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  1. ABHandmade

    New to carving - which stamps to use?

    It seems to me that a smooth pear shader P233/P972 (or, alternatively, a figure beveler F895) will not interfere in the starting set.
  2. ABHandmade

    Uh.. can we talk about the elephant in the room?@!

    Wonderful work, Jeff. It looks very cool!
  3. ABHandmade

    Western Computer Bag

    Very nice carving and tooling!!!
  4. ABHandmade

    Lily and hummingbird

    Thank you for compliment! Thank you so much, Bob!
  5. ABHandmade

    Lily and hummingbird

    Thank you so much, Jeff!
  6. ABHandmade

    Quick Arrow Head Belt

    Looks great! Very even and clear marks. I liked your use of the guide pattern. All work looks very professional and solid.
  7. ABHandmade

    Lily and hummingbird

    Brian, thank you so much! I, unfortunately, do not always have the patience to work out some details of the carving in a quality manner. And I notice it already when coloring. Something can be corrected by locally moistening the leather with a brush and applying a modeling spoon. And some embossing defects become visible after coloring. Unfortunately, my eyes is not what it used to be Thank you, Tom! I agree. I sometimes use a lifter to raise a local area of a petal. But I, like I did not try, cannot lift the long area evenly. A slanting trimming with a swivel knife, followed by a beveling of what is under the clipped leather flap, turned out to give an acceptable result. Thank you, Mike! I also thought about leaving my work uncolored. But still decided to color, because when tooling I did not use shaders to form a darker areas. Perhaps, somehow I will try to repeat this work, initially focusing on the fact that it will not be colored.
  8. ABHandmade

    Pictorial carving

  9. ABHandmade

    Lily and hummingbird

    I have not carving the birds yet. This is the first attempt. At the same time I decided to check whether the expression “Rules exist in order to violate them” is true. The rule is that the swivel knife should move perpendicular to the leather. It turned out that a conscious tilt in the necessary places can help to get an interesting volumetric effect (some petals and lily leaves, hummingbird feathers).
  10. Great work, YinTx! GOOD LUCK!!!
  11. The question is - does the paint fall unevenly and you get streaking, or do you manage to achieve a smooth color, but is it not white, but baby blue / pink? Could you attach a photo? Based on my little experience, 5-7 layers of quality artists acrylic paint are enough to get pure white on area that was previously dyed with any color. To get a uniform color, I use a special acrylic diluent and a very small amount of water.
  12. Considering the fact that acrylic paint has a good hiding power, I would recommend to paint the whole area with white color first. And after that, paint the individual squares with the necessary colors. This will help you get rid of the unpainted areas on the borders of the squares.
  13. ABHandmade

    How to make a watchband with edge coating tutorial

    @RockyAussie Sir, while I study, you teach and help others, with the full moral right to do so, taking into account your highest skill (and no less magnificent ability to show the process in detail and in very accessible form). Thank you!
  14. ABHandmade

    How to make a watchband with edge coating tutorial

    Great work and very detailed, useful and informative tutorial. Many thanks for shared!
  15. ABHandmade

    Frog & Lotus

    Thank you!