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  1. Hello Finally got round to setting up my lovely Singer 108w20. Timing all sorted But now the synchronised feed/swing arm doesn't want to work. The regulating spindle/stitch length is all good. Does anyone have any pointers/suggestions? I have the manual which has been very helpful. Thanks
  2. Nice restoration but seems pricey, considering it's just the head.
  3. Yup! They kind of multiply all by themselves - ours have their own room Hope you find something closer.
  4. @Constabulary is quite right - early 1900s. 1910 to be exact - according to the ISMACS web site. Usually when there is just a "-" between the model and sub-model number it indicates that the machine was made in the Singer flagship factory at Elizabethport, USA. The 31-15 is listed as industrial but she won't be able to do any heavy duty leather. Mainly for cloth or soft, lightweight leather. She's missing her table and legs and would have also come with her own bobbin winder but that's reflected in the price. The 31-15 also does not have reverse (unlike her sister the 31-32). I have both machines but prefer the reverse version, particularly when working with fabric. A nice size machine if you're doing a fair amount of regular work. You won't feel that she's going to give up on you like some of the diddy domestics!
  5. Hello everyone I'm looking for a user manual for this lovely lady (Singer 134w3). I already have the parts list and have found a manual for the w1 sub-model but there are some small but significant differences. Thanks
  6. Did you see the manual I posted? There won't be much difference between sub-models so you should find what you need
  7. My pleasure! You help so many people on this great forum, including me, my turn to return the favour
  8. Hi again Attached is the manual. Hope it's of use Singer 51w100 and 52w100 - instructions for using and adjusting.pdf
  9. I have a manual for a 51w100 (this sub-model is not listed on ISMAC web site!) but according to the description in the manual and the that of your 51w54 we're not talking much difference in terms of what it does. The basics will be the same. I'll scan it in today and post it here later.
  10. Oh my! What a great photo. I have a 95k40 also from 1950 but she is somewhat less pristine. Machines still in crates must be as rare as hens' teeth !
  11. https://www.amazon.com/Bruce-Grant/e/B001KIJKUM%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share I have "How to make cowboy horse gear" and "Leather Braiding". Both have been really useful. You have to get used to his wonderful way of speaking but they're really good books - always referring to them.
  12. I had some problems uploading the photos as I wanted to keep them a good quality but reduce the size, so I ended up sending 2 or 3 at a time in a post. As a result, they're a bit out of order so here is the correct order, I've quoted the first few words of eachpage as you can't always see the page numbers P111 - "The simple types of hobbles" (text page) P112 - "How to make cowboy horse gear" (text page" P113 - Plate 34 "how to make simple types of hobbles" (diagrams) P114 - "How to make a pair of braided gaucho hobbles" (text page) P115 - Plate 35 "how to make a pair of braided gaucho hobbles" (diagrams) P116 - "how to make cowboy horse gear" (text and photo of gaucho hobbles) P117 - Plate 36 "how to make a pair of braided hobbles" (text and photo of hobbles by John Conrad) P118 - Plate 36 "how to make a pair of braided hobbles" (diagrams) P119 - "how to make a pair of braided hobbles" (text page)
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