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  1. Fixed the stickies referred to. Most web connections now want a secure connection. So http has to be changed to https, the s for secure. Check out https://www.cloudflare.com/en-ca/learning/ssl/why-is-http-not-secure/
  2. Either quote a part of the post you want the member to be notified, or tag the member by typing the @ symbol followed by the member's screen name. Then pick from the popup list. @goaninmumbai You have a query, see above.
  3. Northmount

    craftool stamps

    Moved your post to Marketplace > Wanted
  4. Unfortunately, some items disappear off the web. We have no control over that. That being said, there have been a number of forum software upgrades over the years, and along with that, changes to internet protocols and browsers. I just had a look at the top pinned item. Further down in the posts, the original URL was fixed. I just copied that into the first post. The person's own website is not available, and I can't fix that. As you find some of these problems, message me, and I'll see if I can fix broken links on this site, or recover from other sources. It's not going to happen all at once as I have a life of my own to live. I have fixed quite a number in the past. Maybe more in the future.
  5. Videos hardly ever fit here. Put it on YouTube and link to it here.
  6. It was obvious you were referring to hand stitching and maybe you thought this forum was all about hand stitching. I was letting you know that it included machine stitching too. No problem.
  7. Service manual should have instructions on setting the check spring position.
  8. I see a parts list at https://www.supsew.com/search-results/?wpfb_s=46k46 But no instruction manual. Further above in this thread, @Constabulary said he has one of these machines. Maybe he has more information that can help you.
  9. The pin must be slightly tapered. Put some fingernail polish on it, tap it into place - gently. Clean any oil off the pin and out of the hole first before applying fingernail polish (or other retaining compound such as Loctite - various formulations like Loctite 290 thread locker). EDIT: Do you have a manual for your machine? Lots of manuals online for 20U33. Just looked at my 20U33. It doesn't have a pin. My machine is blue, from about 1975 if I remember right.
  10. @KeriHat The check spring is adjusted by rotating the assembly to the desired position before you tighten the retaining screw. Do a search for setting the check spring.
  11. @Tophee Moved to Tooling, Stamping & Carving Leather > Dyes, Antiques, Stains, Glues, Waxes, Finishes and Conditioners
  12. @Pink1977 moved your post to leather sewing machines since this is turning into a sewing machine discussion.
  13. Moved your post to > Marketplace > Items For Sale > Machinery -- Sewing and Stitching > Used
  14. Split your post off an unrelated thread. You'll get better response from properly titled and placed post than you will from contaminating another unrelated thread.
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