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  1. I wish i could help but i actually have some questions: why olive oil and how much did you apply? did you let it dry or wipe of excess before applying the other finishes ? also why you did the steps named in your process or are you following the advice of another maker ? From the fiebings website: "Use Fiebing’s Pro Resist to maximize the contrast when antiquing and staining leather. Pro Resist is also an excellent top finish that will resist moisture, sun and dirt. Pro Resist is water soluble but once dry acts as an incredible resist on smooth and carved leathers." found this thread from 2011 also:
  2. Hello thanks for sharking your work !! Unfortunately i don't see how you could make this work the way the zipper is currently sewn into the bag. i think you might have had an easier time if you had skived the edges of the leather down to reduce the bulk in the corners/turned edge but you would still be dealing with tension on the zipper ends because of the way you integrated it. you could possible add a lid so to speak with a zipper and 2 strips of leather that span the length of the opening if that makes sense.
  3. thank you ! several layers of uniters paint (3 or 4) sanded in between with 600 and 800 grit then finished with 1200 grit sandpaper. then i apply a layer of wax and smooth with the side of my warmed up edge creaser then buff with canvas.
  4. yes he was very happy and thank you for you compliment. i strive to make my products as nice as possible. its detrimental to my pocket at times lol because of the amount of time i spend on the fit and finish. But hopefully it will pay off. if not it makes me feel better knowing i did my best. take care
  5. So with heatable edge paint youre able to work, smooth and move the paint around after its dried with the use of a fileteuse or in my case i use the side of my edge creaser heated up with a candle. admittedly i have very limited experience with edge kote because early on i learned that higher end makers use edge paint to finish there products. i used some edge kote maybe once on the first or second project and got really bad results so i never used it again.
  6. no offense to the maker but this seems like a swap meet $15/20 wallet. i get that its handmade and all but there very little finesse in what hes doing and it still looks cheap.
  7. are you planning on taking it all the way apart to clean the internals as well? if you are going to dip it i would fully disassemble. looks like its just surface rust on the machine case.. should be able to clean that up and make it look real nice. Post some pics when its finished !!
  8. thanks !! yes it will definitely get some looks. i cant to see it when the wax wears off the ghost camo and the leather starts to patina.
  9. wallet exterior is 2 pieces of black 2.5/3.0oz buttero with the flesh side glued together inside is natural ghost camo in 1.5oz
  10. Hello again. Heres my latest customer order Black buttero exterior with natural ghost camo interior, stitched by hand with 0.45 Black waxed linen thread spaced at 3.38mm and the edges are finished with uniters heatable edge paint in black. comments and critiques always welcome. thanks for looking
  11. what kind of leathers are you using? ive had pretty good luck with the Renia glues...the aqualim 315 and the water based contact cement. i think i like the aqualim 315 over their contact cement as ive had some projects come unglued while hand stitching with but maybe i didnt let it setup long enough.. they are solid water based alternatives available thru rocky mountain leather supply. although if I'm using leather with a lot of oils in it i will use weldwood contact cement.
  12. Well done..i really like the leather color. my only critiques would be to say that IMO i think your wallet would look better if you used thinner thread and also if the coin pouch part of your design was joined with a gusset around the perimeter so it looks more intentional instead of a coin pouch joined to a card holder, or if maybe the coin holder had the same profile of the card holder. not that it looks bad but that's my thoughts upon my first viewing.
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