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  1. ABHandmade

    Tiger and water

    @mikesc Mike, thank you so much for the wisdom, kind words and support!
  2. ABHandmade

    Tiger and water

    Thank you, Brian! Unfortunately, the lack of formal training is a more significant factor
  3. ABHandmade

    Tiger and water

    Thank you, @Scoutmom103! Thank you for such compliments, Gene! This work took about 100 hours of pure time. Of these, 5–7 hours are the preparation of a contour image on a computer (I do the tracing only manually), 35–40 hour - carving, modeling, embossing, the rest of the time - coloring and finishing. UPD. Probably, this is quite a long time, because, unfortunately, I don’t have any artistic education, so each new work is at the same time a kind of teaching and working out some techniques. Andrey.
  4. ABHandmade

    Tiger and water

    Thank you, @spacedog!
  5. ABHandmade

    Tiger & water

    Thank you, @jimi!
  6. ABHandmade

    Tiger & water

    @Hatebait55 Thanks!
  7. ABHandmade

    Tiger and water

    Sir, this is a great honor for me. No kidding!
  8. ABHandmade

    Tiger and water

    Thank you for compliment! Thanks, Brian! This is my first image water experience. Not everything turned out as I would like Here I took into account the error in the display of a whiskers - heretofore I used to make cuts with a swivel knife and the white paint seep ugly into the surrounding "fur". I decided to try to make them raised (swivel knife, beveler, modeling spoon). The result I liked more
  9. ABHandmade

    Tiger & water

    Thanks! @YinTx, thanks for compliment!
  10. ABHandmade

    Tiger and water

    Thank you, Tom! Thanks! Thank you! “Lazy” water in the background is something that I need to work hard on. Maybe I have to try an airbrush to get smooth color transitions on large areas. Thanks for compliment!
  11. ABHandmade

    Tiger and water

    Picture of a tiger walking in the water. Size: 30 x 21 cm Material: vegetable tanned leather Technique: carving, modeling, embossing. Coloring: spirit dyes, acrylic paints. Finishing: polyurethane varnish (matte and glossy). The main focus of this work is on the realistic representation of the animal's fur (dry and wet), whiskers and hair. The body's volume and depth of the carving and embossing, although present, are not the main goal and serve only as a tool to make the image more believable. The use of partial varnishing, as well as a combination of glossy and matte varnish, are intended to emphasize the difference between the dry and wet areas of the image.
  12. ABHandmade

    Wild cats

  13. ABHandmade

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    This madness is beginning to take catastrophic proportions. Now, logically, Facebook should ban the pages of restaurants, shops, etc. - after all, there, oh horror, sell the cooked animal parts.
  14. ABHandmade

    Small purse, with carved and painted feather

    Very nice bag!
  15. ABHandmade


    Thank you for compliment!