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  1. I just went to their website. Quite convoluted, hard to tell what you are actually looking at some times. Ferg
  2. I love the streams and trees, beautiful. When a kid we lived on a72 acre farm. Between 30 and 40 acres of woods with a spring fed creek meandering through. Oldest daughter and her husband live at the beginning of that spring. Spent many a day enjoying what mother nature has given us. Ferg
  3. I know everyone in the USA doesn't have the opportunity to see Fall Color in the trees. Just thought this was kinda special. We live in the woods and have the God Given opportunity to see animals like this. This little girl came to the fence begging for some shelled corn. As you can see she is very thin and I believe she may have some injuries to her hind legs. Never know what may happen to them. Some infidels seem to think it is funny to run into them with their vehicles or throw things at them etc. I went into our shed where I keep the corn to feed them. She didn't move more than a few steps away from me. As soon as I put corn in the pans she began eating. We have between twenty and thirty deer that visit our woods and yard. We haven't had frost yet, probably going to change this coming week. Unusual to have Begonias blooming at the end of October. Woods isn't as colorful as some years but the contrasts in color are great . Enjoy, and an early wish for all of you folks to have a fantastic family Thanksgiving together. Ferg
  4. I have 32 craftaids that date back to the fifties for the most part. Some have been used a lot others slightly. Mostly Wallet/Billfold. Two Alphabet, three belt, and one Key Case. No damage to any of them. Some have become a little rolled from use. I put one between two layers of Parchment Paper and ironed it with a domestic iron. It worked, made the plastic lay almost perfectly flat. If someone wants all of them I will make you a great price. Individual $7.50 each plus shipping. I won't make copies of the envelope they came in unless requested. Numbers for each: Alphabet #2540and #2550, Key case #2263, belt # 2101, 2261 and 2641. Remaining numbers are all wallet/billfold: 2280, 2600, 2170, 2480, 2490, 2360, 2170, 2430, 2210, 2500, 2340, 2240, 2130, 2050, 2560, 2080, 2310, 2190, 2530, 2010, 2390, 2370, 2090, 2110, 2410. And one that is small florals set #5000. Please: I will only accept legitimate offers. Ferg
  5. Ferg


    Thank you JayEhl and of course "JANE". Hope everyone is doing well. Ferg
  6. Ferg


    I have made several of this cover for wife and myself. Some folks do not like the more or less total covers but these have kept our iPhones in perfect condition. I have dropped mine from my shirt pocket in unusual circumstances. The outside is Italian leather the inside is some domestic calf skin. Notice I dropped a stitch on one corner. Decided not to remove all the stitching and do it over. Edge paint was used. I use the plastic back and edge covers for the phones then attach with VelCro. Have never had a phone fall out or slip inside the cases. The Italian leather mellows in color over time making it a little darker. Resembles a vintage leather after a year or so. A note about my lack of perfect stitching: I had Carpal Tunnel surgery on both hands several years ago and Bi-Lateral knee replacement surgery three months ago plus my eyes are less than good. Tack on Arthritis in hands, feet, lower spine, and Lumbar region. My "New Knees" don't bother me much. Walked un-attended nine days after surgery. I have a loving family and the most wonderful and loving wife any man could ever wish for. All must be the fact I will be eighty eight in January. I don't do much machine stitching any more mostly because of sight problems. Sad, since I love to use my machines. Ferg
  7. Eric,

    How the heck are you? Miss you on the forum or maybe "I" just missed you.

    What are you up to these days?


    1. gottaknow


      I’m good Ferg. Working for a company that keeps me busy with a factory in Seattle and LA. Turning less screws but teaching a lot. 

  8. I have a 1/2"letter set from Tandy. Will sell for $25.00 plus shipping. Ferg
  9. I have the Consew and love it. Mine was made in Japan, didn't order it that way, just happened. I agree the original machines in most cases are probably superior in function and build. I have no idea about the used Juki's as their past history of use would determine the viability. The Consew RB5 will handle up to and including 130 thread top and bottom with up to number 24 needles which is fine for my use. You can sew 3/8" leather all day if it isn't real hard. I tend to use #92 or #130 size in mine. I seldom use smaller thread size since it requires considerable readjustment of tension. Hope my info helps. Ferg
  10. If you are asking if I would sell just one letter, the answer is no. Ferg
  11. Will be eighty eight years old in January. Two months ago I had both knees replaced at the same time. Doing fine with that. Arthritis in hands, feet, lower spine, as well as Lumbar region. Not much fun getting old. Lol I have an extensive set of stamps, some leather I would like to sell, many pieces of hardware such as zipper pulls, zippers, etc. Hundreds of needles and quite a lot of thread for machine sewing. Let me know what you may be interested in so I can take some photos of same. Ferg
  12. I would guess I bought this set in the 50's as in 1954. Used very little and not for many years. I need to unload a bunch of tools etc. that my arthritis won't allow me to use. $25 plus shipping. I would recommend UPS unless you are in no hurry. USPS is running 10 to 15 days. Haven't weighed it yet. Ferg
  13. I hate to bring this up.... To fix this correctly you need to dig up the old tank and install a new one. Old tank may have leaked otherwise for a long time without any consequences. New tank with reshaped placement hole in the ground and maybe some gravel/stone fill under it to stabilize. Sorry, Jane. Would have liked to give you better advice. We managed homes for many years with septic tanks, always something...... Ferg
  14. A welded die isn't formidable? Come on, I have some welded dies, heavy, that I didn't make and they will last a lifetime if taken care of and not misused with a steel hammer. Ferg
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