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  1. Would anyone happen to have the pattern for the ruger lcp?
  2. Is there anyone that has a template for a mandolin strap? I have a lady at my church that is wanting me to make one for her and I could probably draw a template out but I honestly just don't have the time at the moment. Any help would be appreciated guys! Thanks!
  3. I have a thread posted here from just a few months ago if you look at it I have two patterns in there that you could print and use or modify!
  4. Hey, not sure that you are still looking but if you are you could try Autodesk sketchbook. It is free and has a huge pallet of tools to use
  5. The quality of the print ranges from what material you use and what settings you use on it. IE: playing with the bed temperature and the nozzle temperature as well as the feed rate to get it to lay down the smoothest layers possible
  6. The ones I mentioned above are all kits btw sorry I forgot that! If you want plug and play you might look at the M3D micro+ or the XYZ Da Vinci or da vinci jr they are all reasonably priced (under $350 i believe) and do the job fairly well after playing with them
  7. The tevo tarantula, anet A8, or the creality 3d ender would all be good choices and all are under $200 on gearbest
  8. How many do you need? I just bought a huge leather lot that was local to me and there's quite a few belt buckles in there
  9. So, we all know leather isn't the cheapest thing unfortunately as well as tools/stamps/etc. but as I was browsing facebook last week I found this listing near me and Saturday morning I headed on a two hour trip to pick it all up. I spent $300 on everything pictured which may be hard to see but I will be adding pictures over the next few days as I get it sorted out there are 2 full sides of veg tan leather and 2 full belly cuts and shoulder cuts as well as some exotic leather like Ostrich and alligator I think as well as a bunch of snake skins. Anyways, the big question here is, did I get a good deal or not so much? It was 5 full boxes of leather, tools, parts, etc. and one box was full of belt blanks already pre-cut just ready to be finished or tooled.
  10. Yes! sorry about that also the four lines on the right side are what the bottom of the pockets line up on and then glue and sew them!
  11. Another free one to use is Fusion 360 by Autodesk! It is free for hobbyist and small businesses that make under $100k a year!
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