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  1. Not sure what politics, trump, or China’s government has to do with an amazingly talented maker who happened to be born in China, not by choice. You are the textbook definition of delusional. Also, quit lying to yourself. You couldn’t make a wallet look 1/4 as nice as zj’s if you took a whole year working on a single wallet.
  2. I’m happy that more people came in to help talk to you though I’m certain it will lead to no where. Talking to you is practically useless. You don’t want to learn. Visiting your Etsy shop tells me all I need to know. I feel bad for anyone who may have taken any advice from you and your grossly false info presented as fact. I’m honestly not sure what someone like you can contribute to a board like this. The mods are pretty lenient here so I guess you are in luck. Have fun crafting wallets with 5oz thick leather and no glue. I can just imagine the beauts that they are. To the OP, sorry your thread turned into this mess of false info. Pick out the good comments and practice, practice, practice. Skill like zj does not come over night and there is true painstaking detail that goes into every step. Think about every step your are going to take and the step after that and the step after that.
  3. Yes, I am familiar with Rocky Mountain leather supply. Aaron is a good guy. It’s not if. It is true. It’s ok my friend. You don’t have to believe.
  4. This is not my work, although the crafter behind it is a very nice gentlemen who I have spoken with in the past. He sells pricking irons and fine linen sewing thread. I'm actually not certain why its is so unbelievable by some of you that its sewn by hand. There are tons of crafters out there that can produce a saddle stitch that looks like that. I have explained it a couple times earlier in the thread. Its not a secret really, its just not a discipline that is covered on this board frequently. It is an edge paint, no way to know which one he uses unless you ask him. Some of the most popular brands are Fenice, Vernis, Stahl, and Uniters. I have used all of them and they all work well. Ill explain again - You must make sure your edge is perfectly flush - no glue or anything on it. You apply a coat of said paint, and allow it to dry. You then heat the paint on very high heat with an iron - the most popular iron is the Regad machine aka the Filetuese that is made in France. The heating allows it to properly adhere to the leather. After heating you sand on high grit 320, 400, 600, 800 then you apply another coat, allow to dry, heat, sand, repeat until you have an edge that you are comfortable with. No need to be offended. I just wanted to point out that a lot of members came on here making statements as if they were factual when they were not. This holds back new crafters who are trying to gain a knowledge in a new discipline of the craft.
  5. Even your standard burning edge needs to be touched up from time to time from abrasion. I’m not sure what you are getting at here. It seems to me that you zero experience with how to properly paint an edge with high quality edge paint or the process that it goes into said edge. Wallets with this kind of edge when done by a crafter who knows how to do it right will last the life of the wallet. An ocasional beeswax buff may help if An issue is to arise although unlikely. You wouldn’t put an edge like this on a holster or sheath, but for a wallet or a purse it is a viable option on chrome tanned leathers since you cannot burnish then properly.
  6. Your experience with the chair is most likely accurate but as far as the wallet in question your are incorrect. It as a water based edge paint. When applied properly (heat, sand, heat, sand, heat again) in layers and sealed with wax it is a very durable edge that will last many years. Reader beware, there is a lot of false info in this thread.
  7. Hmm, it’s working for me. Maybe the server was down earlier. Try again. If still doesn’t work pm me and I’ll send you the photos.
  8. As I stated earlier, it was painted with acrylics edge paint. There is a lot of different brands out there. A good one to start with is fenice - I’ve had very good luck with this brand
  9. That’s french goat skin called chèvre sully from the tannery Alran SAS.
  10. Its a lot simpler than you think. Make your patterns over sized 4mm. Assemble them as usual. When assemble is complete, prior to marking stitch holes, trim the excess 4 mm off with a vary sharp blade. This leaves you with the perfect edge that requires 0 sanding. If you are working with chrome tan use edge paint like fenice, if you are using veg tan use the Bob Park method.
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