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  1. https://fb.watch/3clivJF3m4/ Grandpa Joe on active duty boys in DC
  2. Looks good! We got 6 younguns (white tails) running around here regularly ... aint but a few blocks from the river, so ... pretty common to find them about 5 am in the park across the street. Been a few years now, but on one trip to catch walleye I found a mother eagle teaching the young ones to catch fish. Put up the fishin' rod and watched em for almost an hour.
  3. On the drive to take a spoiled little girl shopping.... this guy was taking advantage of a squirrel hit by a car in the street. Flew right in front of the car. Managed not to hit him, but he flew just a few feet ahead of the hood of the car for 1/3 of a block or so until I could get pulled over. Dash cam would have made for great video! He sat for this pic from about 15 feet, for a good 15 seconds. Pic is a bad one... through a dirty wind shield, and I meant to hit video, not still shots.... About 17-18" tall (guessing the wing span was crowding 4 foot) this guy lost some color in the windshield (more red than this shows) but he wasn't leaving his meal unless he had to. When he got up, ALL the other birds got out of his way.
  4. Yes, when I said "you", I meant collectively. "You" as in "the people".
  5. And yet the question is, what will you DO about it? Complain, but comply, while HOPING that in a few YEARS it might be different? If you do nothing, you're really asking for mercy from people who have none.
  6. THIS is how that's done. Just a brief glimpse at just how ignorant most people are. The "military" guy hasn't thought about anything all day except when his next snack happens. The cop is clearly an idiot who has considerable practice thinking and doing nothing. TIP: If walking 20 yards causes you to breath hard, you should maybe just stay home. I've met a few cops who took the time to get informed about the issue facing them, but as a rule - I just ask them to call somebody about 4 notches smarter than them. I'd love to hear that these lumps of flesh are NOT characteristic. But ... cameras are everywhere these days, and it's not looking better for any of them. https://fb.watch/3bYnSpKjUc/ Now, somebody is saying "what has this discussion have to do with cops?@!", right? Congratulations, you're in the crowd who doesn't find it natural to think. Consider all the hundreds of people who cross this point every day, all assuming that any illegal "directive" given by these people is acceptable, and then just obey whatever they're told ... THAT is the real ignorance here.
  7. Joe's money doesn't show as income. It's mostly paid to corporations who make pay outs to his family, thus Joe never declares it himself.
  8. No idea what the "nice picture" was (apparently edited out?) or "what we know now" is. What did I miss? What I DIDN'T miss is some people basically TAKING OVER America, for foreign pay, made possible because too many Americans did nothing while it happened. Most of those people are STILL asleep. The real purpose of a maxipad on your face? Clearly shows those who AREN'T "complying"...
  9. Nah ... the mulit-millionaire calling itself "working class Joe" is probably right. Working men with families don't really have any use for a $2000 tax cut.
  10. I actually had to google "cod piece". The intent of what I said was that a green shirt doesn't remove your effeminate nature. But pay no attention, I was only talking to Americans.
  11. Include table? Have a servo motor or clutch? Speed reducer?
  12. Really is that simple. One MORE sad part... peons who think that by "conforming" they'll somehow share in the pie. Just witnessed the overreach for myself. My little girl's friend "tested positive" (according to SOMEBODY) so my daughter wanted a test. Scheduled this morning. Get there, it's a warehouse, basically. Have to drive a block PAST the entrance, U-turn, come back, pull in the drive you just passed by though nobody was in it. Flat dick boy in a guard uniform comes out, wants to see a QR code on my phone for the test - so I showed him. Then wants to see my driver license. Nope, don't think I'm giving you that. Told him I"M NOT GETTING a test, and she DOESN"T HAVE a license. Guy, who looks like he wouldn't have a job if they didn't let him do this, says we need to see a driver license. So I said if you need a license, but doesn't need to be the person you're testing, then USE YOURS. You're not a cop, and even if you were i'm not providing ID without evidence of a crime committed BY ME. My baby is upset and they got her WORRIED about a virus, which is not a good thing. I take a lot of "stuff" I really don't need to take and think nothing of the people doing it. But I don't tolerate much about what you do or say around my baby. SHE wants the test done, so I told her I'd do it FOR HER, but want her to understand that some LIMP boy in green shirt has no authority to demand ANYTHING. They wanted to know her date of birth. HEY DUMB@!