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  1. You should provide some method whereby you can be reached if you are really interested in working with them.
  2. Not very likely as the link is dead! This thread is now archived.
  3. Add some photos and more description and you may get some attention. You should also read the Marketplace Rules and comply. The post above really doesn't do justice.
  4. @Sasho Moved your post to leather sewing machines.
  5. Over-size so you can trim all edges evenly. Can also use staples to hold pieces together as long as you leave the little extra space to trim if off after.
  6. @Jerrysleathercrafts moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines.
  7. Hey @Willyac, to get someones attention, use @gottaknow and click on the name in the drop down list. Then they will get a notification. See how it works?
  8. @JB0090 Moved your post to Marketplace used sewing machines.
  9. Start a new thread in https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/89-wanted/ I'm archiving this old thread.
  10. This is a world wide forum, so you may have queries from Europe for example.
  11. I'm not in the market for them. I was giving you some direction in my capacity as a moderator for this site. You may have interests from other locations too.
  12. @Mike Craw Please identify where you will ship to and who pays shipping costs as per the Marketplace Rules. Thanks.
  13. @Warre Moved you post to the Marketplace. You need to provide photos, etc. Please read the Marketplace rules and comply. Shipping info - will you ship, who pays, etc.
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