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  1. I used to do sublimation which I accomplished on white dear leather. I have posted a photo of same before. Also used a Laser Printer Mono color to make whatever image/text I wanted. You can print on the better quality of laser copy paper lay it on your leather or whatever you wish to use. With a household iron you can actually transfer the image to the substrate. No messing with all the other "stuff." Ferg
  2. Perfect condition. Complete 1/2" letter stamp set. $25 plus shipping.
  3. I used this on a Cowboy 3200. It is designated as Juki but it fits other machines also. $45.00 plus shipping.
  4. Bonded Nylon Sewing Machine thread. One pound spools 1 white #92, 1 white #138, 1 white #207, 1 Scarlet red #138. $25 each or all four $90 plus shipping.
  5. Tandy Super Skivers. $8.50 each or both for $16.00 plus shipping
  6. Probably 10 or 12 years ago I unearthed a piece of Veg Tan at least forty years old which meant it was bought from Tandy. I found a sketch in one of my art books that I decided to carve into that piece of leather. It wasn't dried out, stiff, or hard. I tempered it and carved this design. Stored under two other leather pieces I done about the same time. It has never been stored or displayed in daylight. Some day I will probably frame it and give it to my youngest daughter. Ferg
  7. I wouldn't take the old ones without checking them over for possible mold or mildew. But Heck Yeah I would take them. Vintage sales! LOL Ferg
  8. I am sorry, I posted the wrong selling price on this item. It should be $250 including shipping to continental USA. No Alaska shipping. They are Horse Shoe Brand. Ferg
  9. I am presenting a set of five edge rounding tools numbering No1 through No5, made of stainless steel with hardwood handles. I don't remember who the manufacturer was I do know how much I paid for them.Emblem on them H S which may not mean a thing. Have never been used. Asking $250 plus shipping. Ferg
  10. I have replied to this conversation personally. Anyone else need info on the items I am in the process of cataloging and photographing the items I wish to sell. I began my leather crafting when around nineteen years old while in the Navy. I am five months from being eighty nine years old/young. Believe me when I tell you with arthritis in both feet and ankles, spine, hands and fingers plus being deaf, life is a little fragile and totally exasperating. I would like to believe that working since I was eight years old and enjoying most every minute of it I can influence others with drive. Ferg
  11. Due to escalating Arthritis and vision problems I am offering my Stamp set equaling 163 pieces. I bought a lot of these 60 to 75 years ago when Tandy's tools were made of good metal and chrome. There are several I bought from individuals who made stamps as a lifetime tool. I am asking for anyone possibly interested in these before I spend the time to catalog and photograph each one and price them either individually or as a complete set. My request may be a little unorthodox but please bear with me. I have large spools of sewing machine thread plus various and other tools for normal leather work as well as shoemaking. Also several boxes of hardware such as zippers, magnetic pieces etc. I am having a hard time letting go of the leather equipment and accessories. Any of you that have had the opportunity to spend a large part of your life with this hobby/business know what I am feeling. Ferg
  12. Ferg

    A wee wallet

    If I may make one suggestion. Make an open border around the edge of your product enclosing the stitching then do your basket weave or other inside the bordered area. Ferg
  13. You will likely think that I pushed the envelope this time but actually I didn’t. We have about 50 or 60 plants left from the greenhouse that I would like to plant with the least amount of preparation possible. Lowe’s had a plastic window box 35.75” x 6.6” on clearance for $3.19. Wife and I went to see if they actually had any. They were on the shelf with an original tag at $13.95. I went to the cashier in the garden center and told him they were advertised at $3.19 and asked him to check it for me. His info said the higher price but why didn’t I check at the service desk. Spoke to a lady at the service desk laying out the problem. She said her computer said $13.95. I showed her the page on my cell. It clearly said it was on clearance and only available in store. I told her I had become so dissatisfied with Lowe’s and some of their policies that I was going to stop shopping their stores. She agreed with me and said let me get a manager to speak with you. A man with the name “MAX” on his jacket appeared but was hesitant to come over to me and discuss the problem, she convinced him to speak with me. I should have known there was something up at that point in time. He was obviously agitated and didn’t really wish to speak to me. I showed him the page on my cell and went through the deal again. He said that isn’t our store. I said this page is from this Lowe’s and the price is stated as $3.19. He wasn’t going to honor it. I said, "You know Lowe’s is getting a reputation for being a bad place to shop”. He got crusty and told me if I didn’t leave the store he would have me thrown out! I laughed at him and said you have got to be kidding! I walked away and met up with wife and we left. After getting home and thinking about the episode for awhile, I believe he was standing somewhere very close to me while the lady I first spoke to was trying to help. He probably heard my conversation with her and was ready when I went to him for help on the matter. Obviously did not wish to discuss the matter of Lowe’s being Slip Shod. I wasn’t nasty to the lady or him certainly surprised by his wanting to throw me out of the store. I am still thinking about how I wish to approach this event with the home office. Lowe’s has definitely been getting worse with almost everything. No inventory when they say they have it, junky product, way overpriced, happening with many outlets not just Lowe’s. BTW: I checked the site when we got back to the car. The $3.19 clearance on the item had been removed with $13.95 inserted. It would have been nice to punch him in his round red face but I didn’t even think of it until later. LOL Wife and I have serious doubts about ever enjoying our lives as we used to. Ferg
  14. I have at least one item I done a number of years ago on a piece of leather I had bought almost 50 years ago. I pull it out every once in awhile so I can see what I could do before all the Arthritis and other problems with being almost ninety years young. Nice work. Ferg
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