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  1. Fantastic!! Really great work.
  2. Welcome Lots of help and inspiration to be found here :-) Brgds Jonas
  3. What Tsunasapa said. If you take too long a piece of thread, I have found that the thread often gets sort of worn from abrasion after having passed through a lot of holes. Sometimes you can counter it by reapplying beeswax, but not much is gained by it in my opinion.
  4. I'd say that your wife definitely sounds like a keeper :-) What a thoughtful gift, But that's the beauty of living a ling life with a person that you love - you know what'll make each other happy. Brgds Jonas
  5. Thanks for the kind words all of you :-) And sorry for a late reply. We are currently under way from Valparaiso to Tahiti, and due to our Internet provider on board (Telenor Marine) we have been completely without any means of net based communication for 3 weeks Not just for personal use, but also for ships mail such as ordering stuff and reporting this or that. @clodhead Thanks, your stitching horse look just like it, and a great find for 40$! @KTWolf Hahaha, I know just that feeling :-) I normally stop when I manage to cut myself (which doesn't take long), and thanks :-) @Brokenolmarine Thanks, good luck with making one :-) It is a satisfying project that isn't very difficult - I opted to make some fancier joints for the stretchers compared to the plans in the book, but technically that is not necessary at all. @Samalan Thanks :-)
  6. Thanks The one that I looked at for inspiration only had the front part "turned out". And it didn't have that small piece of darker skin between the main parts. I am pretty sure that it would be really difficult to turn it too. Turning this one was not super easy, but it was doable, so I am glad that I didn't move up in thickness of the leather. I hadn't thought about wetting the leather before turning it inside out, so it is quite possible that it would have looked sharper. I guess it would be OK as long as I wetted the entire bag, so I wouldn't risk a change in colour from wetted contra dry parts. I wonder if it would still be possible to do it after I have turned it. Then I could put some cardboard or thin plywood into the bag to help retain the shape while it dries. Brgds Jonas
  7. Thanks Bob I hope that he will want it, otherwise I'll just see if I can sell it to someone else. Brgds Jonas
  8. A friend of mine asked if I could make a saddlebag for his sons 1920 Indian Scout. he wanted it to look pretty similar to one he already had for his 1934 BSA. I took the overall measurements and made the saddlebag a little bit different using some slightly thinner leather (5 oz). The older one was something like 12 oz, and seemed too stiff and clunky to my taste. It wasn't an original saddlebag either, but one he had someone make some years ago. The reason I only made one was because we hadn't agreed on any price etc. so I told him that he could show it to his son and if he liked it I would make a second one and if he didn't like it - it would be OK with me. I hadn't treated the leather in any way, so he felt that it was very light in appearance. I gave him a couple of small samples of the same leather with some neatsfoot oil on it, so he could see that it would darken once treated. I haven't heard back from him since I have returned to the ship, so I am still not sure if he wants it or not. I had clocked my time and it took me 6 hours to make it. There is roughly 4 sq. feet of leather in the bag, and a bit of hardware.
  9. Hi Tom Thanks for the heads up on the book, I'll try to see if I can locate a copy of it somewhere. learning something new (old) is always fascinating. Brgds Jonas
  10. Hi Tom Sorry for the late reply, but I have just returned to the ship, and I never take the time to sit at the computer while at home, so I have just seen your comment now. Thanks for the very kind words on the halter :-) I haven't got a clamp onboard. I have often thought about making one, but never taken/found the time to do so. So I just hold it in my hands and accepts that it takes a bit longer to sew out here. Sadly the halter didn't fit if the browband was attached. It is funny since I made it according to the measurements in the book, so I guess that Bent's head is a bit larger than a standard riding horse in those days. But the rest of the halter fits nicely. Anyway it was also mostly a project meant to occupy my mind while sailing, so I have no problems with the headband needing to be a little bit longer. I can make another one some day when I am in the mood for it :-) Brgds Jonas
  11. @tsunkasapa Sorry for the late reply, but I have just returned to the ship again, and I didn't find time to visit the net while at home :-) That is incredible to make 27 sets of harnesses! But I bet it is even more incredible to be pulled by a team of dogs. Brgds Jonas
  12. Looks really interesting. My wife is physiotherapist, she used to do manual therapy but I think she has gravitated more towards Mulligan lately. I don't know if she has ever seen/used a belt like that, but I sure wouldn't mind trying to make one. It seems like a great project, and if it can help someone with back pains - well then it is a SUPER project.
  13. Anything more than 3 lanes is scary I think. And especially if it is near a city where there are exits and merges everywhere.
  14. @TomE What a cutie!! If we had a colt like that I would probably not get anything done during the day - save for watching him and feeling his soft muzzle all the time. Foals are just so adorable with that little fluffy tail and those long legs. Is the mare one of your Caspian horses?
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