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  1. It seems that Zermatt is mineral tanned? Which I have never heard of.
  2. The liner is Zermatt from Haas. So I guess it's possible that it is not fully Veg tan leather. Not sure what process they use.
  3. Is this closer to what you meant? This is one I made Monday.
  4. No offense taken. I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't looking for honest feedback. There are a few more questions I want to ask in response though. I only use .45 waxed round poly or linen thread. I have been unable to find anything smaller. Do you have a suggestion for thread? As to the quality of leather, all of these straps, were made from the following tanneries: Badalassi Carlo, Walpier, La Perla Azzurra, Horween, Sedgwick, Wicket and Craig and La Bretagna. I have been told these were decent quality leather tanneries. What should I use and what should I look for when selecting leather for watch straps? I use only veg tan so I can totally understand the finishing of the edges. These are kind of inconsistent. I tend to forget to burnish the keepers and the strap pin bar holes. However, the edges are not finished other than burnishing. Some of the leather used is the white waxed "fog" or "ghost" leather from Walpier. It is supposed to give the leather a faux rustic look as the finish scratches off with wear to reveal a much more vivid color of leather. I take no offense to any criticism. I wouldn't even call myself a novice and couldn't even hold a candle to many of the skill sets of members of this forum. I appreciate any advice or criticism you can give.
  5. Do you mind offering any suggestions on how to make them more "sophisticated?" It would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Just to show some more recent straps, I'm posting this photo. I started doing a little more stitching. I've also done some padded type straps that I can post later. Thank you all for your feedback so far. I actually posted a few to Etsy and on Reddit sales groups based on your suggestions and honesty. Thank you all!
  7. Here she is. It came with extra needle plates, the treadle table, boxes of needles, the original manual, and a bunch of other great stuff for $200 USD.
  8. That's the best part. Except there have been other projects where I had no clue what I was doing that ended up as piles of scrap steel in my garage. Haha.
  9. It's not glow in the dark. It's a light mint green. The overhead light in my workshop kind of whitewashed the color. She actually picked the color because she said not reminded her of enamel paint from old kitchenaid mixers in the early 1950s -60s I think. She actually isn't going to put any my little pony stickers on it, but she is in charge of reproduction of a singer decal with her cricut. We shall see how it goes. Thanks for the feedback. I'm addicted to buying old machines now. I'm actually in the car out front of someone's house picking up an old 29k72 at this moment.
  10. I don't know if you're interested or not, and I'm probably going to be crucified for doing this, but I painted it and its almost back together after a thorough cleaning. It is really tough to tear down and rebuild a sewing machine. Especially when you have no clue what you are doing. One thing I want to add is that my 8year old daughter picked the color.
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