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  1. @needlesnpins - FWIW, I love my Consew 206RB-5. I'm in Canada and got mine, brand new, for $1300 Canadian. You should be able to get one in the States for about $1000. And if you find a used one, make sure it has a servo motor. These are workhorses and if you find a used one, check it out carefully to make sure it hasn't been used in a factory setting and is all beaten up.
  2. @john11139 - First, it's "Sailrite", not "Sail Rite". I have a recent model LSZ-1 Premium with the newer "WorkerB" motor. I love it! I dreamed about getting one for the longest time and have no regrets after getting it. The Sailrite customer service is outstanding, as are their videos and tutorials. It's the only one of my industrial machines with zig-zag, and while I didn't really have a need for zig-zag stitching, I'm finding that the ability to move the needle position left, center or right lets me get closer (like for zippers) with the standard presser foot. I call this my "semi-industrial" because it lacks the compound walking foot of my other machines. I also didn't really have much need of a portable machine (thought I'd bring it back and forth to my office sometimes) and keep the machine installed in one of Sailrite's folding semi-industrial tables, giving me a larger area for my material assemblies. I use only v92 thread on it, but Matt of Sailrite assured me that it would also work well with v138 although that's not in the website specs. Is it the right machine for everyone? Certainly not. But then again there isn't really one machine that is right for every need, which is why so many of us have more than one machine. But if for some reason I had to choose only one machine (maybe plus a good domestic) it would probably be the Sailrite. And that's because of the portability, quality and I just plain like the darn machine. Have you seen the Sailrite video about how the Sailrite machines differ from the clones? It's an older video but should still be on Youtube. Hope this is of help.
  3. (I'm the guy who started this thread.) If I may make this suggestion... Save your money and don't buy a speed reducer. Instead, just get a smaller (like 45mm) pulley and new belt. That's what I did with my machine and believe me, it's plenty slow that way. And it's no less capable at slow speed than my cylinder arm machine which DOES have a speed reducer. What I would like to have (that my cylinder arm machine has) is a needle positioner (NP) motor. That can be disabled, or set to always stop with the needle IN the material assembly or out, as you prefer. For me at least having the needle always stop in the down position makes things a lot easier for me, especially when it comes to corners. And I don't have to take my hands away from holding the assembly, like I do have to do with my Consew. I've got to turn the hand wheel slowly to embed the needle before turning a corner. Much faster and easier with a NP motor.
  4. MtlBiker

    Watch Roll

    @Tugadude - Thanks for that photo! Much clearer to me now. So the watches go around some kind of (fake wrist) object, and then that goes into the case between the separations. Without having those fake wrist object in Klara's photo, I just didn't see how this would be used.
  5. I've been dreaming of (one day, hopefully sooner rather than later) getting a post bed machine. I've obviously got a lot to learn, but I hadn't heard the term "Single or Dual Drive". I've heard roller foot/feed and walking foot. Would you be kind enough to explain?
  6. MtlBiker

    Watch Roll

    Looks like a nice job, @Klara. Hand stitched? But what is a "watch roll"? Does that case hold 4 watches, each in its own little space? I don't quite see how watches will fit into the case, especially if they have different types of straps, some metal ones don't bend too well. Do you have a photo with the watches in place? Cheers!
  7. Show me yours, and I'll show you mine?
  8. Well, the first post in this thread does not mention the material you sew. Only that you are looking for resources for the 206RL. Whatever.
  9. 135x17 needles are for fabrics 135x16 needles are for leather Either will fit in your machine.
  10. Really no number, or you just don't know the number? Have you seen the machine? Do you have any photos? Is the machine something you've seen offered for sale online somewhere? You'll want to know the condition of the machine and whether or not it has a servo motor. I've seen photos of the first 206 and it said "206RB-1", but I don't know if any of the earliest production units didn't have the "-1". What's the asking price? Delivered? Are you able to visit the machine and try it out before buying? You want to get into leather... what kind of leather, what thicknesses, how many layers? What do you want to make? Among my machines I have a 206RB-5 and I love it, but there is no one machine that will do it all.
  11. I'm no expert on this and I'm sure others will chime in, but... As far as I know the DDL-8700 is NOT in the same class as the Consew 206RL. That Juki is for the apparel industry and offers high speed without a walking foot. What exactly are you planning to sew with it? I hope that Juki works out for you but it would have been much better to come here FIRST, before ordering a machine (or returning the Consew) to ask for advice. You should tell us what you plan to sew and what your budget is, and I'm sure you would have had great suggestions from the members here. 13mm is about half an inch... are your assemblies really that thick? Are you sewing leather? What kind of thread (thickness and type) do you think you will need to use? I wish you well! Edit: As far as I know, the Consew has a longer stitch length and a higher presser foot lift than what you're reporting for that Juki. I hope you didn't make a mistake with your purchase.
  12. @CowboyBob - Thanks very much! I'll take a closer look tonight when I get home. Yesterday I didn't see anything that looked to me as being wrong.
  13. I think I've been oiling my machine properly, perhaps even over-oiling it (better safe than sorry), but after having some service done I noticed there is a wick under the machine on the right side that seems to end just hanging... like in the air. It doesn't look right to me but I can't see where it should be attached or tucked. Does it look correct to you folks or should be be somehow reattached? Thanks!
  14. @ChipperBags - In case you're using an iPhone, I've been using a program called "Image SIze" by Codenia.com for a couple of years now. It's great for reducing image sizes for posting to websites. I also have their "Batch Resize" for doing more than one image at a time. Not free, but very reasonable purchase. From the last photo you posted, it looks like your thread is NOT correct through the first pin. It looks like it's going straight through when it should be in one hole, back around the post and out through another hole. I understand that's a new machine for you... have you followed the instructions in the excellent Sailrite manual for threading?
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