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  1. I will do a search on those names. I have read references to a couple of them as I have browsed.
  2. Thank you for that fix. Much appreciated. Now go back to that life of your own.
  3. You have a lot of nerve wanting a life of your own. I beleve all of the threads referencing ClayB in the title have the problem.
  4. New participant but off and on lurker for awhile. I have done a few archery related leather projects that mostly involved cutting, shaping and sewing. But I hope to pursue this leather working hobby a little more in depth. I particularly want to learn tooling and carving and various ways of coloring the finished project. I have a ton of education needed. I am in the senior citizen category (77) so the hands aren't as steady and the eyes aren't as clear as they once were. All that means is I have to work slower and more carefully. But I hope to manage to make something worth showing to someone else. Even if I don't I want to mainly just get quiet enjoyment from a new hobby in my old age.
  5. I am about to try my hand at carving and tooling leather. Before I start I want to get educated. Several of the sticky threads above seem to be of interest to me. But when I open the thread and click on a link I get a message saying the topic is no longer available. This happens on a number of the stickies. Is it because I am new here and don't have the necessary permissions? Or is there another location where I can access the info? I am particularly interested in the use of the various carving tools, what to use for what purpose and techniques in using them. I will continue browsing this subforum but it would be nice to find a central source for "how to carve".
  6. Sorry but I believe I posted in the wrong subforum. If the mods could move it that would be nice. I don't want to double post.
  7. I have read a few different approaches to casing leather for tooling. My question is what is the best way to do it for a project that may take several sessions that might be separated by several days between each session? Will it maintain the proper moisture level by just keeping it in a plastic bag? It seems like if you had to rewet it that the already completed tooling would lose definition. By the same token would keeping it in a plastic bag with relatively high moisture also cause loss of definition. I am just about to begin learning and practicing on small pieces, maybe coaster size. But a project I will be working toward I will not likely be able to finish in one or even two sessions. And I will probably have multiple days between sessions. I am slow...especially if I want to do the best I can.
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