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  1. Hey guys, how much would you pay for 48 leather engraving tools? I have an opportunity to buy some used tools for about $250.00, just trying to get some suggestions. The seller did not post who the manufacture is. Thanks for you suggestions for all the fastener sites, I've bookmarked them all.
  2. Singer 29k71, Singer 15-88 both treadle machines.

  3. Brownie1

    singer 15-88 & 29-4

    Is the 15-88 somehow attached to the table of the 29K4? It's difficult to see in the photo, however if it is I live the set up.
  4. Brownie1

    Couch arm table

    Wow, nice job, out of curiosity because I'm new to leather work, how long did that take?
  5. The Chicago screw and snap strap sounds like a good idea, all of which I'll have to order in. Where does everyone order their hardware from?
  6. The key fob is only held in place by the tightness of the leather, that being the stitching and the rivet. Hopefully it doesn't move around inside the pouch too much once the leather stretches; time will tell . If I have to replace the battery I will have to rip the stitches and then restitch.
  7. That looks excellent did you use a machine for the stitching or is it hand stitched?
  8. I drive a 2011 GMC and my key fob broke away from the ring, when I inquire how much for a new fob they quoted me $112.00 plus labour for programming. Well here's what I came up with, made from scrap leather and now reattached to my ring and it didn't cost me $112. The only thing I would have done differently would be to cut the pouch to an oval and not square, but since it was only my second project, I figured keep it simple : )
  9. Wow, love this idea when I get somewhat skilled at this I would love to make one of these for my sons rifle, very impressive guy!
  10. Nice wallet! Now that you mention it, police wallets do only come in black LOL. Cheers brother Kevin CKPS
  11. Brownie1

    Trouble with machine

    There is also some really good information located under this topic head "Singer 29K72 Stitch Length Problem" that may help you with your problem.
  12. Brownie1

    Trouble with machine

    I'm having somewhat of the same problem I can only get 8 stitches per inch on my boot stitcher. I've check that the jib and frame to make sure they were installed properly. I've gone as far as purchasing a new bell crank lever and installed it; still not sure what the problem is. I would like to get at least 6 stitches per inch, however, I'm not making any headway. Does anyone know if replacing the foot bar or slide bar would make any sort of difference? I really thought that replacing the bell crank lever would take care of the issue.