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  1. toxo

    Go pro camera thingy.

    Of course Fred but what I meant was that if it's a shop that's near me and sell goodies I should have known about it. There are very few such shops around here and they're a magnet to me..
  2. toxo

    Scythe Blade Sheath

    Great stuff. That's what I should have done.. Just missed some land with a stream once. Would've been in my element. Many years ago me and the wife and kids house sat for a cousin who was off to the Canaries for a holiday. He had a small stream running past the back of his garden. By the time he came home "his" bit wasn't so little any more/ I'd dug it a bit deeper and dammed both ends. Then I went upstream catching lots of wild trout and putting them in his bit. He was a baker and used to feed em any unsold bread or whatever and they got quite big. Well you gotta have a project haven't you. I'm in Gillingham.
  3. toxo

    Go pro camera thingy.

    How strange, never heard of them.
  4. toxo

    Scythe Blade Sheath

    Fortunate indeed. I'm in a two bed house in town I know farmers used to get paid to leave a wild perimeter around their fields for the wildlife. Do they still do that?
  5. toxo

    Go pro camera thingy.

    Don't have Home Bargains Fred. Guessing they're similar to Aldi which we do have. Keeping my eye out. Thanks mate.
  6. I have five dogs and at least one of em has realised that if they can't be arsed to go up the garden for a crap when the back door is open, they can just do it indoors by the back door and they'll get away with it cos I don't know which one dunnit and I won't smack an innocent dog so they laugh at me. Or at least the one that's doing it is. So what's the best budget motion (see what I did there :)) detecting go pro thingy out there guys?
  7. toxo

    Scythe Blade Sheath

    I'll be sure to save up for those two Obols. Is this why the scythe in the first place?
  8. toxo

    Scythe Blade Sheath

    Hello! "Ferryman", "Scythe". Do you go around dressed in a big dark cloak with a large hood do you? And will I have to pay you at sometime in my life, - or death?
  9. toxo

    simple pouch for work friend

    Excellent! Just enough detail.
  10. toxo

    Sheath, laced and lined

    Nice work there but for use I'd like to have seen the scroll under rather than over.
  11. toxo

    Brine shrimp!

    They are. There were more but a lot have been gobbled up. There are lots of babies still in the pond and I even saw some eggs in there yesterday. Still not sure which ones will be goldfish until they change colour. I'm positive the bigger ones are bronze fish and will stay that way which is ok, I like the shape of those. There are still some odd ones in the tank at least one of the medium sized ons have an extra hard ray in the tail. There were some with two tails but joined at the top, they didn't swim very well and either got eaten or were bitten by mistake in a feeding frenzy and croaked.
  12. toxo

    Brine shrimp!

    Here you go. I apologise for the sound best turn it off.
  13. toxo

    Hello from France !

    Welcome Flora. You won't be the first on here that struggles with english and I don't know a better forum for machine problems. I bet Constabulary is itching to know your problem as we speak.
  14. toxo

    Brine shrimp!

    How can I say no to that! I'll have a go but YT has changed so much since I used it last. My claim to fame back then was winning the 2009 Backyard Chickens DIY incubator thingy when I made one out of a wine cooler. "Won" a BYC sweatshirt which cost me £20 to ship over here . I made a YT vid of the eggs hatching and growing up.
  15. toxo

    Brine shrimp!

    Update: A very short video clip. I couldn't get pics that do it justice.