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  1. I’m in the market for a 300w, but not truly experienced with chainstitch machines and was wondering if a 300w101 can be part-swapped to being the two-looper, two-needle version by adding another looper, replacing the spreader, adding pre-tensioners on the top & bottom, needle bar with clamp, etc? I’m seemingly trying to see if I can get a parts/junk 300W and convert it or if I should spend decent money on a proper 300w201. If anyone is experienced with 300w’s in general, I’d greatly appreciate some insight.
  2. Does anybody know the thread size/tap for a Presser Foot Regulating Thumb Screw commonly found on Industrials, say the 31-15? I have an old junk machine that was basically used as a hole puncher and am drilling/tapping a few holes to make it a complete sewing machine. typically the screw holes themselves look to be 1/2 in diameter but I’m not having any luck finding the thread size/tap neither Metric nor Imperial.
  3. Hmm I see. 132k/45k Feed dogs are definitely wider than standard feet, but maybe some of the more "novelty" feet would work better out-the-box. Really I just wanted the adapter to use a Normal Roller foot on a 132K without having to track down the specialized ones for the 45k and 132k10 that seem to only be available in Europe. Seems like with some drilling and tapping it'd work. Thanks for looking into it.
  4. Do you think this adapter would work on 45K/132K presser foot bars to get them to accept the standard feet you'd see on machines like the 31-15?
  5. In the market for a double needle, needle-feed machine for upholstery and denim work. I am looking to make this a true workhorse and was wondering if anyone would vouch more-so for the PFAFF over the Singers. the PFAFF is available and it comes with Split NeedleBar which is a selling point. however, I fear getting parts for it would be an issue in a factory/production situation if it needs maintenance in the middle of something. I can easily outsource and get replacement parts for a 112W or 212G including gauge sets (1/8, 3/32, 1/4, etc etc) for $20.00 each. the 142-6 looks to be a upscaled 112w, would said 112w gauge sets work on that also? i also see more people running 112W’s than 212G’s, is that due to access or is the 50’s 112w considered to be the superior machine? Thanks in advance
  6. I have both a 1541S clone (with the dual pretension assembly from a 1508 which enables my 1541 to tension #207 and #277 top & bottom) and a Portable Walking Foot the Portable is a great Binding Station and the true value in it is in being a Walking Foot Zig Zag. That is just a unique value in and of itself. I see the Portable as more-so a complimentary machine to pair alongside a dedicated compound feed like a 1541/206Rb/111w etc etc. the later 1541's are quite possibly the best compound feed machines in their respective class. I've sewn on the newer pneumatic 869's and LU-2810's and I didn't necessarily prefer them over the 1541. They are more "featured" machines sure, but they all completed tasks to the same degree. If there is something a 1541/1508 cannot sew it's time to get a 441 Class machine. Like I said mine has the dual tension assembly from the 1508N, most of the JUKI models only have the single tension pre-tension unit. Sailrite's Portable is nice, the metal tolerances are better and you can truthfully swap their parts into a REX/TUFFSEW/OmegaSew/Sewline etc etc. I'm in process of adding Posi-Pin to mine. There is utility in the Portable Walking Foot but it will need another $300-$600 to be machine-hacked into being useful. I think it's best as a complimentary machine though.
  7. Recently acquired a 1939 Singer 17 and was wondering if there was any way to find/buy this Cylinder Arm Table-Top extension: Is there a common reproduction of these anywhere?
  8. I am intrigued with the idea of having a Reverse Pedal, I have seen this on the PFAFF 138 and some of the Cobra Cylinder Arm machines. I have also seen people create them with custom brackets and such. For someone whom is more familiar with the anatomy of Post Bed and Cylinder Machines, is there an internal rod or lever I could Tie a chain link to stimulate the Reverse Pedal without having to fabricate parts? I am using one of the very standard Chinese 810 (mine is actually a 820 Double Needle) clones for reference: Thanks in advance.
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