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  1. Doug61

    Dior cover

    Very nice work.
  2. Hi, I have 4 sets of the Crimson Hides irons, in both Japanese and European style and I love them both. I started with the Japanese style and from the way I stitch, I find them easier to get the stitching looking good on back and front. I'm practicing with the Euro ones now and I have had to vary the way I stitch a little to get a result I am happy with, although I'm not there yet.. Cheers. Doug
  3. Don't know if you are still looking for suggestions but years ago when I was shooting handguns competitively almost all of the gunbelts had a thin strip of spring steel between the layers of leather, only in the area were the holster rode. I don't know if this is still common today but it worked well with competition holsters used back then. If I was making something similar today I would use Titanium instead of steel. It would need to be grade 6AL4V, sometimes called Grade 5. Doug
  4. Hi all, first post here and thought I would introduce myself. Firstly I'm a knife maker and recently I've become a lot more interested in improving my leatherwork skills and making some wallets, purses and the like. I really enjoy hand stitching, even though it is sometimes a little frustrating, and I like using finer threads and lots of colours. Also been having some fun recently making some of my own leather work tools, quite a bit different to what I normally do. Cheers, Doug
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