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  1. I recently found a number of old stock 331 needles for BUSMC, PEARSON, DVSG #6HM Machines, some LANDIS take the 331 as well AFAIK. I sold my DVSG #6HM last years so I have no use for them. All made in Germany quality needles made by METWAR (nowadays Groz Beckert). I have the following sizes: 70x 331LR NM 200 20x 331LR NM 250 50x 331LR NM 280 10 needles 20€ + shipping. Min. order 10 needles no matter the size - no size mix. 10% Discount when ordering more than 20 needles (meaning 30 and more). I can ship worldwide but due to Covid19 pandemic certain countries may be excluded (not my decision, some postal services have released restrictions). I ship by tracked Airmail. I take Paypal. Send me a PM if interested.
  2. So when the leather is stretching I´d use thinner binding tape (maybe you need a splitter or skiver) or find a binder that causes less friction or buy a custom made binder (I know prices hurt). But keep in mind that even custom made binders are usually made for just ONE specific operation. But you have to discuss that with the attachment makers. I think a small splitter for thinng the leather strips is probably the better idea (having future projects in mind) but thats up to you. There are many variants but these look nice and functional (random google finds) https://www.leathercraftpattern.com/portable-leather-skiver-machine https://www.ebay.com/itm/Leather-Paring-Peeling-Machine-Edge-Cut-Skiving-Shovel-Leather-Splitter-Tool/124112859905
  3. You often find detailed sub class descriptions in the Singer parts lists - hope this helps:
  4. looks like the needle is not correctly insert and thread hoes around the needle and then trough the needle eye back to front... or not? Maybe I´m wrong but looks like that... Needle scarf has to face right and thread goes from left to right.
  5. Binders really can be tricky but you know that already . Here is my thought - You have a right angle binder so the binding material is bent by 90° when running through the binder and that causes friction between the leather and the binder. Meaning the binding material is pulled forward by the needle and foot and the friction is stretching the binding material and after the stitching the binding materials "relieves" and causes what you see in your 4th picture. I´d make a longer strip of binding leather (I guess you make your own with a skiver) and pull it through the binder slowly (incl. the 90° bent) and see if it stretches / causes friction while pulling through. Just for testing Id try using a bit of sewing machine oil on the leather surface and see if it reduces the friction but I do not know if oil affects for your fished product... so just testing. Most economic thing I would try before ordering a custom made binder (f.i. from Atlanta Attachments) is either an inline binder or 45° degree binder. I think they will cause less friction but I do not know if they are suitable for your projects and your machine. Just a guess.
  6. the chandler 67 is a relabeled Adler 67. You can download a manual here: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/461564/Adler-67.html#manual
  7. I´m not sure but I think I somewhere read that the NP works up to a ratio of 1:1.5 or 1:2 but I´m really not sure. I ordered my 1st Servo with NP - figured its does not work with my SR so I took it off. I do not miss it >> what dikman said
  8. Agree - looks kinda cheap but the guy has more a laser affinity than leather affinity as it seems. I indeed would not pay a dime for this wallet as shown but some old sailors may like the picture This is a good example why patchers should not be considered as suitable (mass) production machines in the leather trade, I think.
  9. The thread is about the laser cutting & engraving technology and not $6 Walmart wallets - I guess. My "Like it" was probably not obvious enough - I like the cutting engraving technology and though I'm not in the market for this but its interesting.
  10. cool - like it - but my 1st though was: kinda poor stitching and he later on solved the riddle in the video - a patcher. The guy spent big $ on the laser thingy but then bought a... lets say "not so good" leather sewing machine. If I had a suggestion for him - buy a better sewing machine! But the idea really is nice!
  11. Have you tried a new needle? Check the thread path for burrs and rough spots.
  12. fill the bag with more tool / equipment I love the Hypercharger reminds me of the motorcycle I once owned. The leather it too soft so yeah I would add something to reinforce the side walls. Leather, wood or plastic - what ever makes it more rigid
  13. its a needle feed + bottom feed machine - not a triple feed machine. If it is local go and test the machine.
  14. is the hand wheel too tight? Try loosening the hand wheel set screws a bit and the screw on the top shaft end. Or is it probably when the machine is working against the foot pressure spring?
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