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  1. Hello my fellow leather enthusiasts! I was wondering if anyone uses a more refined, distinguished or unique title for what we do as leather crafters or workers.
  2. Thanks for the list of the many Tandy alternatives! Hadn't heard of some of them. Happen to live a few miles from a local Tandy so sometimes its just convenience that sends me there. Have ordered a couple of times with Springfield and am very pleased. Their shipping rate is very reasonable also.
  3. can you elaborate more on the difference in using a cheap creaser vs a quality one? Is the end result a lot different?
  4. can anyone tell me what this knob controls?
  5. no success yet yin tx. i wish could bend the lever that cowboy bob is suggesting but the screws are on soo tight i can't move them.
  6. Tension release only happens slightly when raising pressure foot. Upon looking I can see that the pin #20 from diagram above does not do what it supposed to do to release the disks. I understand what constubalary is describing. I can put my finger behind the plate #10 and push the lever forward and make it work manually but it doesn't when using the foot pedal or when completely raising the pressure foot. I need something to make that long tension pin 20 push out more . I will try to figure out what constubalary is saying to do because it seems he is right on track to what the problem is.
  7. How easy is it for you to pull your leather off machine when you're finished sewing ? My tension release does not work when I have the pressserfoot up . I was wondering if anybody else with same machine had same problem. I windup rethreading the machine all the time because I have to cut the thread close in order to remove project.
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    love love love this!
  9. yes i have had jams and that is usually when it comes out of time. not big jams but just something that is cleared by cutting the thread and pulling out. Ive never broken a needle or anything like that. thats why I'm so frustrated. I don't think these types of jams should be throwing the machine out of time . also i notice when i lift my pressure foot up the tension disk don't move apart so that thread is easily pulled away. it takes a very strong pull even when it is supposed to be easy. could that have something to do with why my machine operates so poorly? i lost a business partner over this machine. she was so frustrated she doesn't want to do this anymore. so since i am the veteran sewer i brought the machine to my home (because i knew she just didn't know what she was doing) huh its giving me just as much trouble only i refuse to give up. I've watched countless videos and taught myself how to adjust timing. Is there any difference on quality of machines even if they all are clones? for instance will you have less trouble out of a cowboy, consew or juki all made alike? do the more well known brands use better parts than say my Techsew?
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