carpenter comes back to work (wrinkled ankle) to give him an order PS2: Should I cut this board for behind into 2 or 3 pieces? Or should be solid one?
  3. Thank you very much for the comment, but i have something to say. Thanks for the comment on what to be where - helps alot!! I use also wooden tools and nonmetalic ones, i think i will use loops. And the last one - i cant attach it to the wall, but have to the desk :/
  4. So, since all the literature is out of me, here's the real question: Should I add the wooden board to the back of my workbench to hold tools or not? What is all about? I just moved to another appartment, where I created myself a working bench - leatherwork. Below is the photo of it. The desk is 30mm (or 1 3/16) plywood, which was covered with 2 thin layers of oil (used for cooking woodies and toys). Now I would like to get rid of the "mess" with the tools all around and add a board to the back. The desk itself is 56x141cm (or 23"x 56"). I would like to add the board at right angle at the back of height 43cm (17") and only 15mm thick (or 19/32"). Here's also the question: would 30mm part (or 1 3/16) hold enough with several screws onto the desk, if I would screw it at the right angle? Or should I cut it in 2 or even 3 pieces by the lenght? And to simplify stuff - here's the sketch of what I had in my mind. Dark brown are legs of the desk, yellow is the desk. I wanna set up the blue board (56x141cm or 23"x 56", thickness 15mm or 19/32") and use only several screws, RED sticks portrayed on the photo below. Will this work and be stable enough? PS: All that I wrote had huge sense in my head. If there's anything confusing - please let me know, I'd be more than glad to explain myself (again or more into details).
  5. Mocivnik

    Show your Shop

    My new workshop. After 1 month of keeping the stuff and 2 months of moving, finally managed to set the working table as it is seen now. I've changed location now. I am still on 90% of work here done, as I'm waiting for a kilogram of rivets yet to come (to fill outter assortiment boxes under table, each color each box - gold, brass, silver and black. One is for "rarely used items".). I am still unsure, whether should I add a wooden board behind the desk upwards, to tape some leather straps to it to put my tools on the board (like here CLICK ). What do you think?
  6. The thing is, I've seen that video and still was confused as I can find many sellers sell "oil dye" on amazon and ebay, but I always got pro dye. But it's okay now, now I know what I got. PS: I've been using it all the time (pro dye) and it's quite good one. Best penetrating so far (although I had some difficulties for not penetrating enough - after DUNKING and it still is quite pale, using walnut or brown dye). Will consider more experimenting (but it's expensive AF!!!).
  7. I know there has been much talk about this topic, but nowhere I could find info about renaming actual dyes. Long story short: fiebing's OIL DYE doesn't exist anymore, it "transformed" into pro dye, right? Both, pro dye and leather dye are alcohol carrier dyes, while LEATHER DYE is alcohol based dye including powdered coloring. EX oil dye is now called PRO DYE and is still including some alcohol while it's made on oil base. Is there anything wrong with what I've written or did I understood it right? And since OIL DYE was renamed into PRO DYE, did the consistency of the dye changed?
  8. So this is my first bag I've created, I'd set it into bikers equipment, although It's ment to be worn as bag over shoulders. Could be attached to bike aswell. Been sewing it for about 12-14 hours all together. Will post more pics soon. All comments welcome, please critique my work!
  9. Yes, but..scabbard or sheath is just a "leather device to keep knife safe" and not a combination of multiple things such as knife, axe, compass, etc. :/ Sorry, the link was broken and the photo I inserted was wrong one. I repaired it now. I am looking for "packages" which goes on belt or backpack and they keep axe, knife and few more utility items. Combo might be tried. Thanks. But still, anyone seen anything like this before aswell?
  10. I need one for my axe, knife and few smaller components aswell, but before I start making one, I'd like to (at least!) google for more of them, to get more ideas and become more creative at it aswell. I got stuck at googling them - cant google by any kind of name it.
  11. Mocivnik

    What is this thread on hand presses?

    if I can help out here, buy a press like this. This is mine, I got used for 100€ or 86 GBP or 113$. I added the laser-cut measure guide with caliper-like scale (i draw it fast and just cut it out) so I can use different tools and just read out the number, how high has to be lifted the front part. The piston has hole in middle of 12mm or 12.7mm ( I don't remember) and I just turned the adapter for M6 inner thread (for my dies). Adapter could be seen just the tip. On the bottom, there is silver plate, which has hole of 12mm through, as all my dies have diameter of 11.9mm or 12.0mm. I planned to do just the "tip of the 24mm hole" for some other dies, but some things happened recently so I just abandoned further work in this workshop and moved to another. The press work through eccentrical mechanism and more you press it (down) easier it gets, the force gets bigger (but the movement is getting smaller). It's a bit complicated to explain, but this works like a charm. I still own it (this is from my ex. workbench) but due to some difficulties I'm facing, I can't reach it. (lifehack: sacrifice a wrench for a tool - like I did. I bought an extra one just for this press, driller 2 holes through it and attached 2 strong magnets. Everytime I need it, I know where I can find it. And I use it just for this press and nothing else. Both sides.)
  12. Mocivnik

    What is this thread on hand presses?

    @Constabulary: Well, actually..quite common here. Dies comes from Italy and I don't really know why they use this system. Company called MOVI, from this site . The press was bought in Slovenia, but I believe it comes from Italy aswell, as I could find it in their catalogue. I don't mind very much about it, since I had bigger press and had to re-do taps on my dies (some time ago) so they were compatible as much as 1/4-24 as with M6 (the difference is really small, 1.4mm on 1 inch). I will buy tap and dye and just make all of them on same size (1/4-24) and hope never to change any system (as it's going to be VERY expensive).
  13. Mocivnik

    What is this thread on hand presses?

    @JLSleather: You had me for 5 mins now. I went to workshop downstairs and tested - it fits, but loose. Probably because the diameter of screw is 6.2mm instead of 7.0mm(as for M7). I think that 1/4-24 is the right one. And it's the same problem for M6 screw, which has pitch of 1mm (25.4 threads per inch). It fits first two turns, but then it gets stucked. (And as we all knows, dies should sit NOT on thread.)
  14. Mocivnik

    What is this thread on hand presses?

    Haha :D I had already opened this one in my bookmark :D 8$ isn't so much for a tap + dye while i have to make 2 handles for dyes and cut ~10 taps on my tools, which aren't compatibile with press (yet). I've measured it before. But I cannot measure the gauge on the inside, as it's too small hole. I can measure it on "screw" part because it's outside.
  15. Mocivnik

    What is this thread on hand presses?

    Not just possible, 99% it is. As soon as I've finished this post I figured out that this is probably the right thread (but having a problem, since I don't find it by any standard..especially not on maryland metrics).