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  1. Ferg


    I have two custom blades Terry made for me and one small round knife I use mostly for skiving. I use nothing but strop to keep them cutting leather as though it was butter. Feerg
  2. Ferg


    Have thought about Terry and his trials and tribulations/fire in his shop, for some time. Decided to contact him to see how he is doing. Received the following note from him yesterday. I am sure he could use some positive news from any and all. Marion, Finally got the permits approved this week. Demolition will start this week, followed by the new garage/ workshop. Then I have to put the shop back together. It will be months more I'm afraid! Otherwise, a bit depressed but okay. Ferg
  3. Ferg


    A Carpal Tunnel Update: Left hand surgery last Thursday. Absolutely no pain, haven't taken any pain meds. Surgeon told me I could take the padded bandage off today and replace with a BandAid. Ferg
  4. Ferg

    Seiko ch-8b

    You are correct Wiz, I found another photo showing the "CW". Ferg
  5. Ferg

    Seiko ch-8b

    This is a photo of a Seiko I sold recently. Great machine except I think my Servo was a dab too small for it. Used it for purses mostly and some belts also. #138 thread is what it likes most. Don't believe I tried any 207 with it. Will stitch 7 or 8 oz. of leather all day long. Much over that really makes it chug. Remember, I said I think my servo was too small. Well built, the Cowboy is pretty much a carbon copy. I sold mine for about $1400 if I remember correctly. The above machine was a CH-8B-Ld Ferg
  6. Ferg


    Thanks to everyone for the best wishes. FRODO, I will have to try the wrist brace, thank you. Ferg
  7. Ferg


    Thanks Coach, I am to the stage of not being able to hold my glass of milk in the morning very well. Writing is a task, no one including me, can read it after I write it anyway. lol I can still type fairly well if I don't allow my wrists to rest on the edge of the desk. I figure the Good Lord is giving me a dose of my own medicine. I have enjoyed good health all my 86 years and burned the candle at both ends. Ferg
  8. I finished over 300 masks and may not be able to make any more. I have worked with my hands my entire life. Have all kinds of cuts, bruises, a few broken bones, never a hint of Carpal Tunnel, until soon after Christmas 2019. I began having pain three or four weeks before I stopped making the masks. Fast forward to NOW. I will have surgery on my left hand July 30th, right hand August 13th. The pain in my hands is debilitating. I wear braces on both at night until about 4:00 AM when I cannot withstand the discomfort. The veins of my hands as well as tendons bulge to the surface appearing extremely grotesque when I experience pain. Two doctors I see don't seem to be too upset about that. One of my wife's doctors told her he had to have his hands done, the easing of the pain subsided on his way home after surgery. I am hoping that will occur on my way home next week. Wondering how many other leather workers have experienced this. BTW: I haven't carved any leather for about three years, arthritis in my hands and fingers won't let me hold the tools. Doesn't stop my gardening, working in our wood shop, or keep me from an occasional stitching job. We also apply the stain to our Log Home every three to four years. This year is the year! Ferg
  9. Ferg

    Tension Stitches

    You might try adjusting your tension as close to being good on both instances. You are going to have a problem changing that much thickness in the same run. Actually, to correct it you may have to adjust the tension each time you begin the change in thickness. It is a tension issue. Ferg
  10. Ferg

    FLOWERS FOR 2020

    I know these IRIS aren't leather. I look for anything I can find to make me feel better in the atmosphere. We used to have around 1200 iris of all types but mostly Bearded, in our yard. Borer got a lot of them plus I gave my son many of the expensive varieties. He and his wife have had them in their yard for several years. They caught the fever. A favorite neighbor of ours raised iris for years and showed and won many times. Before he passed away he gave me several that cost several hundred dollars for each little piece about the size of your thumb when he began. I have many photos of my very large iris beds from the last 25 years. Photo is of one of our early variety. Can you smell them? lol Enjoy Ferg
  11. Ferg

    CB4500 Too Much Machine?

    Unfortunately one machine does not get you everything. I sold my 3200, not because of anything except it would not or disliked small threads. Anything from 138 down. I think you need one step lower than the 3200 with a removable table. That way you have a flat bed capability also. Cowboy CB227R Medium Duty Leather Sewing Machine Ferg
  12. The tension you need is so slight I am afraid tension discs won't work, no harm in trying it though. Open the disks so the thread has no noticeable tension on it. Moving through the open discs could just be enough to make it work. You may have to do some minor adjusting to your normal tension discs to make the machine stitch correctly. Is the thread catching under the edge of the spool and the platform it is on? Not sure what is meant by the "footie". Thread stands have a disc of expanded foam under the base of the spool of thread. It would need to be about a quarter inch larger, all the way around, the bottom of spool. One more trick.....You should have gotten the thread with a clear wrap over it. Instead of putting the spool on the platform without the bag, leave the bag on it and make sure the top is open. Not supposed to do that, just ask Bob but I think it might be another option in your situation. Please let me know what you find. Ferg
  13. Your type of stand won't put the little bit of tension on the thread needed. Also, I think your stand is too high but that shouldn't be the problem. You need to retard the thread going over the metal loop at the top of thread stand. When the machine pulls thread and then hesitates for a split second the thread drops to the bottom of the spool causing the problem you have. Ferg
  14. If you do not have a thread stand, get one. They enable the thread to unwind from above the spool. Ferg
  15. Ferg

    FACE MASKS 101

    I began making face masks about the last week of February. My wife just turned up her nose and thought it was another of my various and sundry activities and walked off. It is now May 3rd 2020 and I am finishing what will be be my 300th mask. Have given away at least 250 of those, the remainder, folks felt sorry for me I guess and gave me some money. lol Truth is, what has been donated to my cause has just about paid for the materials I have bought. Time spent? A number of eight and ten hour days. I am doing this strictly with no help other than my wife shipping masks for me. Masks are made of two layers cotton fabric, lining is bleached muslin. They are open on left and right side to accommodate extra filter material, wife slips a rolled up facial tissue under her nose to keep spectacles from clouding over. My hands and arms ache as though they had a toothache, I am sure there are a lot more folks in much worse condition than I. This is a rewarding episode of many in my fairly long life, eighty six years. I don't see family members except by looking out on the porch when they come to get masks. Wife feeds me and we "Pick-Up" food from most anywhere we can find open with "Curbside" service or "Drive Thru". I am actually enjoying sewing the masks. Cutting the pieces out, not so much fun. Am going to enclose photos of a few. I was waiting for wife to return to parking lot of Target yesterday when I had to note how many folks were actually wearing masks. Governor of Ohio had issued a mandatory wearing of masks when out and about, later changed that to "if you wish to" when a good number of folks cried "Foul". Young people from mid thirties down, seem to resist wearing them the most. Most older are wearing them although you could pick out the people who wouldn't wear them anyway by the expressions on their faces. I am not following the news very close since everything is Politisized. I sincerely believe folks should at least wear them if for no other reason than to help protect the folks around you. If you are too self centered to considered them........... Have a great day and don't forget, We are not necessarily in this together Ferg