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  1. Northmount

    Adler 105/64

    As Uwe says, price required. Show pics of the other end of the machine and the whole thing including table too! Indicate if you will ship, pack, whatever.
  2. Generally you would post in for sale rather than wanted when you are attempting to sell something. I have moved your post to Marketplace > Items For Sale > Machinery -- Cutting/Leatherworking > Used You now need to conform to the marketplace rules. Post the price in USD, photos and a link to your video here as part of your ad. Describe any repairs and the condition of the complete machine.
  3. Moved to Leather Sewing Machines
  4. Please remember to provide the English translation too. Thanks
  5. Northmount

    Singer 97-10 for sale

    Please post your photos here! This is part of the rules for the marketplace.
  6. @CoronaLeather As stated above, please, please upload here to maintain the integrity of this thread when you decide to move or otherwise change your google drive access.
  7. If the leather is in that poor a condition, I wouldn't use it. Interfacing for textiles works on leather. Would use the heavier ones. Test the temperature you need to iron on some scrap so you are sure it works the way you want.
  8. Moved your post to Marketplace Items For Sale Machinery -- Sewing and Stitching New and Refurbished to Like New Please read the market place rules and conform. https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/70-announcements/ You need photos and much more information. Where are you located, maybe on Mars? This is a world wide forum, not just your local swap meet. Shipping included? Will you ship ...
  9. Pictures might help us see what the problem is. Are they tearing along your stitch line or just everywhere? Some lambskin is really soft. I snagged my jacket sleeve on the door handle one day and had a tear. Was able to glue a patch in so it was barely noticeable. Had to know where it was to see it. If it is tearing along the seam, take longer stitch length. You can also use iron on interfacing to reinforce it.
  10. @Hooksetz Moved your post to leather sewing machines
  11. @JLSleather This seems to be a political post and should be posted there. I'm moving it now.
  12. @Slowhand22 moved your post to leather sewing machines
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