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  1. Northmount

    Pfaff 345 service manual download

    Uploaded the files so they would be available later 345 Service Manual JA_345-H3_346-H3_9-84_E.pdf Sub Class Parts kgi582aa.pdf parts 5ao8mf6d.pdf New 335 Service Manual JA_335_11-15_EN.pdf Instruction Manual BA_335_01-14_EN.pdf Instruction Manual BA_335-11-15_EN.pdf Parts List TL_335_02-16_DE_EN_ES_ZH.pdf Parts List TL_335_06-09.pdf Service Manual JA_335_01-14_EN.pdf Old 335 Pfaff-Service-Instructions-Various-Models.pdf Tom
  2. Northmount

    Scrap leather

    Adding photos here would be a good idea. Tom
  3. You should provide more information, such as your location. Might be somebody on the same planet as you. From your IP address, you appear to be in the Redmond, WA area. Photos might help as well! Tom
  4. Northmount

    Techsew Woes

    @Techsew Ron
  5. Dye is not a finish. If you want to protect it from moisture, pick a finish that is somewhat water resistant. Lots of them are. To get a nice high polish, wax the surface. You can dye any time you wish depending on the result you are looking for. If you dye an article before punching holes, you can go back with a small brush and touch up the holes. You can dip dye the whole thing after all the cutting and punching. You can use an airbrush to apply dye. ... Tom
  6. 1. Move to another state 2. Travel out of state to purchase Tom
  7. I have a jug of NFO that is many years old, probably from the early 50s or even in the 40s. It had been stored in a shed that was subject to -40C to +35C. It's still good. Tom
  8. Northmount

    Tiger and water

    Very beautiful work. Tom
  9. @Chamod Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. You'll get more answers here when dealing with Sewing Machine problems. Tom
  10. @grimdaddy Moved your post to gun holsters ... Help wanted is like classified ads looking to employ or for employment. Every post requires approval. I see from your IP address that your are in the Virginia, Queensland, 4014, Australia area. It's a good idea to add your location to your profile so you can connect with people that are more local to you when you need locality based help. Welcome to the forum! There is lots of info, examples and people looking to help here. Tom
  11. Northmount

    Leather strander

    I would definitely call this a skiver rather than a strander. Doesn't cut strands! Tom
  12. Northmount

    Mach 1; Heavy duty, like new

    The OP hasn't returned to this site since Mar 22. Since he has no interest in responding, I'm locking this thread and moving it to Old/Sold Tom
  13. Northmount

    Help please

    @J1100 Moved your post to leather sewing machines. Your are more likely to get a response here. Tom
  14. Northmount

    Tandy Pricing Structure Change

    I had a flyer delivered that said they would refund memberships or credit them against your purchases. Check with your store to see if they will do it. Tom
  15. Northmount

    knurling tool

    OP is in the Mesa, Arizona, 85201 area according to the IP address. @kayw It's a good idea to put your location in your profile so people can provide answers and helps relative to your location in the solar system. Tom