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  1. Northmount

    This Art Form Is Going Straight To Hell

    Some were. However that doesn't protect the integrity of posts here if yours changes any policies or is bought up by another outfit. Also doesn't help if you decide to reorganize your files, or your account is closed at some date in the future. I just see way too many threads that have become useless due to 3rd party hosting. Some of the people who posted 3rd party links haven't been back here for years, so can't be reached to fix their posts. Same can be said for some of those that have provided links to their own websites for patterns. Their website no longer exists. I was able to source the patterns for a couple projects recently where the fellow's site is gone, and it appears he may have passed away. As luck would have it, I had downloaded one, and other members had downloaded the other, so they are now both available to all members again. We really want to preserve the integrity of all threads for current and future members to access when looking for resources to help them. Tom
  2. Northmount

    This Art Form Is Going Straight To Hell

    That would be a good way to do it. There are several reputable 3rd party hosts that have gone out of business or changed their policies. PhotoBucket doesn't allow 3rd party hosting, and you will see that in several posts here. Tom
  3. Northmount

    This Art Form Is Going Straight To Hell

    @Spyros Please upload your photos here in the future. 3rd party hosting results in photos disappearing due to people changing permissions, moving files, deleting files, 3rd party hosts changing their rules, 3rd party hosts going out of business, etc. If you look through a number of the older threads here, you will find the pictures missing, and the thread may become useless to all future readers since they won't be able to see what it was all about. If your photo files are too large, reduce their file size to fit. 800 x 600 pixels in most cases is adequate. Smaller files helps people on the fringes of the internet as well, as they don't take so long to download. Occasionally I'm at a location where my download speed is so slow I have to walk away and wait 5 to 10 minutes for the page to load. Tom
  4. Northmount

    Separating leather

    Gently warm it with a hair dryer to soften the glue. Heat is the enemy of most glues and contact cements. Tom
  5. @Yanni Moved your post to leather sewing machines. Tom
  6. Northmount

    Dürkopp Adler 167–V73

    @vjtp Hi there! Welcome aboard. Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. You'll reach the people you want here rather than in Help Wanted. Tom
  7. Northmount

    Something Does Not Feel Right

    The scam that has been running for quite some time is to over-pay with a forged cheque/document. Then ask you to pay the shipper, or wire the excess money back to them. When you do that, and then cash your cheque, it will bounce and you will be out the whole amount. Only accept cheques/documents for the actual amount. Cash it before you ship. Don't pay their shipper, etc. After about 2 weeks, when you are sure your document has properly cleared, then ship the object. Tom
  8. Northmount

    for sale

    If you start at the main page, you will see all the various forums/areas listed along with a description. Pick the ones you are most interested in and have fun surfing. The Marketplace rules are here Have a great day! Tom
  9. Northmount

    Singer 97-10

    @houndsnmules Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. Tom
  10. Northmount

    for sale

    @Jerdav73 Moved your post to the Marketplace. Please review the marketplace rules and add information about shipping. Will you ship, will you package for shipping, who pays shipping, etc. Tom
  11. Northmount

    Pfaff 345 not picking up stitches

    @paukenman Moved your post to leather sewing machines. More likely to get the help you want here. Tom
  12. Northmount

    PFAFF 145 : length stitch issues

    @Wizcrafts Needs some help. Tom
  13. Northmount

    Facehugger mask pattern

    @mariuspirvu I had notifications of at least 3 posts. When I logged in to see them, they were gone. Then I see we had a server upgrade, so I'm sure they got lost in the transition. There were probably several more posts lost. (Old server must have et them!) Tom
  14. Northmount

    Singer 29K58 sewing problem

    @Ferocios31 Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. You'll have a better chance of getting help here. Tom
  15. Northmount

    Dürkopp Adler 269

    @Rosch22 Moved your post to leather sewing machines. You'll get more response here. Help wanted requires a moderator's approval for every post, and is more like the classified ads in a newspaper where people are looking for work or have work for someone. Tom