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  1. I guess you mean "deglazed". And yeah - that would be required. If it were possible, it would be difficult.
  2. theyzz DEFINITELY glue under muh needles In leather, yer fixina find a WHIOOLE BUNCH o' fellas determined ta tell ya they got the "real" way ta do it. This was the reason for my "fade" video... they was fellas makin' HOUR LONG videos about that same thing, many of them claimin' they 'invented' that look. ALL of that was RIDICULOUS, so I showed how that kin be done in about 3 minutes once you got yer stuff ready. Tell a story while yer doin it, STILL only take 3 mins to paint the holster and mag carrier. Some fellas gonna tell ya ya gotta stand on yer left foot facin' east to sew leather, er whatever they makin' up this week I suppose you could - theoretically - get some glue on yer needle if you CAKED IT ON THICK, but I have no idea how a guycould git glue up in the machine
  3. not sure i'm gittin yer question here.if it's under the exotic, it's glued completely. done differently one project to the next sometimes. In these examples, the pocket holster lizard panel was glued to the flesh side of a cowhide, and then together glued and sewn to the main body. That the question or somethin' else? I haven't had any issues with it at all. The small size of the scales lets it bend a pretty tight curve. It's machine sewn, so maybe that makes a difference? I do not like hole punches - too much chance for them to walk on you, or angle the wrong way coming out the back, or tear the leather on the way out (all of which I have had happen in the past). So, either machine stitch, or I have been known to put a machine needle in a drill press and "poke" the holes. SOME exotics you can get away with marking with an overstitch wheel and then using an awl, but not too many (exotics) work that well like that. But teju isn't armadillo so it aint too bad. It doesn't "burnish" in the condition shown, so I taper it to almost feather edges on the back side before gluing.
  4. looks good , tho you could have just turned the zipper gusset other way and not added that piece I like to burnish and dye the edge near the zipper before sewing on the zipper.
  5. these folk may have what you want https://bunkhousetools.com/product-category/holster-molds/
  6. I generally like to "mix em up" with various exotic ACCENTS. I have made full snakeskin belts, but prefer to recess it or inlay it so the scales don't flake. Just one example of some issues that can arise with exotics. Somewhere along the line "prints' became widely used, but I aint really a fan there. Gona use fake gator, might as well use fake cow. IN the gallery some pics of various 'stuff' got added time to time, like such as ... Python Teju lizard Ostrich leg
  7. I like to turn the zipper gussets the other way ,so they're flush with the outside of the case and get burnished together.. but that looks purdy good
  8. for a phone? A case, or a belt holster? One I'd use like a 4/5, the other perhaps a 6/7.
  9. I tried em in the 80's, but didn't care for 'em. Coulda been I just got bad ones, who knows - never tried em again. They were advertised as basically indestructable, stay sharp forever. Those I bought weren't that sharp when I got 'em, and I don't like having to FIX a tool BEFORE I use it.
  10. uh... okay. Any interest in tooling designs or instruction? Guessing if I upload a bit different style of holster I'll have to also change the directions a tad . That would take considerably longer, so ... This one shows a G27, tooled, monochrome colored, with safety thumb break strap and full lining. Tools used were added to the pic for a conversation round here somewhere a while back.
  11. isn't that eco-flow stuff more of a stain? ah - no mattter. you'll get a jillion different comments, some more logical than others. For a baseline startig poing, if you git that fella tellin' ya ta dye only when facin' east and standin' with weight on the left foot... run away the #1 way to ensure good results with dye is to start with good leather.
  12. well, that seems extreme but I maybe should get some these "NOT 5050" patterns digitalatized ...
  13. yup. the tighter you bend it, the tighter you bind it. Seem like somebody around here once posted some pdf's about howta makeyer own, in different ways, including comparing '5050' and "flat back" pattern makin'. Dummy even gav it away free...
  14. yup - the etsy shop is 5050. Look like this if you use brown dye and brown caiman hide those have been BIG for years. Personally prefer the "curved pancake" style myself. Those 5050 builds are simple to make, and you could cut front and back from the same cutting die, so they're popular as all. Issue was, as a rule the tighter you cinch the belt, the more friction on the pistol - which I don't like. Folks talk about "breakin em in", but they just mean stretchin' em, mostly. At some point, the holster no longer retains the pistol when you take it off, and the holster gets replaced (maybe thats why holster makers like em?). You can make a 5050 KYDEX holster without that issue, cept it's gonna protrude more and be less likely to conceal. And forming the front over the gun on a table or bench, allowing to dry, then sewing, DOES work, and works WELL. But the TIME involved in that doesn't lend itself to getting the numbers out, unless maybe you have thousands of square feet of bench. Robert, while he was with us, did this well as ANYBODY, and made some genuinely beautiful pocket holsters in teh process (Sig Sauer sent him their logo stamp to use on the holsters they ordered). I should find that picture of what I think is probably the BEST looking leather holster I've ever seen - designed and made by Robert, who taught me a good bit. BACK to the point.... These "curved panel" holsters have the same retention in your hand as they do on your belt. Tightening the belt doesn't tighten the holster (well, I suppose if you sucked the belly in and HAULED on your belt, maybe a little?).
  15. I like makin' that one in exotic stuff too. Haven't done it in dog yet, but I got one askin' fer it This some mottled grey elephant and black shark hide.
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