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  1. I didn't draw it. That's an "oldy but a goody" from a [maybe] 1950's leather craft publication. I was kinda on a mission to carve ALL the patterns in that booklet, and this one fit a pattern for a Ruger very nicely. I'll see kin I find that one around here...
  2. I like the pattern to go beyond the center line, but carving the 'back" or inside isnt' something I'd normally do. And yeah - carve it, let it dry, then line it (on a curve).
  3. $90 for THAT?@! Amazing the things people will throw their money away on. That's like $5 worth of leather and a few minutes labor. Click it out like 10 per minute, a little cement to hold it for a minute while it's sewn.... ughhh...!!!!! But, not my problem what the other guy does with HIS money, I suppose. I like LINED myself. There IS something to line with, ALL the time, in various thickness / stiffness / style to suit anything. NO LEGIT reason NOT to line a project... usually always about COST (the MAKER'S profit, not actual cost). Everybody wants to "maximize profit" and some can't see that lined DOES.
  4. call tx custom dies and have em make you one. it'll show up sharp and ready to use.
  5. Not going to call this "scrap", cuz folks seem to think that word means the leftovers, the not so good, the waste. This is not that, and I dare say my "scrap" is nicer leather than many are using routinely. Most is 7/8 oz, so think holsters, sheaths, and similarly sized articles. Could also make some pet collars, billet straps, and maybe a belt fer the younguns. I will have some Hermann Oak belt strips to dig out before long, so feel free to keep that in mind, but not in this batch. This is ALL FIRM AND USABLE leather ... NO belly leather and no "spongey" stuff. Forms and tools BEAUTIFULLY. I just need the space more than the stuff at teh moment. This is about 45 sq ft of good leather. That's a 6 foot measurin' stick and a 24" square in the pics. Wickett-Craig skirting spit to about 8 oz in black and chestnut (retails at $11/foot), and the natural is Hermann Oak, mostly 3/4 oz. $150 I'll figure out how to ship it in the US
  6. Depends on teh size of the carving. On small fish, a "veiner" works well. If you have bigger fish ta try ( ) maybe a mulefoot, or maybe swivel knife cuts, dependin also on the type of fish.
  7. I don't do anything to the inside of unlined belts.
  8. that was a ROOT issue for ME (not speaking for anybody else), that was a catalyst for an issue,... but my actual complaint was getting a product that DIDNT do what I was told it WOULD, and then getting a crass, unprofessional, downright childish response to my legitimate complaint. And that was BEFORE any 'covid' or Ukraine, and I didn't buy from a middle-man retailer. Can't keep your help, or lost people due to lockdowns, or your "good" people retired, or your wife is nagging so you went fishin'. Whatever.. flat tire could happen to ANYBODY. But if YOU'RE (the seller) having these issues, STOP advertising your wonderful product and even better service. The truth actually carries you further than a polished line of BS. I can imagine how that would go if I sold something (at 10% of the cost of one of these machines) and it didn't fit the customer, or looked nice "mostly, except maybe just the inside was't so great", or ....whatever - and my response was to say YOU did something wrong, or it would work, tell you call me again next week, then just don't answer the phone. So I have no desire to bash folks, but when somebody asks, I'm quite honest about my experiences. If your selling point is your service, and your service is not good, then you really can't complain when I tell the truth about it. In fact, maybe YOU (the seller) should have been honest yourself - from the start - and just said "we had the "good" ones retire, and covid, and Ukraine, and I think I heard my mom calling, or whatever excuse you're using... and just said "our service may be a bit slower until we get that worked out".
  9. That's a LEATHER issue, not a dye issue. Don't give that supplier ANY more of your money. You want to work with leather, get good leather. I recommend Cheryl and Carlos at Goliger Leather. Never got a piece of leather from there that wasn't TOP SHELF... ALWAYS satisfied with what they send.
  10. Oh, wait.. you wuz talkin' HOLSTERS in chocolate ... The first and third are chocolate dye ONLY. Teh middle one is done with Fiebing's "dark brown" (thinned) and shown here to show the difference in color... teh dark brown is clearly more reddish ...
  11. full on chocolate looks almost black. Thin the dye and it's one of my all time favorites (now they have 50 shades that didn't used to exist). These were done ONLY with chocolate Fiebing's. The background of the top one is FULL STRENGTH chocolate, the rest is thinned about 30:1. Same thing on the belt with the 3-piece buckle set. This belt is chocolate ONLY, about 15:1 if I remember right, and the notebook binder background is the same dye, applied with an airbrush.
  12. got tan-kote? mix a bit of tan-kote with a dollop of chocolate dye. bit and dollop are generic terms for SOME, depending on the shade you want. this is not "supposed to" work.. mixing a water based product with an alcohol based thing, but i'm telling you that it DOES very well (assuming you'll test on scrap to get the right shade anyway, so you'll then know it works)
  13. Umm.. YEP! Buy a car, you'll probably have to adjust the seat, the wheel, and the mirrors. But not the transmission
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