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  1. Got email from weaver saying thy bought otb ,called weaver asked if my wholesale pricing would carryover to otb they didn’t know yet.
  2. Gordonbolton


    Looking for dies for hellmold or bend all bender ,dove tail mount if anyone has some they want to part with thank you, Gordon.
  3. I have a 1 year old coyboy 3200 sewing machine for sale with all the options 2000.00 very light use can’t figure out how to add pictures you can send me a tx at 641 344 5655 I can tx you pictures
  4. I have a like new one from Springfield leather got it last winter just don’t use it with 2 sets of letters will take 400.00 for it
  5. Looking for a good used consew or cobra bell skiver
  6. Looking for a good used bell skiving machine, thank you.
  7. Gordonbolton


    Looking for a used weaver little wonder, thank you.
  8. Wanting to find a used weaver little wonder if anyone has one let me know, thanks.
  9. Gordonbolton


    Looking for a source to get small metal spots. Thank you.
  10. I can’t figure out how to put them on here
  11. Yes send me your no I can text them to you
  12. I have a like new coyboy outlaw like new in Iowa 1200
  13. I have a 3 month old coyboy outlaw for sale, has not had 4 hrs of use like new have the original box to ship 1200.00
  14. I have one I bought from neals saddlery 2 months ago just upgraded to elec one has not had 4hrs of use
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