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  1. About 40 years ago I used to supply vibration monitoring instruments for rotating equipment under contract. I copied the equipment manufacturer's shoulder bag and bought 2 more secondhand instruments. The shoulder bags had a tough canvas like exterior (plastic like coating on the back side so water resistant) and a strong silky like cloth interior with 1/2" foam from a camping/sleeping mat. These were used in an industrial setting for years. I had no damage to my equipment due to drops, etc. Just from users that twisted off cable connectors. Materials were bought at a store that supplied materials for camping gear, etc. Edit: Remember the name now, "Textile Outfitters". Of course it's gone now, but the name may trigger store names to look at
  2. @MikeRock Please - as has been requested many times on LW, upload your photos here instead of using 3rd party hosting. If the host or you change anything that affects the link to photos on the host site, then the photos will not be accessible to future readers of this post, making the thread useless. If you have trouble resizing photos, there are a lot of tips and helps on https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/15122-how-to-post-pictures-on-lw/?do=findComment&comment=551171
  3. Adding to Wizcrafts' comments: Wawak ships to both Canada and the USA. They have s shipping service in Canada, so no unexpected brokerage or GST charges. Much appreciated.
  4. @Hairic Moved your post to leather sewing machines.
  5. Northmount

    Coyboy 3200

    @Gordonbolton Moved your post to the Marketplace > Items For Sale > Machinery -- Sewing and Stitching > Used Please read the Marketplace Rules and comply You will find lots of suggestions and helps in how to resize photos and how to post them here.
  6. Seems like it should be in fabrication, patterns and templates, so I have moved it.
  7. @ethereal Please see this thread for helps in resizing picture files so you can post them. You need to post your photos so members can see exactly what is happening.
  8. @Daviddm Please use jpeg (jpg) file formats. Not every has access to view jfif jpeg interchange format files and they don't display on this site. Many people will not download unknown file types, so limits your audience and possible answers.
  9. @Zack00 moved your post to 3D Printers and Lasers
  10. 2750 was at the host page. Should have copied it too!
  11. @Campleathergoods Is above the fix you were looking for?
  12. @JonesCoLeatherworks Please post your photos here. Hosting on another site often results in the photos disappearing due to changes in permissions, files moved or deleted. Then the thread become useless. Also many members that could help you will not go to unknown sites. My security even complained about your site. @Techsew Ron Looks like he could use some support.
  13. Be careful with patchers from Amazon and other places, hand cranked, and $200 or less. These don't usually work well out of the box. You will spend more time trying to get it working correctly than making something with it. You can search for Chinese patchers here and see some horror stories as well as those that work well.
  14. His ebay listing now says $1000
  15. Some servo motors have a brake. It may release if you press down on the pedal a bit. Some fellows have disconnected the brake. If you do a search here, you may find those posts with more info.
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