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  1. toxo

    Hello all

    Plus one! The OP is just a whippersnapper. (Looked peculiar writing that. Wonder where it came from?)
  2. toxo

    Cherry blossom decorated leather purse/clutch,

    Great inspiring work for a newbie such as myself. Well done.
  3. toxo

    Radio Holders

    I like this a lot. I've been pondering how to make a pouch for my night vision and this is just right. One piece from the front lip all the way around and up to include the front flap. Thank you. Looks good by the way.
  4. I was experimenting to see how much I could cut out hand stitching with a ground down outer foot. I was feeling quite pleased with myself at a plan coming together. - Then I broke the bobbin case. :(
  5. Thank you Folker. Once again you come to my rescue. Let me know the cost.
  6. Don't know how I managed it but the center post of the bobbin carrier on my Durkopp 239 has snapped off. Can someone tell me what models are compatible and where I might find a replacement please? Thanks.
  7. Thanks guys. Appreciate all these little gems of information. This is the stuff the books don't tell you.
  8. So glad mine is working now. I would have had nowhere to put em. Well spotted.
  9. Looks good to me. I've just recently found out that this stamping malarkey isn't as easy as some people make it look. Well done.
  10. toxo

    My First Post!

    Welcome and well done. Dunno about the learning bit, you could certainly teach me a thing or two.
  11. I think you've nailed it Mike. Just wanna get used to it now.
  12. I'll watch that shoe but sometimes it locks up and I can't move the hand wheel either way.
  13. Thanks Gymnast. As I explained earlier, the lower disc would sometimes lock up solid and I couldn't see why so I dismantled it and then I realised the purpose of the adjuster that's fixed to the machine (I think the thread was getting behind it). Then I realised it was to adjust the position of the spring. I altered that and things were a lot better. That's when I switched to TKT20 thread and a 140 needle and tried it on the leather. The main reason for trying to persevere with the M60 is firstly because I have a lot of it (anyone wanna swap some?) and secondly because I wanted a contrasting colour for the bottom thread when I was playing with the tension. The TKT20 and TKT40 that I have are both white. I've ordered some TKT20 in another colour. This has been going on for a long time. I took it to two "repair" shops who said they couldn't do it. I've changed parts on it and every time something didn't work I had to get away from it until the enthusiasm came back. Now that I know (With the grateful help of you guys on here) it wasn't all in vain I'm really happy and can actually think about projects to do with it.
  14. Thanks guys. kgg, haven't thought about that for a long time. Have seen vids threaded this way and started off with fewer holes but nothing seemed to work. Have since changed the whole tension unit so definitely will look at that again. Constabulary, have been using the back hook since you told me about it but the thread was still jumping out and snagging on the knurled knob. It only seemed to work properly after I fiddled with the adjuster thing in back of the tension unit. Maybe I did something wrong when installing it but there were times when it just wouldn't pull through at all even with next to no tension. That disc is still a complete mystery to me but at least it's working now. The bit when, after you finish sewing and pull the work away is still a battle sometimes and I rock the wheel and sometimes it 's free and sometimes it just won't free up. Is there a trick to this or is it just fine tuning? Now I'm looking forward to playing with it. Constabulary, do you happen to know the size of the shaft on the Jack motor. I have a 40mm pulley I can put on if it's 15mm.
  15. You've done me again Mike! I've done just that a few times in the past. In fact I have an imgur account somewhere. (Don't think imgur does video) Here's the one breaking M60 tread. And then I dismantled the lower disc and had another fiddle. Things seemed to be better so I loaded up with TKT20 and a 140 needle and, hooray! I don't have to throw it away. Still a way to go with presser feet and tension and stitch length but I'm a lot happier now.