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  1. My pet peeve is my poltergeist. It makes sure I spend half my life searching for stuff I don't find until I'm looking for something else.
  2. A good hack is hanging some ice cube bags in front of the fan.
  3. What's the pattern? someone might have one or be able to help.
  4. If being ultra picky there's no reason why this technique can't be used when machine sewing. Just leave enough thread to put a needle on.
  5. The two on the left I consider to be skivers not bevellers but then I don't work with thick leather. When using my bell skiver and there are any bits missed I find the French skiver to be excellent and quick for the clean up. With the side arms it's impossible to dig in as long as you're working on the flat.
  6. toxo

    Lilac handbag.

    Thank you, but not hard to do with a pattern. Time consuming though with all those holes. It was for my daughters work and I remember sandwiching a steel cable inside the strap so it couldn't be sliced through.
  7. toxo

    Lilac handbag.

    If you message me I'll see if I can sort you out. I know shipping to the US is horrendous but an A4 envelope can't be that expensive can it? I know some pattern sellers sell paper patterns. Over here (UK) I could go into a local library where they have computers and they would download and print the file for me.
  8. toxo

    Lilac handbag.

    You're over thinking the whole thing. If you start with a decent pattern, things will fall into place much easier and at the end of it you'll have something to show for it which will leave you eager to do the next one. This was the first bag I ever made in my life. The Motoko 3 pattern from Dieselpunkro. Taught me much more than a book.
  9. toxo

    Lilac handbag.

    I've done a few Dieselpunk patterns and sometimes it's well worth making sure there isn't a better way to do something. For example, on the Monte Carlo pattern it calls for the bag bottom to be flush with the bottom with the return being inside the bag so to sew it you had to have one hand inside the bag and the other on the outside and it was a pig to sew and took ages. I worked out that if you inverted the bottom it did two things, firstly it meant you could sew it with both hands on the outside which saved at least an hour of sewing and secondly, it meant the bag sat on a rigid rim with the bottom off the ground. If this is not clear I'll try again.
  10. toxo

    Lilac handbag.

    Good job! If I can suggest a slight change. It looks like that centre line on the gusset is just a design feature. I think they always look better sewn inside out before the gusset is attached, it also gives the opportunity to insert a centre divider should you so wish.
  11. I think you're over thinking this. Just go easy on the glue which will make it more rigid and use a longer stitch length. Easy enough to dry run with a couple of pieces of scrap.
  12. Failing someone coming along with the proper answer, a simple pulley or sheave screwed under the table in line with the down bar of the knee lifter would do it. A cord going from the treadle, up to the pulley and across to the bottom of the down bar. If you get it right you may be able to cut the down bar short enough to avoid having to take it off to tilt the machine back.
  13. No doubt someone will come along who knows your machine but you need to make sure that when the needle starts it's upstroke there's a loop and the hook holding the bobbin thread goes through that loop. If that's not happening you won't get a stitch. Could be it needs re timing, wrong needle size, check spring not letting off to allow the loop. Sorry, thought it was a first post. Should have read from the start .
  14. If it's a standard old type table, The metal legs/framework is just underneath the table ends so you may not be able to cut it down.
  15. Don't do holsters, (UK) but that is pretty and well done.
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