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  1. That doesn't seam (pun intended) to be much of a problem. I'm more concerned about creating a pattern for this bag. Gives me shivers to even start.
  2. Vegetable tanned calfskin leather, 1.3-1.6mm thick (3-4 oz.).
  3. Thought of it aswell, but just can't figure out the cutouts on the side, without looking too robust. Trying to get "about" the right pattern, before I can even modify it.
  4. Well, i would too, but unfortunally, I dont have that kind of artistic touch to just add depth freely by feeling.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I tried to google and search youtube for videos/tutorials, but either i gave up too fast (and I did some research) or I just missed mostly of them. Would you be so kind to paste the link to it? It seems, I cannot find it though..
  6. So, I think I came to the step in my leathercrafting journey, where I can "afford" to start carving. My first (and most common I believe) idea is carving oak leaves on knife sheaths. There isn't much to add, there are a lot of things about carving oak leaves on the internet, but I cannot find THE ONE tutorial, that would take me to final product. Now, I have two things: Tandy's "BELT STRIP TIP SHEET by GEORGE HURST" where there's an oak leaf, which is a good pattern, but doesn't show where to use which stamp and list of stamps, that I own (list will be lower in this post). And since I'm completely new to using any stamps, beside pattern stamps, its difficult for me to even start. Is there a pattern for this kind of oak leaf and acorn, that has: 0. List of tools needed (this one has it) 1. Order for use of tools 2. Where to use which tool (preferably with ones, that I have) List of stamps that I have: 701001 A104 BW1 BW2 BW3 BW4 B803 B936 B701 B60 C431 C431 D444S D447S D616 E684 F916 G508 G548 M887T P217 S706 U851 V407 V407 X510S X595 Z-X511
  7. So, as I got only a few photos to make certain bag (for the missus), does anyone have a pattern simmilar to this bag perhaps? Or can give me a hint or two on how to make a pattern for this kind of a bag? Appriciate any help.
  8. Okay, might be slightly annoying, but im glad noone knows anything :D i cant really remember, where I've read it, but I remember people were "stocking on dies" and just to be on the safe side, I asked others aswell. Thanks all for the information!
  9. Somewhere I've read, that Fiebings being discontinued to work since 31.12.2023. Anyone knows anything about this, is this the real deal or just gimmick?
  10. Very nicely done! But I got a question: How do you finish all 3 layers of knife sheath on first picture' How do you finish welt (as it's got holes at the bottom) the same way as top and bottom layer?
  11. @fredk: yeah, that make sense (on how to wrap it and stuff). Might try some day. @Samalan: i get you. But I dont want to give this away as my invention, but to use it as a part of my creation.
  12. That cut-out didnt apply to all comments.
  13. Well, I believe this thread turned wrong turn somewhere very soon, as it wasn't an idea to either discuss copyrights either copy the original author. I am well aware, that there are some things/ways, that people spent a lot of time to understand/make/achieve and include a lot of anger, dissapointment and failure. But as long as I can see the "How do I do that" on Leatherwork board, I feel free to ask things as such, because I also asked which dye should I use for my leather projects (years ago, when I joined this forum). Well, I got the reply that Fiebings pro dye works best. Now, was either that a copy because I use same technique as someone else? Or is asking on how to do these funky shaped edges a simple asking for a direction? If anyone does know how to do that and doesn't want to share this "from God hidden secret", I'm totally fine with it. It's every person's right. It's can be taken as sacred trick from Penn & Teller, I get it. But instead of receiving a lecture on "how not to copy anyone" I'd rather skip that tutorial. Now, back on topic: -I wasn't able to talk to the leathercrafter, who did that, becuase he has no information to reach, neither lives in my country. -I don't want to copy that, I'm 80% interested in this as "how the hell is that even possible" and 20% on "oh yeah, I might use it someday" on some project. Depends also on many many other factors, but that's not the topic. -I got already my own edge work (not a big deal, but it's slightly more round than everyone else's I believe), so I don't need an inspiration for that. I'm searching for more and more creative ways on how to "decorate/finish off" items as many options availible.
  14. Well, that didnt help much about the welt, since it's not folded (if I got you right), but it was (probably) tied up? And about the bottom pic: not sure what you thought a mystery for me was, but it's the "extruded" leather near the edge of the holster. Not sure if you looked at it. Exactly. Love it. I was considering of using ropes, straps, leather belts etc. But can't come up with simmilar effect tho. Was wondering if anyone ever made it before.. My intensions are such. But I was hoping on some tips before I even start to try it out.
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