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  1. I have an exacto type with a small swivel blade on the end and I didn't think much of it but I was wondering how much difference the shape of this one would make. If you watch the video, if it hasn't been doctored it does seem easy to use. Would it be the same if it were "leather size"?
  2. I was thinking more about how that design follows a line? And how deep does the initial cut have to be?
  3. I can't believe that all you guys that have extolled the virtues of this swivel knife or that swivel knife, or this angle or that angle have absolutely nothing to say about this?
  4. Not promoting it for anything. Just saw it and............ https://www.comfybear.co.uk/products/craft-cutting-tools?variant=39394681192526
  5. Good effort but cut your nails next time.
  6. A friend of mine used to import and sell various stuff from Thailand. I always said " It's marvellous what a Thailander? can make with a few sticks of wood" After reading some of this thread I thought back to Harley Davidsons they make out of a bunch of reeds.They ranged from 6 inches long to full size. Obviously they don't make the reeds or the occassional pins or the paint/lacquer but those bikes were made with a pair of hands and a knife. That's handmade. Every other definition is an individuals personal agenda and always will be.
  7. This is listed on Facebook and it's sitting on a proper singer cast table and has been motorised. It also comes with a second unknown machine. I asked for a price and he evetually came back with, "make me an offer"
  8. Did you not read the PM I sent you Folker? The guy eventually got back to me saying "make me an offer".
  9. Wrap some fine emery paper around the right size rod for the size of the teeth. You could even use a wooden dowel with some of the honing compound on it. Nothing to lose.
  10. Steel manufacturers know exactly the kind of steel they're making. Good steel can be ruined in the process but starting off with the right steel is half the battle. Klara, If you want to make a knife try a high speed circular saw blade thats made for cutting steel. cut it out with a grinder but cut it oversize so you don't ruin the edge. Keeping it cool is uber important at all times but more so later when working on the edge. A rule of thumb is the colour of the sparks. The brighter the sparks, the more carbon is in the steel. Put an old file on the grinder to get what I mean. Don't worry about this talk of "too brittle" we're talking about a knife here not a hardwood axe.
  11. There's Aussie right there! Made me smile Brian. I sometimes think thats where I should have been. Three of us were going to do the £10 thing many years ago but I chickened out. But there's defo some Aussie in me. Couldn't handle the flies though.
  12. My first thought was the old cigarette burn on the carpet trick of taking the burn out with a hole punch (A sharpened piece of plumbing pipe for non leatherworkers) and replacing it with an identicle piece from behind the sofa. Wouldn't work here unless you had another piece of leather with the same patina. It looks like it might be a dopp bag. If so maybe a couple of antique brass air holes (grommets) with the same in the corresponding corner.
  13. There's a certain amount of love and/or pride that goes into crafting of any kind and when it comes to selling it does get tricky. It always amuses me when a crafter takes a day to make a greeting card and complains when they can't get £10 for it knowing full well that the shop in the high street is selling the same thing for £0.85p. There is light at the end of the tunnel for true artisans like yourself. The amount of "A" list customers for whom money is not a consideration is growing and they want quality over everything else. The problem is reaching them before there's nothing left in the cupboard. Not being in your league I can only imagine how you go about that. Maybe plug away and increase prices gradually or go big and pay the price for adverting where the A listers will see it. Of course the cost of said adverts will be built into your price. Whichever route you choose I wish you all the luck in the world.
  14. Not usually a fan of scrollwork but perfect for an application like this and beautifully done but surely you would only do something like this for a friend because I can't see you getting back the time you put in but then again, I'm getting old and £20 is still a lot of money. Well done.
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