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    Restoring vintage sewing machines. Sewing + repairing military canvas + leather items

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  1. Constabulary

    What is this thread on hand presses?

    should be 6,35mm / 1/4" Depending on the press you sometimes can buy adapters. I have a Shaeffer / Scovill press and it has a M10 screw-in adapter. So I can use M6 or 1/4" tools EDIT: this guy has several adapters - not sure if they fit your press but he had one for mine
  2. Constabulary

    Pfaff 335, Adler 69 type Cylinder arm caps.

    If someone needs an original cap - I still have 2 of them
  3. Constabulary

    Problems with access to

    sure - I understand - I don´t want to discuss this I just wanted to show you some options. Good luck. Try some German dealers
  4. Constabulary

    Problems with access to

    I would guess it is because of Geoblocking - you have an IP address from an "unwanted country". F.I. I have no proper access to the Harborfreight website from my regular browsers (Chrome, FF, IE) due to my unwanted IP address I guess - the website looks scrambled and and is not usable. Try the TOR Browser and set your Exit Node (Exit country) to US - I think that solves the problem. However be careful what you are doing - If you don´t know the TOR Browser google what it can do and what the risk is. Sorry - I cannot explain it well enough in english so please google it. - OR - Try a VPN AddOn for your browser like winscribe (or similar) and set your country to US. Both works on my end with the Harborfreight website. The choice and risk for both options are on your side.
  5. Constabulary

    Help to identify Adler - class 20-?

    The 2nd foot is a hold down foot afaik - similar to the Singer 132K6. it is pressing down the material while the needle is penetrating the material and lifts when the material is feeding
  6. Constabulary

    Help to identify Adler - class 20-?

    the 20-4 is the one with a geared speed reducer (seems some gears the a gear support bracket are missing) but afaik the 20-7 is the one with the 2nd presser foot. But not I´m 100% sure. Maybe a combination of both features leads to another subclass.
  7. Constabulary

    consew breaking top thread on 4 layers not 3

    what therad size exactly is this - have you mistyped? And what machine model are you using? Probably a problem with the thread path? Thread keeps hanging somewhere? Burr in needle eyed on on some thread guides? Too much thread tension (top and bottom)? Needle bar probably a tiny bit too high? Have you checked the needle hook timing? Needle insert correctly? Do you have a manual for the machine?
  8. CLAES Patent Elastic or Colibri. Needle system should be System 81 or 88 depending on the hook size. You still can buy them. The modern CLAES 8346 are still using these needles systems. Could be that these old machines also came with 3 different shuttle / hook sizes - just as the later models RPX / 200 / 8345 /8346. To my best knowledge CLAES is still using the same shuttle / hook type today. But minor modifications maybe required if you want to use a new made hook in these old machines. Thats what CLAES once told me when I asked for Mod. 200 spare parts a while ago. I don´t know if it was the same with the Patent Elastic patchers but only the largest hook model (-3 or -30 subclass) is using the longer system 88 needles. The smaller hook models were using system 81 needles. I think LW Member SHOEPATCHER knows more and he probably has some spare parts.
  9. Double needle post bed machines are a whole different story. We have been talking about flat bed machines. The gauge sets mentioned above do not fit for post bed machines as the feed dog and needle plates are different.
  10. Probably increasing the operating foot lift will help EDIT: extract from the manual
  11. Constabulary

    Finally found a Adler 30-7

    one day... maybe...
  12. When it comes to 2 needle machines Singer 212 / 112 based needle feed machines (like Consew, Seiko, Juki...) are the best / most economic choice for Hobbyists / small businesses because the gauge sets are cheap and available almost everywhere, even on Ebay. Adler & Pfaff are using different gauge sets and cost a lot more. For any needle distance you always need 4 parts: needle holder, needle plate, feed dog and presser foot or presser feet if you have a walking foot machine instead of "plain" needle feed machine College Sewing in the UK is a good source if you live in the EU: You can even convert the Singer 112 / 212 based machines in to split needle machines
  13. Constabulary

    Finally found a Adler 30-7

    153w (or better Consew 227R), 107w50, 97 (yes, the beast), 136w (if I can get it to 4mm stitches)...
  14. Constabulary

    Finally found a Adler 30-7

    And I wish I could pick up some vintage Singers models on your side of the pond
  15. Constabulary

    Finally found a Adler 30-7

    can you open a new thread and post some pictures