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  1. Definitely cut your ostrich leg the other way, or at an angle. I know it's less efficient cutting, but when you cut lengthwise - like this - you get separation of the 'scales' - like this. When using ostrich leg (which is fine to use, BTW), always plan the layout of the cut so the 'scales' are not in line with a bend or contour, "flexing' them apart. They can bend AROUND the contour side to side (on the bird) jus' fine.
  2. still looking at 3 layers of leather plus the gun... not seeing how that's "thinner than pancake" ... and the stiffener is kinda negated by the design, not gonna get a lot of "stiffener" from a flat piece on the front.
  3. This has been my experience too, enough so that I try NOT to switch back and forth. Wasn't always possible due to color availability, but turns out it was for the best.... a guy should learn how to make thes minor adjustments
  4. HF sells - or did sell, assume they stil do - a 6-ton model for pretty CHEAP. Table top size. Use a piece of steel behind a plastic stamp that size.
  5. this is likely true. this is likely not.
  6. I haven't done them lately, but I do base price on complexity. Some of those patterns - from STohlman's 'Top 20' book - I sold at $150-250 depending on 'stuff', such as custom coloring, etc.
  7. this ole boy takes a bit ta git ta the point, but he does show it around the 19 minute mark of the video .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIpanSwuy4o
  8. that looks NICE .. and no doubt a double treasure since its from Grandpa
  9. print shop prolly do it for a dollar er two.
  10. Close 277 and #24 needle (LL point - it matters). I've hand sewn quite a few belts, and many other items. Still do sometimes... as the situation calls. But its NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to find a GOOD sewing awl/haft these days. Everything is basically JUNK or JUNK. Yeah, yeah.. somebody will pop in to say you have to spend for the "good" ones, but I'm not one who buys into that garbage that more expensive = better. So the machines do a good bit of the work
  11. Looks purdy good. Still, I'd sew it right along there ...
  12. Honestly, some nice lookin' bridle I think. Or harness, thpough that may be a bit of an extreme. Bridle will tend to shed some water, if a guy got into some weather er sumthin, or sweat. And it's TOUGH ... Available in colors too
  13. I LIKE IT Wouldn't even color it, personally, or maybe just dauber the edge dark. OIL that critter 'n'' go.
  14. TIP: Gitcha a machine needle... like a size 25 er 26 diamond point. Put it in yer drill press, and "poke" the holes with that, through all layers - easy if ya got a 123 block er sumthin to make the holed perpendicler But agin.... the way ya got it "pinned" there is something I use m'self timeta time.
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