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  1. Good day Dwight, I recieved a wonderful package in the mail today, thankyou so very much, I copied the pattern and is being mailed back to you in the morning. Do you have any pictures of the done holster you made with this pattern? Once I make one and competed I'll show you my work. Thanks again Dwight Greg Meeuwsen
  2. No, unfortunately not, I've looked all over different sites
  3. Awesome thankyou very much and I'll absolutely will do that. Greg Meeuwsen Box 133 Jaffray, BC V0B 1T0
  4. Lol I know exactly what you mean, I do the same thing, and then oneday when I need it, I'll either search around for days then realize that I threw it away.
  5. where can I purchase a mares leg hip holster plans or a template?
  6. Good day everyone, I've been searching for a Mares Leg hip holster template and is having a hard time locating one.
  7. Awesome thankyou for your replies, also just curious, what does this machine sell for? The one I bought is in great condition
  8. Also needles, where do you get them from? I want to use a bigger needle for the thread.
  9. I was wondering if I can run z346 thread through this machine?
  10. Good day everyone, I just purchased a used Consew 206RB-3, the owner gave me a manual for a 206RB-1, will this manual work? also, I've tried looking up the 206RB-3 online and can't find any, I'd like to know what's the different needle size I can use, along thread size? If there's anyone that can help me I'm sure there's someone here.
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