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  1. chriscraft

    Tiger and water

    Very inspirational of what can be done on leather. Great use of shading within the black tiger stripes and fur.
  2. chriscraft

    I must look stuped ...

    JLS, I think today’s salesmen are now obsolete due to Internet shopping. I mean face it, we really don’t need salesmen anymore if they can’t get us a better price than what we can find by searching on google for a few minutes. I know most salesmen work on a commission base and get a cut off each sale no matter what they say. It’s NOT that they are being dishonest, its just that an honest salesman won’t make any money at the end of the month. My friend recently told me while I’m shopping around for a new 2019 car, “it’s like a police detective expecting the criminal to give himself up without a chase”. So we need to be good detectives and read, search for clues, compare competitor prices just to break the case of finding a deal. After all...The deal isn’t going to present itself without a chase....
  3. chriscraft

    B198 Beveler

    I too have noticed I have a few different variants of the older Craftool Co. stamps. These older tools were hand made one by one and not casted from a mold. The 198 and B198 stamps I have are square toe and some have a rounded curved toe. Same thing with my 197 smooth beveler stamp with some square and some rounded. I even have a 197 and 198 that looks similar to the figure carving 895 stamp in shape. It has no signs of being filed off or altered. Has factory plating to the entire tool. I just keep the rounded 198 tool handy and use it when beveling the inside of a sharp tight curve.
  4. chriscraft

    Robert Beard Pro Series ALB stamps?

    Thanks for identifying the RB tools as leaf liners. I don’t do any leaf pattern tooling, reason I didn’t know what these were. I’m sure I’ll find a use for these RB liners now that I have an idea what they are intended for.
  5. I picked up a few Robert Beard pro series aka Black Crack stamps. I am not familiar with these three stamps or how they are used. They are stamped ALB 1, ALB 3 and ALB 5. Can someone explain if these are border stamps or for matting. Thanks
  6. chriscraft

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    It’s okay to bid against me. Besides, this past week alone, I’ve noticed new listing everyday under “vintage craftool” or “craftool lot”. Just when one new listing looks to have a decent assortment of tools and I’m about to bid, another new listing pops up and has a better assortment of leather tools priced about the same as the previous listing. I send questions to these sellers: can you post better close up pictures of the stamps? Can you also show the sticking end of each tool? Can you list each stamp number? Are these stamped, Craftool Co., Craftool Co. USA, or just Craftool USA? Are the tools showing signs of chrome flaking or chipping off? The answer I get is.. Yes, they all say Craftool, bid with confidence, no reserve. Which is why I’m posting here.
  7. chriscraft

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Yesterday I purchased this small lot for $175. Out of the 40 stamps I need half of them. I’ll relist what I don’t need to help recoup the cost. Today I purchased another 53 stamps for $100. I wasn’t able to get a list as to what stamp numbers are included. I’ll see how “just jumping in blindfolded” works out.
  8. chriscraft

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Ross I’m also running into different variants on same number stamps. Like you mentioned, some are slightly smaller or larger. Some have more defined detail so I’ve been keeping those as these make a better crisp stamping. I’m not in any need to complete the entire collection as I will probably never use some of these stamps. Its just a way to pass time along the journey. I have been looking on eBay and have noticed small 24-36 piece lots have been selling in the $3-$3.50 range for each stamp. Some reach $4-$4.50 range too. A few years ago, these same lots were going for $1.50-$2 each stamp. I should have been buying them a few years ago. lol I’ll keep searching eBay and pick up small lots at a time. Might be the way to go.
  9. I’ll take the Barry King edger.
  10. chriscraft

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Just went through my Craftool Co. stamps and I’ll need more than I originally thought. I had a few that had a prefix letter. so i’m Looking to purchase these following number saddle stamps: 98,99,101-4,101-7,101-8,102.5,103,103.5,114,116,117,118,120, 193,194,195,196,198 201,204,205,208,211,212,213,214,216,217,218,219,220,221,223,225,226,229,230,231,232,233,234,235,236,237,240, 301,305,309,310,311,312,313,344,347,348,349,351,352,355,360,363,364,365,366,367,368,369,370,371,372,373,374 400,402,404,405,406,408,410,411,412,415,417,421,425,426,428,430,433,435,436,440,441,445,446,447,450,455,460,461,462,463,467,497,498,499 502,504,511,512,513,514,515,516,530,531,532,534,536,539,547,548,549,550,551,552,554,555,555,560,561,562,563,564,565,566 606,608,609,610,616,623,624,625,629,633,636,637,638,640,647,648,649,650,652,653,654,655,657,658,659,660 701,703,704,715,716,717,719,721,723,724,725,726,727,728,730,732,744,745,749,770,772,773,774 802,804,811,812,815,816,818,819,820,822,828,834,838,839,843,847,848,849,850,853,854,855,856,857,858,859,860,861,862,863,864,875,876,878,880,881,882,885,886,893,894,897 900,903,904,907,909,911,921,922,923,931,935,940,942,943,944,945,946,947,949,950,951,952,953,954,956,957,958,959,961,962,964,965,966,970,971,974,975,976,977,978,981,982,985,986,987 Jeez, I almost need all of them..
  11. chriscraft

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Still looking for Crowners: 355, 725, 726, 730, 728, 732, 727, and 408 Mule Foot: 850, 853, 854, 855, 856, 857, 858, 859, 860, 848, 849 and 450 Line Bevelers: 204, 193, 194, 961, 962, 120, 911 Smooth Bevelers: 802, 970, 195 Checked Bevelers: 701, 198, 804, 971, 196 Matting: 880, 881, 882, 885 Background: 102 1/2, 103, 103 1/2, 114, 101-4, 101-7, 101-8, 98, 99, 116, 117, 118 Figure Carving: 909, 976, 900 I will update stamps needed for this set. Thanks
  12. chriscraft

    VERY Antique Draw Knife

    1875??? Wow It’s older than the C.S. Osborne draw gauge I have. Mine is from 1877
  13. chriscraft

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Buzzardbait, I’d be interested in stamps 113, 119, 224, 350, 414, 413, 465, 466, 442, 439, 607, 611, 617, 628, 630, 771, 801, 817, 832, and 932
  14. chriscraft

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Extra saddle stamps I have for trade: 104, 106, 199 206, 210, 215 343 403, 407, 429 615, 632 702, 705, 708, 709, 731 888 902, 920, 972
  15. chriscraft

    Pre 1963 CRAFTOOL CO. saddle stamps

    Looking for: SEEDS: 931, 932, 633, 864, 352, 723, 351, 350, 349, 347, 847, 344, 348, 843 MULE FOOT: 850, 853, 854, 855, 856, 857, 858, 859, 860, 848, 849, 450, 451 CROWNERS: 355, 725, 726, 730, 728, 732, 727, 408, STOPS: 904, 903 FIGURE CARVING: 909, 976, 900 911, 237, these are just a few.