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  1. So, about a week ago I posted my wishes for a Tippmann Boss. I need to supplement my Social Security and I have decided to do that with something that I have a very deep passion for. Oh, yeah, that's leather workin'. I have nerve damage in my shoulder, arm, and hand. that is agrivated by the repetitive action of pulling on the handle of the Boss. It looks like I'm going to have to wait for the ever elusive low priced electric leather machine. I know what I would like to have, but I have champaign taste on a beer budget. Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

    Behind the Back Inside Waste Band.jpg

    First On the Hip Holster.jpg

    iwbmb Springfiel XDM 9.jpg

    Knife Sheeth.jpg

  2. I knew that I was going to regret it one day. Yup, I sold my Boss about twelve years ago. It was loaded. I loved that thing, but I was so busy in my day job that it wasn't being used very often. Now I'm trying to retire, but I don't have any income except for Social Security. I would like to supplement my income by making holsters, tack, and knife sheeths. I need your help in locating a reasonably priced Boss. (remember that I am on Social Security) Thank you so much for your assisstance.
  3. I'm Back In the Market for a Tippmann Boss.

  4. Does anyone have a Tippmann Boss Flatbed and/or material guide attachment that they would like to sell?
  5. My Boss keeps fraying the thread at the needle. I have been playing with the tensions for about an hoiur and cannot get it to stop. I have also tightened up the stop. What else should I be looking for>

  6. Hey, King's X, I scored one last Saturday. Thanks for the help, though.
  7. I finally got my Tippmann Boss and I have allot to learn. It's great to know that there is such a huge brain trust in leather working here. Thanks in advance for taking the time to teach me how it's done.

  8. Has anyone used waxed irish linen thread in their tippmann boss? What was the performance of the boss?
  9. Hey, Madmax, I scored the boss in oly. I am just going through it with some lube and I''ll should be practicing tonight. Thanks again for your assistance.
  10. There were a couple of Juki 550's, a Pegasus W500 and an old Union Special 93700, but they are all flatbeds. I really need the cylinder arm for what I want to do.
  11. Thanks allot for your help. I have all kinds of ideas for some cool briefcases ans satchels. I would like to get them made before Christmas. Thanks for the heads up on the Portland store. I'll call them in a few minutes. It seems like I'm always right behind one that just sold.
  12. Thanks, Madmax. I have already spoken with Tessa and she wants to sell her whole shop at once.
  13. I am looking for a nice Tippmann Boss to sew briefcases, bags, holsters and chaps with. Please contact Kev here or 425-652-0762
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