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  1. That link only shows first page of patent, but the patent number is not found at the USPTO. TSK, never mind figured out how to use the page
  2. Hello

    I know it was last year. But are you still sharing the miniature saddle plans? 

    1. dragonhawke


      sorry, no. cant upload due to file size

  3. My $.02 is stamp first then dye. Also, if you can tell us how to stop the tool itch....Please help us!
  4. Also seal the leather and use gloves so you don't transfer any dye
  5. would this help: The-Stohlman-Encyclopedia-of-Saddle-Making Vol 1-3
  6. At $200 (even if it's in USD) then I am interested.
  7. sent you an email with file attached. Let me know if you got it.
  8. I have that dvd and recommend it
  9. seems i need the instructions/pattern....found mine but half is missing. Any help?
  10. Did you find the pattern Love? I have it if your still looking.
  11. Did you you ever find the pattern?
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