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  1. Zippin23

    Got wallets?

    Thank you Sir and everyone else. This is exactly why I joined this forum. The knowledge you all have and are willing to share is greatly appreciated. I think I’m going to punch the holes and open them up with my awl making sure they stay strait on the reverse side this attempt.
  2. Zippin23

    Got wallets?

    Thank you guys for the tips I appreciate it. I can use all the help I can get. I’m on my next 3 now. I get the stitches to lay nice and strait on the side I punch the holes but, I’m struggling with keeping them strait on the opposite side where the irons exit. Im doing my best at holding the irons strait but they seem to sometimes exit the leather off the line.
  3. Zippin23

    Got wallets?

    I’ve been working on some wallets lately.
  4. Zippin23

    Got wallets?

    I’ve been working on some wallets lately.
  5. Just a quick update. Sheepskin is not the best material for wallet pockets. I’ve made three and it’s a bit too soft and difficult to work with. My edge creaser doesn’t glide along the sheepskin like it does on cowhide. I think it would be great for internal bag lining but when you need a little firmness, it’s not going to be my go to leather.
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone. They are 1.5 oz veg tanned hides without the fleece. As stretchy as they are, I bet they would make good tight piping. I’m going to use it for some wallet innards and bag liners. It has an awesome buttery feel.
  7. I purchased some veg tan sheepskin during the Tandy sale just because it was 1.5 oz and seemed like a great deal. I don’t know about you all but I was getting a text a day from Tandy and some of the deals were hard to turn down. I don’t even do much leatherwork and now have a pretty good stack. Tandy isn’t my normal first choice when it comes to mail order leather but I got some good stuff. I wish they had some Horween chromexcel at a great deal but, no such luck. Anyhow, what’s people use sheepskin for? It is very soft and a bit stretchy. I’d like to use it for wallet interiors, bag linings and interior pockets?
  8. That’s a beauty for sure. The stitch spacing is perfect to my eye. Super tight. It makes my hands ache thinking about the work that went into the stitching. It will surely last a few lifetimes unlike the throwaway dept. store belts. I’d love to have a one holer but I use three different holes throughout the year, depending on the seasons.
  9. Thanks. One of the areas that I struggle in is stitching. I use linen thread on the 17th and 18th Century stuff and I like the Ritza 25 .06 mm when making modern things. I can get one side to lay perfectly angled stitches and the other side gets wonky on me. It’s ok if you can’t see the backside threads but on things like straps and belts, I’d like to get them to look nice on both sides. It has to be something to do with consistency.
  10. Thank you. Everything I make has areas that could use improvements. I’m hoping to learn from you all. I’ve fallen in love with the ostrich leg wallets. That stuff is tough as nails and breaks in beautifully. I’ve noticed that an application of black pro dye on black tanned ostrich legs will give a nice purple hugh in bright sunlight. It’s a nice classy look.
  11. Here’s a couple hunting bags.
  12. Thanks for allowing me to join the forum. I’ve been piddling in leather work for about 10 years mostly recreating items I use and 17th and 18th Century hunting items. I appreciate all the advice I can get and thank you again.
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