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  1. oh wow I just took a look at it. It reminds me of a soft flexible raw hide. I would like to see a final product made with some of it.
  2. I have 3 machines. cobra class 4 , a cobra post bed and a techsew 2700 along with my skiver, laser cutter and various fabric sewing machines. Im into leather and woodworking so my shop has a table saw, miter saw, jointer, planer, lathe, 14 in bandsaw, sanders, grinders , hand tools etc. Im not new to the game. I was just wondering and asking a question . What if I came across a good deal on a machine and wanted to make some adjustments? Or what if I LIKE to tinker on the side? I was just asking the question because 9 times out of 10 if you're thinking it someone else is too and may be too afraid to ask because people make you feel stupid.
  3. I have wondered is it possible to create a sort of "Frankenstein" industrial leather machine to your own specifications. For instance if I I want 2 tensioners on my machine that only has one can I buy a double tensioning assembly and add it? Can I do things that will make my machine take larger thread than what it was initial designed to take? ive done things like add more powerful motor, slowed them down with speed reducer , installed needle positioners , lasers etc. But can you do things like even change the type of needles your machine takes or increase your bobbin case size to accommodate the larger bobbins? Or how about this has anyone ever just built their own machine kind of like people do with computers?
  4. I have needle positioner on my machines with brushless servo motors and speed reducers and they work just fine. Im running a class 4, cobra 5510 and a techsew 2750 all have speed reducer pullies installed under the table. Doesn't affect the needle positioner at all. I wonder is it the brand you have or something. I just bought the cheap needle positioner on amazon and installed myself. Another thing I always hear is that if you have a cobra and don't include the needle positioner with initial purchase you will have to buy a new motor. That wasn't true for me either . My moter controller had the buttons for needle up and down so I figured I would buy one positioner and just see if it would work and it did. Ive found most of the accessories sold by the big companies are way over priced . They are getting them from China just like you can and install it yourself.
  5. Where can I find rocky aussies needle plate?
  6. Hello my fellow leather enthusiasts! I was wondering if anyone uses a more refined, distinguished or unique title for what we do as leather crafters or workers.
  7. Thanks for the list of the many Tandy alternatives! Hadn't heard of some of them. Happen to live a few miles from a local Tandy so sometimes its just convenience that sends me there. Have ordered a couple of times with Springfield and am very pleased. Their shipping rate is very reasonable also.
  8. can you elaborate more on the difference in using a cheap creaser vs a quality one? Is the end result a lot different?
  9. can anyone tell me what this knob controls?
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