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  1. Ferg

    Rally Navigator's Work Board

    Looks great! Clever idea, they will definitely be pleased. Ferg
  2. Ferg

    Old Fortuna Skiving Machine

    I use a servo on my Fortuna Clone. Works great for me. You can make it skive slow or fast. Ferg
  3. Ferg

    Roman Shoes!!

    Jane, Well, with my research, they could be Roman anyway. That said: I have never made a shoe in my life. That is not to say I wouldn't like to. I hate the shoes you see from Colonial Times, they look so uncomfortable. This shoe appears to be very comfortable. When I get time, (right) I am going to look into making at least one shoe. Very intriguing, thank you for starting the thread. Ferg
  4. Ferg

    Roman Shoes!!

    Jane, Walmart has them on their website. That is about $25 less than I paid. Ferg BTW: If possible store your leather away from an outside wall of the basement, away from a window, and it would be good if you can have air moving over/through it. Small fan would do wonders, IF YOU CAN HANG YOUR LEATHER FROM AN EDGE/END.
  5. Ferg

    Roman Shoes!!

    Do you remember the three wheeled cart I have? Get one. They are a dream come true for moving these machines among other things. Most of the old iron weighs about 75 to 90 pounds for just the head. You would enjoy a Patcher. Hope your new basement is drier than the old one. Keep a De-Humidifier going and don't store your leather down there. Ferg
  6. Ferg

    Mystery machine

    I have a 206 RB-5. I believe you probably have an RB-1. No reverse and no "knee lift" mechanism. There is no doubt in my mind that it would be in my shop if I happened upon it. Looks fairly well taken care of. This would be a winner for a first machine. Bob Kovar has many parts for this one. Ferg
  7. I love Bridle Leather. You done an excellent job on stitching. Your glueing and leather edges need some work. Next one will be better. My old fingers won't let me do that much stitching anymore. Ferg
  8. Ferg

    Roman Shoes!!

    I have often wondered what I could do with the multitude of decorative leather punches I have. If you decide to make a pair of these, let me know. Maybe I could loan the set of punches to you. There are 39 punches in the set. Ferg
  9. I think "How It's Made" on TV has their videos available for playback. Some are on U-Tube. Anyway, I watched this one the other day of a company making watch bands. Ferg
  10. Ryan, Your embossing (I assume) is very nice. I am not enamored with your selection of background. First, I wouldn't mix completely different types of tooling. My preference would be more subtle backgrounding. Seems to take away from your image. Just my .02 Ferg
  11. Ferg

    Cheap Roo Skins

    I think my last count was about 17 roo skins in my inventory. Six to eight square feet on average. Probably paid between $125 and $175 per skin. I know I bought some specials one time for $75, threw half of them away. The leather is worth every penny. Ferg
  12. Ferg

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    Similar to the roller I have on my COWBOY. I have modified it somewhat since it comes with both ends similar to your larger end. Ferg
  13. Ferg

    Bell Skiver Choices - Which way to go

    I have written so many times about my skiver experience...... I seldom answer anymore when someone asks about them. My skiver is a COWBOY top and bottom feed. Very close to being a Fortuna, just enough difference to notice. I have three different shape rollers for the top, the one mimicking the shape of the bell knife is one I use most of the time. These machines will skive any of the leathers easily except heavy Veg Tan. They tend to dull the knife quickly plus several passes are definitely necessary making it tiresome to reset for small runs. I have mentioned numerous times, these are not for the faint of heart. A very high learning curve and they will drive you "bonkers" some times just when you think you have it all figured out. I find that U-Tube and many other videos fall short in actually educating you to how to run these machines. Hours of playing with them and chewing up all that scrap leather you thought you would never have a need for. Bell knife must be kept sharp beyond anything you can or have ever imagined. BTW: I have never seen a bell skiver without all the shields in place. That said, keep your fingers away from the knife similar to keeping them out of a meat slicer. I use a serrated steel feed roller. They work better than the stone in my opinion and are a lot easier to keep clean. Vacuums may very well do the best job????? I made a sheet metal "chute" that fits under the machine and directs the skivings into a cardboard box. Doesn't make any noise either. IMHO: There are few dealers who know much about bell knife skivers. Mostly because they don't sell all that many of them. Unlike sewing machines that are used everywhere and anywhere. A dealer who offers service and the basic knowledge is your best bet. I do not care how much leather you take with you to try on a machine, there is nothing that will teach you how to use them any more than experience and trial and error. Different speed for feed roller and knife is easily changed/varied on this machine. You simply change settings of your belts into a different sized drive pully. I always thought I would like to have a Fortuna. After buying my COWBOY with top and bottom feed I prefer it to the stationary top presser foot on the Fortuna's I have observed. Ferg
  14. Ferg

    Chink Chaps for My Sisters

    You are a very talented young man with a fabulous family. Six boys with one girl in my family. Ferg
  15. Ferg


    Old folks do not have much to "Crow" about these days. Grandkids spice up our lives. Our oldest Grandson and his wife brought a beautiful little boy into our lives about a month ago. FINLEY is our first GREAT GRANDCHILD. NATHAN proposed to his "little" girl friend recently. They are special kids, both still in college. Nathan is one of seven most favorite GRAND KIDS, Now we have another!!! Ferg