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  1. I have some from Cooks, some from others. The cook's molds I have received have been... some better than others. High detail means nothing if the size isn't right. If I could only use ONE, I like MultiMold guns (though I do have quite a few Rings which are quite good) To be clear, I have received accurate molds from a number of sources, and I have also received unacceptable molds from each of those same companies.
  2. That's not JUST ebay. Glock is pretty determined about their name. You are not allowed to say "glock 17 holster", but you can say "MADE FOR glock 17" or "FITS glock 17". They simply ask that you make it clear that the holster you provide is NOT A GLOCK PRODUCT. Personally, I don't blame them. I've seen SO many holsters that were JUNK.. I wouldnt want somebody thinking I made that, and thereby thinking they shouldnt buy MY products because they might get THAT same type of JUNK. If you sell holsters and call them "glock xx holster"... assume that they just haven't got around to you YET. Glock has A LOT of lawyers.
  3. I would agree that you shouldn't' take on jobs that exceed your skill level. I have not personally had anybody not like what I sent them. No matter, I'll conclude that nobody here is interested in that. Cost me nothing to NOT refer somebody
  4. "custom leather holster" is his term .. request today looking for "first generation Ruger LCP w/lasermax centerfire. looking for owb/iwb combo" I'm ducking out - vacation is vacation. if you make holsters and want the job, respond in next couple hours with where to refer him.
  5. New guys is PREFERRED method Send me a message and i'll gitter in a couple hours - gotta run out fer a bit.
  6. holster die and billet die are sold
  7. idunno... I'm gitin purdy good at ignoring the phone these days What were you interested in? I been checkin here least a couple times a day.
  8. S/W bodyguard .380 SA XD-M .40 3.8" 1911 A-1 5" $100 gets em ALL
  9. Sharp, ready to use. Cuts a 4" square coaster in one hit. Makes a set of 6 in a couple minutes. $40 Billet die $40 Cuts 3/4" wide billet end for ranger belts, case straps, etc. Same die used to cut both ends, guarantees a match, If this isn't something you understand, an example should fix that easy enough. Get em BOTH shipped for $100 even.
  10. 2 presses, some dies (clicker dies, not the liquids), hand tools I'm gonna "bulk" and offer as a package... CHEAP but somebody will want to sharpen some of the edgers, ... Strips and straps, ... vacation coming up soon .. already refunded ALL pending orders and been turning down requests... so.. ALL IN at this point teh cobra 4 stitcher I'd trade for a smaller machine... not sure where i'm headed with that as yet, though apparently the church will get some guitar straps before I'm excused completely 2 part die set, makes RIGHT HAND avenger style holster for either the Glock 43 (shown below) or the S/W shield 9/40. Will include a pattern for one of those pistols. BOTH parts PLUS the holster pattern fer $115 shipped in the U.S. . Note this cuts the entire holster and belt loop, but does not cut the rear slot (that is cut later the way I do it).
  11. That's a very nice lookin' belt I always recommend PAY NO ATTENTION to the "material times .. sumthin... plus gas mileage .... overhead .. lease fee.. per hour..." people. There is no "formula". I see very nice looking belts for sale at $400, and I also see very nice looking belts for sale at $55. Both good leather, both well done ... so WHAT is the difference? TIP: If you can't TELL the difference, then why would you PAY MORE?@! I also pay no attention to names. Like... "this belt was made by Elvis" might mean something, because some dummy might well pay more for it for that reason. But that would only be true in extreme cases, and nobody on this site would be such a case. STILL, your belt is overall good looking, clearly involved some planning in the making, and except for the very tip, the stitching is quite good (that's another day). I'm not big on "well it's hand stamped". Again, here's the thing.. one guy buys stamps, lays out the belt, meticulously tries to line up every impression so their all consistent spacing and depth. Does a nice job. Other guy buys an embossing roll, runs the SAME good leather through the machine in about 30 seconds, and EVERY IMPRESSION is the same consistent spacing and depth. So, if the belts are made with the SAME LEATHER and LOOK THE SAME, then I would not personally pay more because some guy killed a whole day stamping it. The POINT of "handmade" is that it should be BETTER than the machine made... more attention to detail. If it's not BETTER, then "handmade" was pointless. ALL THAT SAID... I like that belt, and would not hesitate to pay $100 for one like that (assuming the quality is as good as it looks from here). But not beyond that. If a guy wants MORE money, then he/she almost needs to do something NOT done by "everybody" else. You know, if what you do is something ANYBODY can do, don't be surprised when anybody DOES. I don't price "per inch" actually, nor "per time period", though I do get more for a 44" belt than for a 34" belt. The amount of leather isn't even worth calculating, but the time involved can be significant when TOOLED. So, I recommend a "base" price in mind... and then add a bit or subtract a bit per case. Basket stamp is THREE stamps most of the time - border, basket, scallop. Say it takes me 2 hours to cut a strap, set up, get the tools out, 'case' the strap, trim the tip, stamp, set to the side .... NOW, if I put all that stuff away, it will take roughly that same period on teh next one. But if I cut FIVE straps while I got the hide and the cutter out, and then trip all the tips, then do all the stamping (set one to the side, stamp the next, ...) and then leave them long and undyed... I might get them down to an hour each. So, if I take TWO hours, or I take ONE hour, is one belt "worth more" than the other, with leather from the same hide, with the same tools, by the same guy? Thus, formulas mean nothing. But the wrench in the works is that guy making that SAME belt with a machine.... SAME LEATHER, SAME SHAPE, SAME QUALITY, but done in 27 MINUTES. Worth less, more, the same? I don't recommend this. Your belt looks very nice and appears to be quite solid. SOME folks really do put out CRAP, and many of them have the NERVE to sell it anyway. SO THIS BELT absolutely should be sold, putting money in your pocket. Just because you're getting paid doesn't mean you cant STILL IMPROVE as you go ...
  12. Cutesy is all "global" and "feely" - always has been. These days, pastors are arrested for saying marriage is between a man and a woman, and people have careers ended for refusing to call some guy "she". ALL of that is insane, but i still AGREE with their right to allow OR NOT ALLOW the sale of any and all goods on THEIR site.
  13. There ya go Looks like ya got it figgered. And you at least sometimes "shade" before you 'bevel" (me, too). Not all of the Craftool / Tandy stamps I've seen have the same angle, but I certainly have seen some that were too "flat" for general beveling (though, there's a place for that too).
  14. pre-cut leather is SOLD
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