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  1. You need to tag or quote a part of the OP's post so they are more likely get a notification of your post. Not everyone sets their profile to receive notifications of posts on their posts automatically. Tag the user by typing the '@' symbol followed by the username, and picking the name from the popup box. @BullSheathLeather You have a query from SeraKate
  2. Not blocked. They downloaded just fine for me minutes ago. You need to check what firewalls or other settings on your computer, router or phone that are 'blocking' you. What message do you get, or are they just really slow downloading?
  3. Northmount

    Cobra 26 for Sale

    Resize your photos to fit.
  4. Northmount

    Cobra 26 for Sale

    You need to state whether you will ship or any restrictions on shipping. A couple pictures would help as well. How old, how much was it used. Those details would help too. See the marketplace rules here https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/70-announcements/
  5. IP address says Ottawa (Carlington), Ontario, K2C, Canada
  6. Try a google search - found this https://leathercraftersjournal.com/product/scandinavian-turnshoes/
  7. What page? This whole thread loads just fine for me. In the upper right of each post is a symbol you click on to share. It will give you a URL for that post that you can share so we know what you are talking about. I had a week or so a while ago where one of the 'relays' was timing out and giving me an error. A trace route command showed what server was the problem. It finally straightened out after the week or so.
  8. Moved your post to Saddle and Tack Accessory Items
  9. Moved your post to leather sewing machines.
  10. Since this is more about sewing leather, moved your post there. Take a look through this pinned topic. https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/88881-stitching-chiselsirons-and-pricking-irons-reviews-and-information/
  11. Link to the post that this originated with. https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/118050-pfaff-545-in-ontario/?do=findComment&comment=748895 I'm going to block the scammer.
  12. Please post your photos here. 3rd party hosted photos frequently disappear due to changes in the host's policies, host out of business, users moving files, deleting files, closing their account or the account expiring. When this happens, the post becomes worthless to all future users who are researching or looking for help to solve a problem. If your files are too large to post here due to file size restrictions, you need to resize your files to fit. Follow this link for some helps and suggestions. https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/15122-how-to-post-pictures-on-lw/?do=findComment&comment=551171 There are lots of Apps, software, and online tools available on the web, or even built into your device to enable you to reduce your file sizes. 800 pixels in the longest dimension is quite adequate. Smart phone screens and many monitors don't display high res files in high resolution. People that live on the fringes of the internet appreciate smaller file sizes and high res photos may take from 10 minutes to hours to download.
  13. There are more recent threads, plus looking up the MSDS for the dye. You are right, oil based colorant in alcohol. So it soaks into the leather better than pigments that lay on the surface.
  14. @Pqstraub et all, moved this thread to Saddle and Tack Accessory Items
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