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  1. I see it. The provided link here 404's on me but if I enter it manually, it works. So, past all that, it's very strange how it seems to sew in circles.
  2. I'd suggest making a video of the problem, maybe the machine sewing where it's not feeding, and post it to youtube. Then post a link here so people can see what's going on. It's just hard to visualize what you're talking about.
  3. But I bet they'd like to know if their brand name is being pirated. Searching for "Coats Industrial Thread" turns up nothing that looks like yours. The blue dot with the chain is something they use, but I don't see any like yours. Interesting. EDIT: A search for "Coats Star Nylon" turns up 1 junk seller on ebay with some. Nothing that looks like a reputable thread dealer.
  4. Actually, I think the whole body is cut from 1 piece of leather. Then the 4 corners are sewn up. Look at the next to last picture and zoom in on the bottom. It almost looks like a seam going at an angle from left front (as you're looking at it) and going towards the right rear, but I think that's an illusion. Imagine laying a piece of paper out and cutting a square from each corner so you can fold it up in to a box shape. I think that's all that's going on here.
  5. Looks a lot like a short duffel bag.
  6. Congratulations on the new machine! Is it ready to sew or a fixer upper?
  7. I've noticed the hand stitching he does before and like it a lot. If you're going to hand stitch, it might as well be different than machine stitching.
  8. I appreciate knowing that. I've struggled with Hobby Lobby level snaps and wondered about better snaps.
  9. AlZilla

    New Wallet

    Nice work. Myself, I can't get a dye job with varying shades where it doesn't look like I just spilled the dye bottle.
  10. Hmmm.... Will standard snap setting tools a person already has work with these, or will they require the pricey tools listed with them?
  11. AlZilla

    New holsters

    I really like these holsters. It took me a while to realize the curved top mimics a trigger cutout. The conchos are very classy. I may try my hand at one.
  12. Wow. The girl has a really deft hand with the paintbrush and a good eye for color. Blowing the pics up shows quite a lot of precision work. The guy she hired to do the knife work and tooling is pretty fair, too ...
  13. I think, as a general rule, anything with multiple stitch types is not going to be suitable for your intended use. The exception might be a Sailrite machine. Not to say a "straight stitch only" machine is necessarily going to work for you. There are tons of older domestic straight stitchers out there that won't. You want an industrial walking foot, ideally. By all means, keep asking. There could be multi-stitch machines out there that would work. I'm not a walking encyclopedia of sewing machines like some of these guys. Most of us have been where you are.
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