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  1. Yeah, they seem to try to discourage direct sales. Still, it's an option if you don't use em up. $15 charge ONCE is so neglible I wouldn't even consider it. cost that much to travel to tandy.
  2. I'm not a hollow ground blade guy myself, but BOUT TIME somebody mentioned THE LEATHER. Good tools are nice, but no tool will help if you got crap leather. Get the good stuff. THen if you want to carve, I would recommend checking out the old craftools - many on Ebay, prolly on Amazon too. I've ordered some nice stuff from these guys. I think my tooling reaches the "okay" level.
  3. I wouldn't consider that a good investment. This type of knife (google FRISKET KNIFE - LOTS of styles and variations with differnt type blades) will have a slower response to turns you will surrender some control which will be more obvious the more detailed the design is. You're DRAGGING the blade instead of actually STEERING the blade. Could you use this in leather? Sure - with some practice you could use a butter knife you sharpened. Not for me. I use a much skinnier knife for making .... stuff, if you want the short version. Mine has replaceable blades, very fine and always sharp. And the barrel is much smaller diameter.. more like an x-acto handle (cept, it's not). Much better visibility.
  4. Do the heaviest molding with the leather VERY wet. As it dries on the surface, tooling will cause darker "burnishing' (if you do it wet, it will not later darken just because the leather is drying).
  5. There are a lot of companies these days who will make you a cutter in about any shape you care to lay out. Some call it a die, some say "punch", whatever. Since you mention "quick", with a little thought, you could lay out something to cut half a dozen at a time. But I'm not into speed or anybody who uses "bro", so I'll step off this one now.
  6. I've use both the "reg" barge and the TF barge. Both work well - no worries. The TF was still 'smellier' than I expected.
  7. Overall, I like it. I don't mind the "accidental" color, and I DO like the stitching all the way around. Looks like it sits in there nice like, and leaves plenty o room fer grabbin'. Can't really say about the "swell" behind the guard... maybe it makes the thing more stable? Only thing, I likely woulda dun the belt slot WIDER... little more bearing surface. But, this is a trade - off with revolvers... too narrow, it's "floppy", too wide (in relation to the cylinder" and it wants to bind (though it pulls the butt in real nice). And not a "for" or "against" thing, I personally don't care for snake on holsters at all. Or belts. I've done it, but it wasn't my choice.
  8. You got that lookin' purdy sweet for a "just a basket weave" ... REAL nice!
  9. I have applied a lining over the "back end" of snaps but do not recommend it. As a rule, the snap will wear out long before the leather does, and getting the worn out snap OUT of the still usable leather goods S U C K S (in lay terms ). Instead, ... well - other stuff.
  10. Never an eagle that large. But 'back when" I did do a few landscapes and a steamboat and a Santa Fe locomotive. 18"x 12" was popular for a bit - not sure if it's because of THEM or because of ME.
  11. Yeah - "buscadero" incorporates a slot for the insertion of the holster. Acts to drop the holster (and thus the pistol) lower, which may allow for an easier draw. That is the reason I prefer the angled wear, curved belt - long legs, short torso makes lower = better for me. But I don't believe that one "stays up" better than the other. My straight cut belt in my jeans holds up itself AND the pants. Since I no longer own this type of gun, not a huge deal for me other than the way I explain it to others. Incidentally, been a while since I made one of these. Seen a long line of folks these days seeing $150 stuff on Amazon and wanting me to make it for that (uh, thank you no). Josh covered the issue of curved / straight (nice belt, BTW). I've always cut them curved, but that's more because of the way I learned than actual necessity. If that's a "secondary" issue, then let me hit the tertiary ... "No butt" is almost always the direct result of sedentary life style. Really it's just another name for muscle loss - "atrophy" for the fancy smancy folk (and at the risk of having the thread moved to like a 'fitness' section er sumthin, it's the same thing responsible for the swelling of the belly region). SImply put, less activity results in muscle loss, and muscle loss results in less calories burned. End result: flat butt, not so flat belly. Dad was one exception - that guy had NO butt his entire life.
  12. I've said it afore, but I'ma fixina say it agin --- I LOVE the color you get in these!
  13. Does that come with WHEELS? Or maybe a buddy to help carry it!
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