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  1. Definitely like those. Looks like 34 rounds of ammo plus 6 in the cylinder. With my girth, I could probably fit a box on the belt alone with room to spare!
  2. Perfection is boring. Embrace the splotchy. I've struggled with uneven dye jobs. I found that "dip dying" is much more even. You can return the excess back to the original bottle. Also I find that dampening the leather before dying can help. Maybe I'll try the neatsfoot oil idea. EDIT: The bottle in the picture says "2 tone". Did the manufacturer have a recommended application method? It's funny how it seems to have both absorbed more in that dark area and resisted in other areas. Could something have contaminated the surface?
  3. Here's a thread that seems like a great place to start learning about the machines and it's capabilities: Off the top of my head, people generally prefer cylinder arm machines for bags. The little I saw at the above link seems to indicate the Pfaff 145 is a well regarded machine. Stay within it's capabilities (max thread size and thickness it'll sew) and you should be able to sew lots of things.
  4. AlZilla

    686 Holster

    Now I understand the support strap you mentioned and the low mounted belt clip. So this is a sporting rig, not a concealed carry?
  5. Fun seeing how each step builds on the last. Is this a standard pattern for you that you've tooled before?
  6. Really? 13 minutes between laid out and finished cutting? (time stamps on your posts) Nice work.
  7. Oddly, I was just zooming in and lamenting that my basket stamping always looks like it was stomped out by a herd of cattle. Stampeding. Drunk. I'll take obviously crafted by a skilled hand over die-straight machine stamping any day. I'll be following this one.
  8. Well, it's all written in plain english. Seems like it ought to be pretty comprehensible.
  9. https://smith-wessonforum.com/gun-leather-carry-gear/724748-al-stohlman-holster.html Yeah, I guess you have to be logged in to see them. Oh, well. Annoying, but it's not my board. I won't post links there any more. whatever that means ...
  10. Wayne, Oh yeah, I could see just what you were doing to hold it down. Starting in the middle is a good point, though. I think it'd be easy enough to tip the blade if you wanted a more traditional skive, too. Most ingenious.
  11. As I was reading your post, I was thinking "Yeah, but how are going to hold it taught?" Cool solution. Thanks!
  12. I struggled a bit with where to put this one. On another forum there's a post about a genuine Al Stolhman holster. Carved in his familiar floral style and sporting his makers stamp. I don't know if these are common, uncommon or what, but it's the first one I've seen. Maybe others will find it interesting, too. https://smith-wessonforum.com/gun-leather-carry-gear/724748-al-stohlman-holster.html?posted=1#post142025031
  13. Only 6? Pretty high level work for a "rookie" ... !
  14. How would one make shoes with more supportive insoles? I'd LOVE to be able to make my own shoes but I need a Nike-like insole. I recently wore some boat shoes or something for a few days and my low back went to crap for a month. It still aches.
  15. Here's an extensive page dedicated to Tornister bags. Maybe it'll inspire someone. I like the leather/canvas combo. https://www.militariacollectors.network/forums/topic/5377-the-german-tornister-backpack/
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