#$ ... that's what the CODE VERIFICATION is for. Pull the car through the warehouse (cuz you all stay in the car)... turned the video on the phone. Prune of a woman says "I hope you're not video-ing"... well, yeah, I am actually. Nope, cant do that- we dont allow that in here, she says. So I said "gimme the statute that says I cant do that". She claims "its on the State of Iowa health site". Uh, no... pretty sure it's not. She says well WE don't allow that. And I said you asked for a driver license from somebody who you admit has not committed any traffic offense, you asked personal information about a minor, and you claimed that I "can't" record in a public place - so I'll be recording either until we leave or until you show me the STATUTE that says I can't record in a public space. Gal decided just remember "for next time" we don't allow people video-ing here". Yeah, that's what I thought. So 20 minute drive on the way back we basically explaining to my daughter we only went there because "they" managed to scare some CHILDREN, there are many people who think that if they can CONVINCE you they have some authority, that they then WOULD have some, but only because you ALLOWED it, doesn't matter who it is - national guard, cop, teacher, whatever -- somebody asks you for something or to do something, you just tell 'em wait right here while I run that past my Dad. So yeah, now they've made me mad. I lack ANY sympathy for people TERRORIZING children. Went through a thing back in .... 2000 was it? Human Services CON MEN (and women) thought they'd slip some "stuff" through. I didn't take it personal, mostly... they're just interested in "looking into" various stuff because claiming an open case gets them federal tax dollars. A LOT of federal tax dollars. But I RECORDED much of what was said. They hired a "private" firm to show up at the neighbor's house, so that if something went wrong they could claim it wasn't them, it was the fault of an "independent contractor". Nothing new there, that's how most illegals stay in the country too. But when she said "I never said that"... I pulled out the recorder and asked if she'd like to HEAR herself NOT saying that. She suddenly left quickly without further comment.
  13. That's what these pieces are for .. when you've practiced the stamping, then practice the dye
  14. Definitely makin' progress over there... keep it up! Don's videos are pretty much the only ones I recommend. Great looking designs and clear instructions. THOUSANDS of videos out there these days, but most of them are just repeating what somebody else already did, and it's often the case that "those who can't DO, teach". Don sometimes takes a bit to get to the point, but he ACTUALLY HAS a point (more than most can say) and may be just trying to be sure to convey the idea to others.
  15. The congrats go to China, Iran, Mexico, and a number of "global" conspirators. These munkys make speeches and talk about "tone" and "unity" - but they're "unity" amounts to everybody agreeing with THEM. Do it our way, so we can all get along. A recent visit to a well known American college shows kids (20 give or take) stating that they're "all for" free speech, but if you're saying something that upsets people then you shouldn't be allowed to say it. You can't make any sense where there is none. Things are about to get far worse. Biden is a con man, put forth by Dimrats because he's expendable to them. Day one, Biden stood and said Canada and Canadians are "like family" as he stopped the oil pipeline (just a coincidence that airlines are saying they might need more money?). Illegals - according to the all day speeches - are welcome to say, using American hospitals and schools at American tax payer expense, and in fact the tax REDUCTION made by Trump will be removed (so, hope you weren't used to that extra couple thousand dollars...). Really not about republican v dimrat for me. Not about a "side', and I wouldn't call myself a "trump supporter" (though I support some of what Trump did). Regardless of the name on the ticket, or the R or D behind the name, I'm for AMERICAN PEOPLE. If you can make a better life for you and yours NOT at the expense of others, I'm all for it. Today is day one for Grandpa Joe and Mud Hen. If you want to mark progress, count how long it takes them to stop droning on about Donald Trump. My money says they WONT stop -- they have no actual issues of their own that they want in the open, so all they can do is try to get votes based on "its not Trump". As for Biden itself, he and his ENTIRE FAMILY got STUPID rich BECAUSE OF his office. Did YOU get filthy rich? And why did they spend all day constantly calling him "joe biden"? Not PRESIDENT biden. Not Biden. They called Trump "Trump". They called Obanana "Obama". And they distinguished the Bush boys by an initial. So why the first and last name every time Biden is mentioned? WAKE UP people -- you're supposed to believe he's "one of you"... it's "working class Joe". But most of us aren't MULTIMILLIONAIRES, nor are are brothers, wife, and adult children. Again... did YOU get rich, or just him? For thought... Donald Trump ENTERED the white house a multimillionaire with multiple income streams. Biden BECAME a millionaire BECAUSE OF and DUE TO being in office. I am of course speaking to Americans (only). Certainly wouldn't be surprised by any UNamerican considering Biden a win for THEM.
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