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  1. You probably have thread wrapped around the bobbin basket and shaft. Tom
  2. Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. Tom
  3. Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines Tom
  4. You probably don't want the bag stiffener to show on your outside edge seams, so trim it about 1/2" short. Tom
  5. For general information here is their video. If the hole spacing is changing, either the adjustment screw is not tight enough, or there is another loose part in the advance mechanism flopping around. If the adjustment is slipping, you should be able to see it move while you are using it. Don't turn backwards at any point during operation. Always crank clockwise. Make sure your strap width adjustment is not binding against the strap, though I doubt that could change the feed distance as the punch tube is pulling the strap through. Worthwhile checking though. Another thought could be the tube is being lifted out of the strap while it is still advancing. Hope this is of some help to you. Tom
  6. I'm getting very close to having a complete set of all Craftool, Midas and The Leather Factory 2D/3D stamps.  Once I have them all I plan on providing a list including stamp Impressions.  Where would I post that?  It may take a while since I procrastinate.

    1. Northmount


      I think the post should go here: 

      Leather Tools

      I looked at the description for "Stamping" but it is geometric and alphabet and number stamps.  Misses all the others!


  7. From some researching I did a few months ago, I got these responses about manuals. Copied info from https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/79107-i-bought-an-able290-manual-for-my-chinese-shoe-patcher-from-darren-brosowski/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-618854 This manual may be of some help as it is one of the Chinese clones. ABLE 290 - Patching Machine Sorry for the delay in replying, message my personal business page Cyndy Kitt Productions. I am only selling hard copies of the fully revised manual. AU$25 includes postage. Cyndy Kitt Productions Yes, AU$20 for the manual, +AU$4.50 postage . . . the international postal service has been very slow the last few months because of the pandemic though. Tom
  8. I have no experience with this punch, but is there a locking mechanism that you are missing when you set the spacing. In my minds eye, there has to be something to lock the spacing to keep it from changing while being used. Tom
  9. Read this thread, there are lots of options to try depending on what you have available. Tom
  10. @Naasz Please provide more information about conditions, etc. Will you pack for shipping, who pays shipping ... Please read and follow the marketplace rules. Tom
  11. @courtney Please post whether it sells or not. Need to archive it if it is sold. Thanks. Tom
  12. @Kayte Moved you post to "Saddle Restoration and Repair". I think you will get more response from this forum than in "Critique my work". Tom
  13. @Miaamelia Moved your post to "All about us and off topic" "Show off" doesn't really seem to fit. Tom
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