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  1. TanneryLEJA

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    I apologize for the confusion. Yes, we can split and make Finished vegetable leather at required thickness.
  2. TanneryLEJA

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    @Klaken It is not easy to answer this question, because firstly we would have to see this finished shoulder. The result will depend on the size of the shoulder, finishing type and thickness differences (current thickness and required thickness). Once we see the leather and try a piece, then we can say if it is possible.
  3. TanneryLEJA

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    @Matt S Unfortunately, we do not have in our range bridle leather. However if You could send us a sample of required leather/finish, we would like to try to make it for You. @TonyRV2 Minimum order quantity is 1 piece. Double shoulder (size around 0,8 to 1 sqm | 9 to 11 sqft) - price 30,5 to 33 Euro per sqm | 2,83 to 3,06 Euro per sqft It would roughly cost to ship to US as following: - 1 double shoulder - 34 Euro, 2 double shoulders - 48 Euro, 3 double shoulders 61 Euro - every extra shoulder is 13 Euro extra to shipment (we can have around 6-7 double shoulders in one package). If You would be interested we can discuss more details via email.
  4. TanneryLEJA

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    Thank You all for Your feedback. I am attaching a new Price List, updated with ounces and sqft and minimum order for colour. Also I rearranged it a little bit so hopefully it is easier to read. For the rest, I will get back to You tomorrow Price List Tannery LEJA.pdf
  5. TanneryLEJA

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    Dear Tony, Thank You for Your opinion. We are a tannery, not an online shop that is why we do not have our prices/shipping costs on our web-site (in the future we are planning to open up an online store). In general tanneries on their main web-sites do not put their prices, however we have nothing to hide that is why below I am attaching our price list. Regarding the shipping costs, they are greatly dependent on ordered quantities and at this moment I am able to provide the price for transportation only after receiving a specific request. Price List Tannery LEJA.pdf
  6. TanneryLEJA

    Vegetable Leathers - Tannery LEJA

    Dear Leatherworker Members, We are a family owned tannery which is located in south of Poland. One of our main products is vegetable leather which we would like to offer. We are producing vegetable leather in various sizes (double butts, sides, bellies etc.), colours and thicknesses. Please visit our web-site http://www.garbarnialeja.pl/strony/vegetable-leather to find out more information about our leathers. We can deliver our leathers worldwide, also in small quantities. If You would be interested in price list, please send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to hear from You Best Regards, Tannery LEJA E-mail: garbarnia.leja@wp.pl http://www.garbarnialeja.pl/home Waksmundzka 193 34-400 Nowy Targ