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  1. First thought: For that price i could buy 2 pairs of chucks and some air for 1s and be set for a year. Second thought: Soles look cheap and the colorway isn't appealing anddddddd you're not even making them.... maybe try Facebook marketplace or Instagram ads if you're trying to get some sales.
  2. Thank you !! I I kinda like it to..might have to get some more of this whiskey buttero
  3. Back again with another wallet. This was for my customers fathers birthday. Wallet is constructed of 1.5/2oz whiskey color buttero from RockyMountain. Stitched with dark brown twist brand .45mm waxed poly thread spaced at 3.38mm... I used fiebings brown dye on the edges instead of paint and the edges are finished with tokenole and a wax buff. Also I machined a custom stamp with my clients fathers initials. I only do this for people I know because I don’t have a stamp set yet and have to machine all the stamps at work. ( don’t tell my boss ) lol Pretty satisfied with the cleanliness and final outcome but I can see a few glue lines I wish I could have got to disappear and one stitch that somehow got messed up... but overall I am happy and so was my client... what do you think ?
  4. I would use dye preferably alcohol dye but you could get away with water based like eco flo from Tandy. Then use some sort of sealer. i think i bought some satin sheen once and it made the dye come off if i recall and never touched it after that... ive finished several hand dyed projects with just fiebings Aussie leather conditioner and haven't had any troubles with dye rubbing off, plus it conditions and waterproofs the leather. so win win right Ive also heard of people using mop n glow... As they say there's more than one way to skin a cat. At the end of the day you just have to see what works for you.
  5. thank you @MsEdna i will have to check out vinymo. yes i to have found even when i use a light brown dye on my natural veg tan edges it does darken quite a bit. maybe edge paint is the answer if you want lighter edges.
  6. That’s pretty interesting..it made me realise I’m pretty oblivious to alot of the other facets of leather work. I myself for into the in trade because I liked some designer wallets. Here I am 2 years later making wallets and selling them. Now I’m trying to venture into making bags, that’s the reason for the machine. now I just have to get it running lol appreciate your time wiz you’re a wealth of knowledge
  7. WOW that thing is pretty epic looking. I take it that's the lockstitch machine you were talking about in the previous post..built to last several lifetimes from the looks of it lol is there a reason for that machine being so big or is there not a smaller machine that could do the same job?? how thick is that stack of leather youre going through?
  8. yes i agree.. it was a steal so i jumped on it. i figure that if it doesnt work for what i want to make then i could probably resell it once its tuned up and sewing well. maybe even make a few bucks in the process ... im currently cutting the table down and moving the legs trying to decrease the footprint of the machine so it doesnt take up so much space in my workshop (spare bedroom) Ill take your word for it @Wizcrafts lol this is plenty heavy for me now and im a pretty big guy I am however very excited to get into the world of industrial sewing machines. Lots of stuff to learn. Bell skiver is next !!
  9. Im kind of dealing with the same thing with my new to me industrial machine. i believe you're going to need a speed reducer to achieve the speeds you're looking for. Ive been looking online and they seem to run about $150 =/ I on the other hand have to buy a servo motor and speed reducer.... you can also buy a smaller pulley for the motor or a larger one for the machine end but it wont slow you down like the reducer will. Please keep us posted if you do get it sorted with just the servo. take care
  10. Excellent work and design ! those side from Springfield are great.... that backpack should last forever !! post more pics if you can ! take care.
  11. Ahh yes I'm not stoked on the lack of features as well mainly reverse but i figure i can do without it for a while or figure out a work around depending on what im sewing.. However i am going to install a servo motor and speed reducer so i can hopefully get it to crawl. the bobbin i guess ill just have to pick up some extras and have them ready if i have a large project. thats funny you say the machine is light. My first thought when i removed the machine head from the table was "wow this is much heavier than i thought it would be" or maybe it was because i got my butt kicked at the gym the day before.. lol anyways i appreciate your time. thanks again
  12. thank you, i appreciate the help and the video, i havent seen that one!! and yes the price was really good at least i thought so. im hopeful i can get this machine running well so i can start making bags and aprons. sewing big projects by hand isnt very fun lol. Thanks for the link to the manual !! how was your experience with the machine and what kind of projects did you sew? also why are you selling it?
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