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  1. @SUP and @Wepster Thanks for your help with this and the suggestion of changing the post title too. Hopefully, I can do that... Yes, all of the measurements are metric, and it's the tiny ones (2.) that I'm looking for.
  2. @toxo Thanks for the link Mate. I might be lucky there!
  3. @SUP Thanks for your help here. But, I haven't had any luck finding these little guys (2.) out there.
  4. @AlZilla Hey Buddy, thanks for the link there. The clips (2.) I'm after can be folded and unfolded with a finger nail. They're for watches that don't have removeable spring bars. Number 1. is a thicker metal staple that you'd close with a small flat blade screw driver.
  5. @toxo Thanks Mate. I might laser cut some. I was just hoping to find an 'off the shelf' answer.
  6. @Wepster Thanks for all of those links Mate. But, they're not the same thing.
  7. Hello there, I'm on the hunt for these small folding metal clips/ tabs used in old open end watch straps. They're made from soft metal and can be bent with a fingernail. If anyone knows where to find them, please let me know. Kind regards, SteveOz
  8. @Tastech G'day Tas, Thanks for your reply Mate. I fully understand your position here. You've put a lot of work into those machines and it really shows, I'd be reluctant too. Your comment about sellers falling into 2 categories is definitely true and made me laugh. Some sellers of new equipment can be pretty sketchy also. I don't want to buy a new Asian machine, but I may have to. They go for around $1500. I need to start about fossicking a bit I think. What I'm after, is a small splitter that will take my chrome down to the thickness that I need. I'm only talking 4.5 oz down to 3oz. I can manage to do it hair side up on my pull through splitter but it's a PITA to do so. I make watch straps out of Chromexcel, veg tan, and roo. I've attached some pics of what I do. I'm not after a project machine at this time. I just need something that works. Thankyou for the link too, that's kind of you to add that in. Do you have any pics of the things that you make? I'd sure love to see them. I'll dm you right now. Kind regards, Stevo
  9. G'day there, I'm based in Melbourne Australia. And I'm on the lookout for a good used or refurbished hand cranked splitter machine. Cheers, Stevo
  10. @Tastech G'day Tastech, I couldn't help but notice your beautiful work here. Do you sell reconditioned machines at all? Cheers, Stevo
  11. SteveOz


    @Frodo They look great, and are guaranteed to be heirlooms!
  12. SteveOz

    Got wallets?

    @Zippin23 I don't drive my chisels all the way through. I drive them in half way, then prick the centres through with a needle to the other side of my work. I then flip my work and drive a reverse chisel in from the other side lined up with the needle holes. You could use an awl to open the wholes from the back if you don't have reverse chisels. This gives me uniform shaped holes front and back. There's some great videos by Nigel Armitage on saddle stitching on YouTube. These are no nonsense techniques by a real expert. They helped me perfect my stitching.
  13. SteveOz

    Got wallets?

    @Zippin23 G'day Mate, Nice wallets you've made there, they should sell really well! As other people have mentioned, a press with a chuck to hold your chisels can help you straighten your stitching lines. I made a lightweight press recently from scrap. I sell watch straps and I use my diamond chisels with this little press without a problem at all. It's not my invention. I hope this helps you.
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