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  1. Excellent practical project and very well executed, well done.
  2. toxo


    Looking good! Maybe I need to get me a patcher.
  3. Just laid the floor of my new bungalow and now I need to revitalise my leather furniture. This is without doubt the most comfortable furniture I've ever sat on. It not only hugs you but will recline all the way flat on 4 of the chairs so I need to treat it well. Most of it is perfectly fine (has a layer of dust on it in the pic) but there are wear marks on the surface on well used places so before I start experimenting, I thought I'd ask the hive for the benefit of their infinite wisdom. My first thought is a dilute dye mixed with a conditioner just on the wear points, but I'd love to hear from someone with experience.
  4. toxo

    32 hours of tooling

    Well done Yin! What a diplomat. Some folks got nothing to do but look for trouble.
  5. Cut the leather oversize by about half inch either side. Glue all the length leaving 1 inch either side dry. Wrap all the way from top to bottom using low tack masking tape. At this stage the two sides are overlapping. When the glue is dry, using a straight edge cut straight through the middle of the overlap leaving a dead straight line. Of course any tooling will be done when the leather is flat. Simps
  6. How surprised was I to find no category for airbrushing or compressors! Anyway, ever since I bought an 801 skiving machine with a purpose made vacuum system and waste bag I've been looking out for a quiet compressor to drive it (the waste system). Thus far I've been using a long air pipe and a noisy 50ltr jobby in the garden but I've just moved into a small 2 bed bungalow with no place at all for a noisy compressor. I learned that the really quiet ones like Jun-Air or Bambi are an arm and a leg to buy so my ears pricked up when an older Jun-Air came up on Ebay for a song. I didn't hold out much hope that it would drive the waste system but at £185 and refurbished I reasoned that if it didn't I could still be spraying leather with a big smile on my face. I ended up getting it for £130 but hold on! This ain't no fairytale. Here it is. I had a mooch around the net and found this Jun-Air 6-4 Quiet Running Compressor - 32 l / min at 8 bar (esska-tech.co.uk) Great joy thinks I. Then it arrived Back down to earth I came. And that wasn't the worst of it. The motor is fine and very quiet but there's no output. Now this is where I'd normally say " If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no kin luck at all", but I don't think this is the case this time. I've been refunded £80 so it stands me in £40. I've shown the damage to Jun-Air and they're sending a replacement for the broken bit gratis, well done Jun-Air and they sent a users manual and spec sheets and parts list and I think I'm gonna enjoy this project so all in all I'm happy.
  7. This ^. It's not as if the back of a shoe is a massive curve. Find something roughly the same shape or better yet use the actual shoe with some cling film around it. Mould your leather, let it dry, find something dome shaped (like the tow ball on the car maybe) and tool away.
  8. Nice job. Well done.
  9. I make a few cross body bags. These are really nice. Now you've got me wondering if my little laser will do delrin? Well done.
  10. toxo

    FREE Singer 366-125

    Thought I'd posted these pics before. Anyway, I don't think it's a leather machine and it's much too fast for me. It sits in an oil bath so it will go on forever. The motor on the singer was really noisy so I put new bearings in it and it's nice and quiet now and it's still in situ so won't take much effort to get it up and running. The other motor came off my Durkopp 239 which I think I will be selling soon also, nothing wrong with it, I installed a servo motor.
  11. toxo

    FREE Singer 366-125

    Head, table and motor. Reverse not working. Collect from Gillingham, Kent , UK Also 2nd clutch motor, also free.
  12. For those big long hides you won't get a straighter line than a chalk line. You can buy em but any piece of string will do. Just rub along it with some chalk, stretch it tight along the hide and ping it. And if you ever need an absolute 90 degree right angle on a big area use the 3,4,5 method.
  13. Interesting cutting style.
  14. it also depends on the type of line you're cutting. Straight lines - almost any knife will do as long as it's sharp and used with a strait-edge. If doing a curve I use a knife with a point and raise the butt so I'm just using the point. If you lower the butt the forward edge of the blade will try to straiten out the curve if that makes sense.
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