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  1. @Zlatagor to tag a person, type the username and pick from the pop up list by clicking or tapping the name in the list. @mdawson in case my edit above didn't tag/notify you.
  2. @HBHays13 Moved your post to Marketplace > Items For Sale > Machinery -- Sewing and Stitching > Used Belongs here rather than in Marketplace > Announcements.
  3. OP hasn't been around since June 2021. I'm archiving this thread.
  4. Thought I should bump this post to the end. This thread is now locked.
  5. Tag Mdawson so he gets a notification. Like this @mdawson As you type the screen name, a box pops up with possibles, click/tap the name in the box and it makes the tag. Alternately, quoting some part of the person's post should send them a notification.
  6. Try delaying your turn/pivot until the needle has risen about 1/4" or more so the hook has caught the top thread. Pivoting before the hook has caught the thread turns the loop away from the hook. Your internal pivots turn the loop towards the hook, external turns the loop away from the hook resulting in dropped stitch.
  7. Just a little info shows that the site was registered. https://www.ipaddress.com/site/www.newsafetyideas.com
  8. OP hasn't been around for a couple years. This should have been archived 2 months after posting, so that is where it's going now.
  9. You can tag the persons you are interested in contacting like this: @samadlingtonleather so they get a notice. The OP hasn't been on the site since October 2020, but might respond to a tag.
  10. Tag him like this so he gets a notification: @Josacraw Tymefixer has a question for you.
  11. Only moderators can "take down" a post. If you are wanting to redo this post with photos, just go ahead and post the photos to this thread. Once an item has been sold or is no longer available, add a post that says so and we will archive it (lock it and move to Old/Sold). I try to follow all the marketplace items and archive them as they are marked sold.
  12. Tag him like this so he gets a notice. @UncleGeorge You have some one interested.
  13. OP hasn't been on this site since 2014. The post should have been archived after 2 months, now it is!
  14. Messaging should work well, you can tag the person so they get a notification, do it like this: @GMHLeather you have a query.
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