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  1. Besides the possibility of the threading being wrong, I wanted to comment about your use of v69 thread with size 22 needles... Seems like you're really using a much too large needle for the thread. With v69 thread, usually a #18 or 19 needle is more appropriate. A #22 needle would be normally used with v138 thread. You are sewing leather? Are you using leather needles? That would be the 135x16 (in appropriate size for the thread) instead of the more common 135x17. With the assumption that your threading is correct, you should be threading the machine with the foot up. And then with the foot down, are you able to sew? I suggest you sew some material and check how the stitches are being formed. Have you adjusted the bobbin case tension properly for the thread you use? If you did, then look at the stitch being formed... if the top thread is being pulled to the bottom, you need to increase the upper tension. If the bottom thread comes up to the top, you loosen the top tension. My suspicion is that the bobbin case tension isn't set correctly for your thread.
  2. I want to smooth out the fuzzy side of my veg tan leather using tokonole and a glass slicker, but I also want to wet form the leather. If I do the slicking down first, would I still be able to wet form the leather? If I wet form first, I'm not going to be able to get to the parts I want to smooth out. Any suggestions?
  3. You were correct. I just didn't have the experience to figure out what exactly was wrong, and then I took a shotgun approach to fixing things when I should have been a lot more targeted. The hook was fine, and I had to work through all the steps in the maintenance video one at a time, checking and adjusting everything. Quite a learning experience, but now the machine is sewing as well as it ever did.
  4. Very helpful suggestions, thanks! And your later repost of the photos likewise was very helpful. I do have the machine working fine again, and the hook did not need replacement. I had to work carefully through the maintenance video step by step to get everything correct. And your photo of the hook against the scarf of the needle was clearer than anything else I'd seen. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for your help, Wiz! But my inexperience makes it difficult to understand what you are suggesting. Opener arm? Tab? In any case, tonight when I get home I'll remove the hook and examine it. But again without experience or something to compare to, how pointy should it be? How sharp? You'd probably know instantly. If I don't see anything obvious, I'll try to take a close up photo. I sure don't want to spend $400 for a new hook if it's not needed.
  6. Chances are that my rotary hook is damaged, but I don't have the experience to know for sure. Nor do I have a new one to compare with. So I thought I'd buy a new one just in case. Supposedly it's part #18033. Online I see them for $35-50. My Consew dealer just quoted me $374 plus taxes! Is that even possible? Could there be some misunderstanding of "rotary hook part #18033"? Could the dealer be quoting me for some kind of complete assembly? Geez, that makes the hook about 30% of the price I paid for the machine!
  7. That's the video I've been watching. But parts of it aren't entirely clear to me (novice that I am) and many parts are out of focus so it's hard to see exactly what's going on. But overall those videos (there are two) are superb. I imagine someone with more experience than I would have no problem at all. Still not clear on whether the pointy tip of the rotary hook is what has to be centered vertically on the scarf, or closer to the top of the eye of the needle. And if you advance the timing, doesn't it mean the point passes the needle sooner than if the timing is retarded? I gave up last night and now I'm at work all week with very little time in the evenings to work on this. Might have to wait until Sunday/Monday (which is my weekend).
  8. I'm not sure what set screw you're talking about. Do you mean the 3 set screws on the shaft just by the safety clutch? That's what I need to adjust to set the hook timing, right? And I'm a little confused by what I've read in a couple of places... one said the point of the hook needs to be centered within the scarf of the needle (once the needle bar is properly adjusted) and another said the top of the needle hole. On the video it looks like it's not really the sharp point of the hook that's centered on the scarf, but a little ways back from the point that's centered. Obviously, I don't get it (yet).
  9. Yes, it's there. (Took me a bit to find it, because I was looking right below the reset button on the flatbed. I didn't realize the safety clutch bearing was 3.5" to the right of that.) I had already adjusted the needle bar height according to the YouTube maintenance video. So as @kgg suggests, it might be that the hook is damaged, although it doesn't appear to be but I have nothing to compare it with, or something else.
  10. Thank you! You were right (it seems) because when I held the little button on the top for the safety clutch and turned the hand wheel, I did hear/feel a sort of pop. It must have been out. And now it looks like I've really messed things up... I can pick up the bobbin thread but the machine isn't forming stitches. When I try to sew, everything is working perfectly but no stitches are formed. A little knowledge... is a dangerous thing. SIGH
  11. Progress... of sorts. I can now pick up the bobbin thread, and can turn the wheel by hand or power, but when I try to sew something it's not forming stitches.
  12. Thanks @CowboyBob If the safety clutch has activated, the machine wouldn't turn, right? It's turning and running fine, so if I understand correctly, the safety clutch is fine. I'm so lost with this at the moment. @SARK9 Thanks for that scan. Following the maintenance video, I've got the needle bar height adjusted correctly. And the clearance between the point of the hook and the needle is just like a sheet of bond paper. It looks to me that timing of the hook is also correct (although I can't say I'm 100% certain it is). But still I cannot pick up the bobbin thread. Dumb question time (again!)... is it the rotating hook that's supposed to catch the bobbin thread? It's not happening. The bobbin thread just hangs there, sticking out from the bobbin holder like it always has and like threading videos show. Something (whatever it is) just isn't catching hold of the bobbin thread. Or does the hook catch the top thread to form a loop to catch the bobbin thread? Neither is happening.
  13. I'd never heard that before, nor had I ever even noticed those dots. I had to go looking for them and at first thought there weren't any as the only way to see them is to peek through the little oval opening in the belt cover. All the other things you mentioned check out, so I'm now in the middle of trying to check and adjust the timing, thanks to the YouTube maintenance video. I'm attaching a small video... I blackened the scarf with a sharpie to make it easier to see, but would you say I'm right that this looks like bad timing? Should the point of the hook be higher up centered on the scarf? @kgg - Thanks, that video was helpful earlier on when I had to remove/reinstall the hook to clear a jam. But now it seems the issue is that the timing is off. Could the timing get changed by having a jam? 1707321A-D266-4279-A4FA-0FE1D38E98B5_3.mov
  14. I'm fairly mechanically inclined, but not with sewing machine mechanics, unfortunately. At least not yet. My Consew 206RB-5 isn't picking up the bobbin thread. And I don't know how to fix that, or even to figure out what the problem is. I have had thread jams a few times, usually caused by the bobbin holder popping out. Which seems to happen more often than I think it should. I always insert the bobbin holder until it clicks in place and even pull on the thread a bit to make sure the case is properly inserted. Yet from time to time it still pops out causing a jam. I've had the rotating hook out a few times to clear out threads and have always managed to put it back together properly, and this time I just can't see what's wrong or how to fix it. Could it be hook timing? (What would make that go out of adjustment?) Is there a way to check that without removing the needle plate, feed dog etc? What's the most common cause of not picking up the bobbin thread? Thanks for any help.
  15. Thanks for clarifying what you meant. I really didn’t understand when you said a machine capable of sewing 10mm wouldn’t be a good choice for sewing 1cm.
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