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Raised on a farm, joined the Navy day before High School Commencement, May of 1952. While attending electronics school in Memphis, Tennessee I watched a man tooling leather.

I thought that I would like to do that. Graduated from school and was sent to Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron in Key West Florida. I began my leather work at that time and

probably made product for everyone in the squadron plus many folks on the base. Nearest Tandy Store was Miami. They used to say I paid their monthly rent while I was there.

Discharged in 1956. After settling down to home again and getting used to my new '57 Chevy I worked off and on with leather. Got married, had/have three girls and a boy plus 7 grandkids. Became a building contractor, repaired radios and TV's, taught myself to program computers, wife and I started a business manufacturing wooden decorative items for children, became the largest manufacturer of wooden name puzzles for kids in the world, (still make about 20,000 per year), built a 6500 square foot log home in the woods with three to four thousand flowers I start from seed in my greenhouse, have a half acre vegetable garden, and still have time to do some leather work. My hands are not as limber as they used to be but I try to keep the knife and stamps moving so I do not lose my touch, it is difficult. I am really interested in the Sheridan Style and have some other ideas also.

Have never been in a leather teaching class as I am self taught. I have read almost everything about leather crafting I can get my hands on. I have way too much money in tools for the leather. I also do Stained Glass and transfer of photo images onto leather and most every kind of substrate you can think of. If I have been told it cannot be done I experiment until it is done.

I love my wife and kids, life, and the Good Lord.

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