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  1. Northmount

    Scrap leather

    OP hasn't visited since June 1. He seems to want you to PM him rather than visit this page! @eflores Are you interested in selling this scrap or not? Tom
  2. Northmount

    Skiving Machine Table and motor

    OP appears to be in the Washington DC area. @xlr8tn would be a good idea to put your location in your profile so you can get help related to the area you live in. That is a Consew machine. Their office is at: 400 Veterans Blvd., Carlstadt, NJ 07072 Phone: (212) 741-7788 They or sewing machine dealers listed in the ads at the top of this page can supply tables and motors. (Refresh to see more ads.) Make sure to tell them what it is for so they can supply the proper setup. Tom
  3. Northmount

    Leather razor case

    Do a google search; "leather safety razor travel case". Click on images. Lots of examples and places to buy from including ebay, amazon, etc. I once had a nice set. Like a zipped folder with razor, brush, soap, mirror, comb, nail file, etc. That is the style I would pick, but there are many out there. Some very simple, just a pouch for the razor. You could make a simple pouch in an hour. Tom
  4. Northmount

    Sealing leather

    Pro Oil dye is now called Pro dye. So called oil dyes are not oil based. They are solvent based and have some oil added to the concoction. Solvent based infers use of a solvent like alcohols. Other option is water based. The stronger the solvent used in your finish, the more likely to see it lift some of the dye, especially water based dyes. USMC black is the worst for lifting and spreading. Good for fixing the toes on your boots, then applying boot polish (wax) over top. Your finished wallet looks very nice. Keep it away from white shirts. Solvent based dyes will penetrate most finishes. It will not be as dark as it would with bare leather. Could take more coats to arrive at same depth of coverage. Tom
  5. Northmount

    Making Belts, The Easy Way

    Did you use an existing belt to get the length to the centre hole measured from the tang tip for the buckle? Tom
  6. Northmount

    Singer 153W hook drive gears needed

    @beyondcomfort Try cross posting in Leather Sewing Machines as well. Tom
  7. Northmount

    Saddlery training?

    @MasterSaddlerKate Moved your post to "General Saddlery Discussion". Hope this gets the response you are looking for. "Help wanted" is like the classified ads looking for work, or looking to employ someone. All posts in Help wanted have to be approved before they become visible to all. Tom
  8. Northmount

    FSM-550 Electronic Servo Motor

    @TomBanwell Are we to assume you are located in Sacramento CA as well? It's a good idea to put your location in your profile so people have a good idea where you are as it make a big difference in shipping, exchange rates, etc. You might even find someone down the street from you is interested. Tom
  9. Northmount

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    @Cferna27 Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. You'll get more action here. Tom
  10. Northmount

    Needle clamp for Adler 30-1

    I doubt you'll get much better answers than what you have found on your previous post Tom
  11. Northmount

    Set of 4 edge bevelers

    On the upper right of the original post, there is a little box that says following. If you click on it, you can set it to update you with any new posts to the thread. Tom
  12. Northmount

    COWBOY 3200

    227R is basically the same as a Techsew 2700 machine. My 2700 does well for most of what I do. Tom
  13. Northmount

    Bad Bottom Stitching with Juki

    You can tap the bottom stitch with a smooth hammer to help improve the looks. Tom
  14. Northmount

    Needle clamp for adler 30-1

    @OrellacaMoved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. You'll get more results here since this is where the sewing machine people live! Tom
  15. Northmount

    Singer 17-23 Roller foot position ?

    I would expect it needs to be placed over the feed dogs. Left or right. If you are trying to sew something that won't fit between the needle and the body of the machine, for stitching an edge, you will likely need to mount the roller foot on the left (outside). For double roller feet, when stitching an edge, you will need to raise the empty side roller off the feed dogs. Tom