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  1. @kggThank you for your kind words. Yes, I was sent a pedal and rings and I got that part taken care of. The knee actuated lifter somehow did not grow on me and a few times I stomped the sewing pedal in error and had to clean up the rats-nest around the bobbin.
  2. A while ago I went on a road trip and 2 sewing machines followed me home (1341 & 441). After using both for a short period I decided to do some modifications. Both pedestal mount tops were larger than required and wasting space in my work space. Also the lack of commonality was irritating as I am new to these types of machine. One had 2 foot controls while the other did not. One had NPS, the other not. Speed was good on one, other too fast sometimes. Ryan Neel shipped me 2 of the HM-750SL units and the modifications commenced. (I included a picture where both the stock motor and the new HM-750SL are side by side. These motors have more power, can be run as slow as 50RPM and with the smaller pulley the stitching is very slow.) Both sewing machines are now equivalent in operation with dual foot controls and NPS. The accompanying pictures that tell the tale. (Moderators, I was not sure which part of the forum to best place this so please feel free to move if needed.)
  3. Very nice design, Dwight. Thank you for sharing this. I favor the avenger style of holsters but I will make a reference pattern & holster for my 1911 using this layout. Hmm, I could also do the “hidden slot” on an avenger.
  4. Very nice. Even though I live in Texas I know little about horses or the saddles, tack or rider equipment so I’ll defer to folks here that do.
  5. I made a larger batch of the balm as described in the first post by @ScottWolf with carnauba wax and lanolin added. Came out good and is the consistency of shoe polish at room temperature. Apply just a dab and spread and then rub with a cloth or soft brush and it shines nicely with no oiliness or sticky. I filled 24 x 2oz metal cans and still have a bunch of balm in the large pot I used. The pic was taken before they had cooled down.
  6. @James1Good tip, I have an open slotted presser foot on my 1341 but the slot is too small to really see the needle. I have fitted parts from Hennigan Engineering & Precision and an Australian company whose name eludes me on my 441 to better suit my needs. These include the narrow feed dog & plate also narrow presser feet which is open and the needle is easy to track. I’ll let you know once I have them installed. I contacted Ryan a little while ago and updated my order to 2 750SL units. I’ll probably need different belts as the speed reducer will be removed.
  7. @Dwight I am intrigued by this design trying to figure out how the back looks for the belt to go through. Can you maybe share pictures or an explanation?
  8. Crazy Horse 4~5 ounce water buffalo and YKK #5 zippers. Patches are laser engraved and makers mark is from a Grey Ghost stamp. I have been learning how to use the 1341 sewing machine, learning to sew zippers, etc. The machine is going a little fast, as seen in the stitching of the patches, for me at this time even with the servo set to the lowest, 500RPM. I have a HM-750SL with NPS on the way from Ryan Neel that should help as it can go down to 50RPM. Once I am more familiar I will ramp up the speed. These are going on a series of flights to my stepsons in South Africa today. Hope they find them useful.
  9. Good information to have available. Thank you for sharing.
  10. @James1 Just got off the phone with Ryan Neel, I ordered the 750SL with NPS. I will be mounting it on my 441, replacing the servo & speed reducer. I have been learning how to use my 1341 and it has a NPS and I have come to appreciate it. Being able to keep a close eye on the needle and where it is going and not needing to watch out for where the needle bar stroke is at is useful, IMHO. I'm sure that if you are already a master at sewing machines that the NPS may not offer much use, I am not in this group yet. I will report back how it works for me.
  11. Such restraint, tut tut.
  12. I invested in a 10W diode laser and mounted a camera on it as well. I use this to copy, create and cut out patterns directly onto poster board. Sometimes I'll cut leather directly but this requires good ventilation and/or extraction of the fumes.
  13. I bought it used off of the evilbay about 10~12 years ago. I have used this machine quite a bit since I got it and it has served me well. Recently completed 2 lined & stitched belts with it and worked flawlessly. I purchased 2 new sewing machines recently so this machine is no longer needed. I was the second owner, I believe, as the note in the cover of the manual was not written by me. (Excuse the mess on my bench as I am busy setting up a room in the house for my new equipment. Things in the pics other than those belonging with the Boss are not included.) There are some used spare parts as I replaced the rack gear and some other bits that a technician at the manufacturer recommended. I recently replaced the presser foot cable as the previous one frayed and broke after much use. The other pieces, like the narrow presser foot, bobbins & needles all are part of the bundle. The light brown piece over the thread is a 3D printed part that helps prevent my shop fan from causing thread hangups, included. $700 OBO shipped anywhere in the lower 48. Other parts of the USA, Canada or outside of the country can be negotiated. I will dismount the handle to be able to ship safely. Payment method to be negotiated and in USD. Local pickup & price in the RGV (Edinburg, TX) can be negotiated.
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