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  1. My neighbour died of it a few years ago. Had worked most of his life as an electrician. I worked on a steam turbine many years ago and patched up the high temperature insulation (asbestos) with more asbestos, powdered cement that we mixed with water and plastered it on. So far, my x-rays are good. I have a scar in my low in my left lung that is not related to asbestos.
  2. https://www.asbestos.com/mesothelioma/canada/ Quoted from the above link: There is a ban on asbestos in Canada. The Prohibition of Asbestos and Products Containing Asbestos Regulations came in 2018. Although, specific uses of asbestos remain legal in Canada. The nuclear energy and military industries can use asbestos until 2029. The chloralkali industry has until 2030. Magnesium extraction companies can use asbestos mining waste. Canada has held off on the World Health Organization’s universal ban on asbestos. The government has also considered reopening the Jeffrey Mine in Asbestos, Quebec. There are no longer any active asbestos mines in Canada. The last two asbestos mines closed in 2011. One was the Jeffrey Mine in Val-des-Sources, Quebec. The other was the Lac d’amiante du Canada in the nearby town of Thetford Mines, Quebec.
  3. Moved your post to leather sewing machines. I think you'll have better luck here.
  4. I'm sure asbestos is gone now. Must be using Nomex or other fire proofing/heat resistant similar materials.
  5. Hasn't been on board since Dec 2022. You need to tag the user or quote part of their post so they get a notification. To tag someone, type the @ symbol followed by their user name and pick it from the popup list. Like this ... @Josh518 you have some interest in your post.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASMR
  7. @Bueller, @kgg See above posts that appear to have been intended to tag you. @MainiacMatt, @PlanoMike To tag someone, so they get a notice, type the @ symbol followed by their username and pick the name from the popup list.
  8. My comment is an addition to your instructions. After typing the @ plus the whole username, if I don't pick it from the popup list, it doesn't work for me. Example @burkhardt, the tag doesn't complete or work. Might work with other browsers.
  9. Pick the username from the popup list.
  10. @DOMLAGANA See above post. @steadybrook Tag the user or quote part or all of the user's message so he/she is more likely to get a notice.
  11. Please post your photos on this site rather than using 3rd party hosting. Lots of those photos disappear with changes in the host's policies, the owners move or delete photos, etc. See this link for some helps. Also lots of help on the web. If you are using your phone to take pictures to post, you can set the file size that it saves. On Windows PCs, you can use MS Paint to resize photos to post. 800 to 1024 pixels wide seems to produce good file sizes. Phone and monitor screens don't display in high resolution, so large files don't improve the appearance. Users on the fringes of the internet may take hours to download large files, so is a nice bonus to them to have smaller files.
  12. @loganreal Moved your post to the marketplace under sewing machines, used. Please read the marketplace rules and comply. Pictures, location, shipping info, etc. It may be a good idea to split this into 2 posts so you can hit both categories of equipment.
  13. I see it there now. I had wrongly assumed that you started a new thread. The best answer you're going to get is from that thread, unless you want to send a PM to Johanna who is the font of all knowledge on the operation of this site.
  14. I can't find your post there. Also, I check most new posts each day and haven't seen it. Just checked the list of your posts and it doesn't appear there either. So looks like you failed to complete the post. That is why you have received no reaponse to your post!
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