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  1. If using a low power, 3000Mw to 6000Mw Diode Laser it would be very slow and likely similar to Ray's situation. My 60W CO2 laser would probably take a few minutes Ferg
  2. I have a two head CNC router. Large industrial machine weighing 5000 #. I also have a "Drag Knife" that attaches into the collets of the heads. The knife is actually either a Exacto blade or simply a Utility knife blade. I can program it with the same G-codes used for CNC, the motors do not turn, you lock the router so it cannot free turn. Obviously everyone isn't fortunate enough to have a $120,000 CNC to play with since we retired. The drag knife attachment cost about $200. Uwe, you would love this thing! Lol Ferg
  3. You could cut 3 to 4 oz. leather with a small inexpensive diode laser, it would be slow. If you are thinking Chrome Tanned leather forget the laser. CO2 laser of 40W of power would cut about anything you want to cut in leather. It will stink and it will burn the edges black. Some manipulation of air assist, power, speed of cut, will lighten the edges somewhat, it will still stink. Think a dead animal being incinerated. On a budget? Go to Harbor Freight, buy a hydraulic press that has a jack with air assist, either do a little self build or have a friend with a welder provide the surface you need. There are hundreds of posts regarding buying and modifying these presses on this forum. Slower than a dedicated $5000 dollar clicker. With good dies you can cut a large amount in a relatively short time. I have two lasers, self built hydraulic press, and many knives. Believe me, you don't want to cut leather with a water jet. Laser cutting leather is messy at best. Ferg
  4. Easiest method for a one off: Use masking tape on your laser base. You didn't say what laser you have. Diode, CO2? Ferg
  5. Ferg

    Laser engraved oak

    I should have named it, "New stamp for leather. LOL Ferg
  6. The image was done in Solid Hickory wood with a 60W Omtech Laser. I am not fond of Chinese equipment but I will recommend this one 'til the cows come home. I have had it for little over a month with "0" problems. It has done everything I wanted with perfection. Second photo is an impression in dampened leather made by the wooden engraving. I am not advocating everyone to make "stamps" from wood. I simply thought it to be pretty neat. Ferg
  7. Wiz, why do we have political rants on here anyway? We get that crap all day and night, can't we as leatherworkers for one, be civil and talk about and ask questions concerning our craft and businesses? Personal attacks have no use on this site. Johanna, PLEASE!!!! Put an end to this! Ferg
  8. I did not buy a GlowForge. They are highly advertised and look nice but I didn't wish to have to go through a company to get anything I want to use for additional money. That said: I bought a 3000Mw diode laser to practice on. Sufficient for that purpose, biggest problem is the low power and they are very slow. Dove into the big boys. Orion 60W CO2, Chinese Laser. With the crate it had a delivery weight of 400#. It is a floor model. Out of the crate it worked perfectly and has continued to do so. I simply could not afford an American made with nearly the same specs. I use LightBurn software and wouldn't be without it. Also use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Have a daughter who is a professional graphic artist. I intend to do some leather engraving, have been so busy with other items I haven't had time. My laser will do leather, wood, glass, anodized aluminum, cork, fabric, plastic, ceramic tile, marble, etc. Enclosing pics of a couple items I have made. Second one is on 1/4" Baltic Birch, first, is a vintage photo on 3/4" Hickory Ferg
  9. I know there are some of you that may like to venture into Laser Engraving Leather I have bought a larger commercial Laser and wish to sell this one. I have it's original box. Will take it apart and ship anywhere in the USA. I have extra laser controllers I bought to make sure I wouldn't need to wait on shipping if I needed to change plus a 13" HP LapTop computer that was refurbished by certified company. It has Windows 10 Pro installed. Works perfectly. The software for the laser is PC based. I did not build a box/enclosure, you would probably want to do that or have someone build it for you. USB cable and power supply included. Priced to sell! Both the computer and the laser included for $700 plus shipping. I am listing on a Laser site also. Any questions just let me know. Ferg
  10. Ferg

    Singer 29-4 Patcher

    Singer 29-4 Patcher. Very good running and stitching condition. Has been refurbished. Machine, table and servo - $900. Machine head, no table or servo - $750. Plus shipping. Ferg
  11. Regrettably I am selling my leather stamps. I have collected them for almost 70 years. One hundred ninety two of them, may have missed some. Photo is representative of a portion of them. There are ten solid brass stamps that are excellent stamps. Remainder are Craftools, most from many years ago when they were made better. I am asking $1000 plus shipping. I won't break the set. Serious buyers only please. I can provide a number list of the tools if necessary. Also have a set of decorative hole punches, 37 different shapes and sizes in the set. They are great for filigree designs in leather. Two hundred fifty dollars for this set. Ferg
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