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  1. beside the shuttle / hook size (the class 17 had 3 shuttle sizes) there were a few different types with minor differences but the bobbin size remained the same afaik. I think I have one or two Durkopp shuttles but I don't not know which belongs to your machine. Usually the 17-1-1 is the one with the smallest shuttle but seems yours is a 17-1-0 which I never heard of. Here is a chart but 17-1-0 is not mentioned but there probably were other Class 17 models before or after the time this chart came out. Can you give us the measures of just the bobbin and some measured of the shuttle? To give you an idea how many different elastic shuttle types existed (no all are Durkopp and not all are for patchers only) see below pictures. In the 1st picture I just noticed the Durkopp shuttle # 5464 with just holes for the thread tension (German: Lochspannung = holes for thread tension) - this pretty much looks like the one you have just smaller I guess.
  2. These shuttles either came with a tension leaf spring or sometimes with 2 small posts you can wrap the thread around for increasing / decreasing the tensions. Seems your was one with 2 small posts which are missing.
  3. you can also buy quite cheap tool sets and I doubt this one is of lesser quality than what Tandy sells. But as always you never know before you tried it. https://www.ebay.de/itm/373492308811 https://www.ebay.de/itm/313620260332
  4. what diameter and height have the bobbins? Could be Adler 220 or Singer 144 and the like.
  5. Thomas - are you sure all parts / components in the lower tension unit are present - I´m not sure but it looks incomplete (see picture) and maybe the spring is too weak as well? This is a TU from a Singer 45K but the components are the same (though not interchangeable) - see link: https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/87669-missing-lower-tension-assembly-on-singer-45k58/?do=findComment&comment=598650 The 2 disc are not just plain washers the center hole has a flat side (just as the post) to prevent the discs from spinning. Then tension comes from the friction between the pulley and the felt washers and the 2 disc so when the 2 discs are spinning you have less friction meaning less thread tension. Thats at least my understanding of the lower tension unit. EDIT: However - on my 45D91 I added a heavier spring to the top tension and control the thread tension that way. I also don´t do the 1.5 time wrap but thats trial and error just figure what works best for you. Nice setup BTW - i like the color of the stand!
  6. well you have a 50/50 chance so should be quite easy to find out. One way is shorter the other way is longer... so... But usually toward you lengthen the stitch.
  7. I think Cowboy CB105 / Cowboy CB2500 is the GA5 type you are looking for. Other than than Singer 45K, Adler 5, Adler 105 are in the same class.
  8. without knowing at what stitching you looked I would say a needle + awl sewing machine like the Campbell Randall https://campbell-randall.com/product/model-campbell-lock-stitch
  9. In my has I only had to adjust the needle bar height but it is fiddly because the NB is governed by a V shaped cam but I got it back to live and it worked very well. But when your needle bar is technically okay you do not need a new one just for using 135x17 needles. My old NB worked with 135x17 w/o problems. I only replaced it cause it bent when I tipped over the machine. sure. I have used needle sizes up to NM 140 but again if you current NB is functional you don´t have to replace it just for using different needle sizes. A 34K11 is a much much heavier machine than the 34K2 or 34K5. it weights approx twice as much as a 34K5 and the 34K11 (system 328 or 214x1) is using a needle system that the 34K2 or 34K5 cannot handle. The 328 needle is much longer it does not work in the other 34K machines. How thick is your "thick leather" - in total, not single layers?
  10. Maybe the motor has a poor electronic brake. Honestly if someone puts a disclaimer like this in a description I would not buy it. They may not be available in the US but I love my two JACK 563 servos very much. Oldest works flawless since 2014 on a Singer 111w156 with speed reducer and the other on a Singer 45D91 with heavy flywheel and speed reducer.
  11. yeah - now it´s gone - no surprise at that price - sorry! EDIT: aaaaah, well... You have to be logged in into facebook as it seems - I still can see it when I´m logged in.
  12. Or maybe not looks like it is still available. The roller foot alone sometimes goes for that money, not speaking of the very nice stand and well, the long arm machine.
  13. Bargain Singer 133K17 /as it seems) with loooooooooooonh arm and drop feed + roller foot in NI. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/590592535716845/
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