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  1. @TheFatBob Moved your post to leather sewing machines.
  2. I can't remember all the details, but my brother had a shoe repair fellow make a pair of saddle bags for his motorcycle in about 1958. They used sole leather for the back. It extended up past the flap for the bag. That top portion was used to bolt the bag to the cycle. They got pretty fancy with black and white leather for the gussets, flap and straps. Decorated it with a number of spots as well. I believe this was the only set of bags he had made. Finally sold his last bike last year. He hadn't ridden it for several years due to hip surgery and the vagaries of old age and not enough exercise.
  3. Evo160k hasn't been here since 2020, so you aren't going to get any response from them. I'm locking and archiving this thread in old/sold.
  4. @LisaSum You haven't been around for a while. See post above.
  5. You need to resize your photos to meet the file size restrictions. See this link for lots of suggestions and helps. https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/15122-how-to-post-pictures-on-lw/?do=findComment&comment=551171 You also need to follow the requirements listed in the marketplace rules https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/70-announcements/
  6. I tried a search for several of the words above but got nothing! Even using google with site specific parameters (site:leatherworker.net) didn't find anything. Seems kind of strange. I think I recall seeing your post but have no idea where it went!
  7. List of everything you have posted https://leatherworker.net/forum/profile/62673-drmca/content/
  8. Moved your post to Leather Sewing Machines. This is where the machine guys hang out.
  9. @Techsew Ron Looks like a dude here needs your help.
  10. You need to post prices. Also identify if you will ship, etc. Please read and comply with the marketplace rules. https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/70-announcements/
  11. Please add photos, more description. Please read the marketplace rules and conform. https://leatherworker.net/forum/forum/70-announcements/
  12. Try leather tape for basting, also for stitching. https://www.wawak.com/Bag-Construction/Basting-Tape/super-strong-double-sided-vinylleather-basting-tape-clear/?sku=TPE15 Note different widths available. 1/8" to 1". They ship to Canada! Have ordered items from them time to time and have not had any problems with shipping. Pre-cleared customs.
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