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  1. Nice find! Roller feet are sought after and accessories are always priceless! I guess #5 is for folding leather strips for reins but I only can guess. Do you know in what kind of leather business this machine was used? Maybe the products they made can give an idea what #1 and #5 were used for. Maybe the 2 bits are custom made but when you browse through the parts list of other 45K machines (different sub classes means different accessories) you sometimes see obscure accessories so that probably is a good source to figure what you have.
  2. The speed reducer probably is the best solution for you. It ads torque and slows down the sewing speed. So at very slow speed you are still able to sew quite very thick materials (depends on your work and material if you need that or not). I have speed reducer on ALL my industrial machine tables / stands.
  3. I do not recall everything cause it was some years ago when I restored. I´m sure everything was apart except the top shaft. I think when you remove the handle there is a set screw behind it... But not I´m really sure... Looks like your foot is stuck in the upper position have you tried applying more foot pressure?
  4. sorry can´t tell from the Video - but some years ago I restored a Dürkopp 18 (no longer have it) but maybe you can see something in the pictures from my restoration or the pictures other have posted and the video in this thread: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/76826-dürkopp-18-patcher-restoration-long-journey/page/2/ https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/76826-dürkopp-18-patcher-restoration-long-journey/?do=findComment&comment=517817
  5. I do not know the the size but if it is easier just tap a new thread - I´d go that way if you have the tools
  6. Its better when you post pictures of YOUR machine. Front and back and some more pictures of "around the head" so we can see the details better and if something is missing. If you can shoot a video and upload it to youtube it would be even better but not just a 5 second video, take your time and make a proper Video - if possible.
  7. I have the leaf spring and maybe some other bits if needed. I`ll send you a PM. Your pics are small and I cannot see details very well but the racks and pinions should be aligned like this to work properly. This is from a Adler 30 but Singer 29K are similar.
  8. maybe you should post pictures of your machine and the "parts situation" cause industrial sewing machines are often set up / equipped in different ways.
  9. As far as I know the 132K / 133K needle bars are too short but yes they have the same diameter. The 132k / 133k have a longer internal top bushing therefore the needle bar is shorter.
  10. I would go with the Pfaff but depends on the overall conditions of the two machines. What I like better on the Pfaff is the stitch length adjuster and the machine has no timing belt. It is shaft driven. "Around the hook" they are very similar. No one can guarantee you the Paff will sew better. That often is a question of how the machine is set up (needle hook timing, needle hook distance and so forth - also age and wear matters). I would test sew them both with the max. material thickness you would sew in your business and then decide.
  11. You mean the Adler 165 or the 167? The 165 is a cylinder arm drop feed machine with barrel hook
  12. I noticed you are from the UK - maybe worth checking with College Sewing or Trojan Sewing. BTW - I think the Singer 7 and Seiko SLH series are using the same diameter needle bar as the 45K but they are longer (better to long than too short). I would buy a matching needle holder too. But better check with College Sewing for details. https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/35022-slh-2b-needle-bar-seiko-genuine.html
  13. I would check with a COWBOY dealer (f.i. Toledo Sewing Machines) if a needle bar of a Cowboy CB105 / CB2500 / GA5-1 will fit. I´m almost certain that it will.
  14. I once "implanted" a modern bell crank lever in a ancient 29K1. Maybe this thread is helpful
  15. The type of bobbin winder you have usually comes with a spool holder with tension unit - like this: And it is more comfortable to use compared with the simple machine mounted one that came with the machine ex factory. Except the hook (same as large hook for 29K / Adler 30-7) and some tension parts (same as for Singer 16 / 17) you will have a hard time finding parts but these machines are so tough you barely will need any when you have it up and running. Look on Ebay. Sometimes folks rip apart machines for parts. I once needed a new needle bar and found one from a Singer 17 that worked: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/66729-singer-needle-bar-i-could-use-some-help/ So some other bits from other machines will fit for the 34K as well but you have to look them up and maybe compare parts lists but Singer 16 and 17 have certain parts in common with the 34K. If you haven´t found a manual for the 34K please send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a PDF.
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