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  1. Can anybody tell me if the Singer 111w feet fit the Juki ls1341.
  2. Yes, I'm using my reverse lever.
  3. Here is what it looks like. Then I break the top thread pull out a little of thread and I'm ready to go again.
  4. Thanks I only do it at the start and end. I only been back stitching 2 threads and it seem to be working ok. I think your right it's the top thread. Is this still a tension problem?
  5. Some times in reverse the bobbin get tangle up. Would this be the tension on the bobbin
  6. I thank you all I got it a working. #1- Had everything threaded right but at the needle. # 2- Didn't have needle all the way in.
  7. When I put it all the way up, then the hole for my thread is block. And Thanks for your help.
  8. When you take the needle out, how do you know when you have it in the right place.
  9. Yes I'm holding the thread. Does the thread come out of the top of the bobbin in the little groves or the side? I'm not picking up my bobbin thread. An it looks to be in time.
  10. Have a few question on the bobbin on the Juki 1341. I can't get the thread to come up with the needle. With the bobbin out I can turn the wheel by hand in forward direction and back, but with bobbin it will it will only go forward.
  11. Wow, I never thought it would be so hard to buy a sewing machine. I will only be doing wallets and bags on it will be here in 2 weeks..
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