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  1. toxo

    Is JT Bachelors in London still trading?

    I can confirm. Just spoke to them on the phone. Great suppliers. Website been hacked apparently.
  2. If not can anyone point me to a supplier anywhere near Medway, Kent, UK?
  3. Still a way to go but I've got it working. Stitch length seems to have a mind of it's own and I've had lots of break offs. Here's a pic..... sorry about the quality. This was thick canvas on webbing. So in you guys opinions, is the machine good enough to invest in a servo motor?
  4. Thanks for the manuals Constabulary. They are more detailed than what I already have. I did manage to do a row of stitches with a 60 size thread that looked good on top and bottom but that didn't last. More adjustment needed. Will explain later.
  5. Spot on! Just had to pull harder. Thank you. So, It's working after a fashion. Just hope it's not too worn and I can fine tune it. It's just done this.... any pointers? Oh and I have loads of Bonded M60 thread. What can it be used for?
  6. Thanks guys. Good shout on the new hook. Cheapest i've seen so far. I do have the needle plate and the two side plates. The hook does seem to be hitting the needle scarf at the right time but I'm convinced this is not the right bobbin carrier. Here's a (slightly) better pic. I can't see for the life of me how you would get a thread under that spring tensioner. I did get a thread under it by taking the carrier out and it did sew after a fashion for about an inch and a half but it was all bunched up underneath. I know you have to balance out the two tensions but I need to make sure the bobbin carrier etc are good before delving into the finer points.
  7. I'm splashing about in deep water here guys. Trying to fix my 239 125. I'm told it needs a new hook but I'm not so sure. I'm a complete newbie at this. I've had the machine for a while but only recently tried to resurrect it. I'm an ex engineer and like being constructive and I'm itching to play with this machine. Retired now so this is purely a hobby. There's no side to side play on the stem but there is about 1/16th to maybe an 1/8th play in the twisty movement. Is this acceptable or not? There is play in the bobbin holder but I'm not sure the bobbin holder is the right one. I can't see how you would get the thread under the spring tensioner without taking the carrier out because the end of the tensioner is bent in a hole. (see pic) Am I missing something here? It still has a clutch motor on it but if I can get it working I'll consider a servo motor. Been looking around the net and if anyone can help it'll be you guys. Any help you can give me will be very much appreciated.