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  1. Well SHOOOOOOT! Did you folk know that there's an "ignore user" link on just about everybody on here? I seen it a jillion times, never paid it no mind. But I jsut tried it - works good. Cut out what ya don't wanna see/read. Click a button, and ya don't see what ya dont wanna see. Serious - no kiddin...
  2. I was talking about BUYING ads, not reading them. Guess I'm cured of that Just one time if I remember right. But with 80,000 members and 78,000 of them NOT blue, I figured it wasn't my turn yet
  3. Obviously. If you want to shoot fish in a barrel, ya gotta have a barrel!
  4. How much them ads up there? By the month? By the quarter year? I forgot about em til somebody mentioned yesterday.. ad blocker had em turned off so long I forgot that was there! So, I did wonder.. how much money to pay for ads, to sell stuff to you boys n girls, so I can use YOUR money from profit from the markup to buy more ads, to sell you more stuff. Seems like a good way to go, right? Basically, get YOU to pay for the ads that sell YOU stuff Nah.. maybe another time. Still, somethin' ta think bout, right?
  5. Tandy has NEAT-LAC?@! YOu must be stationed in Asia somewhere SHOOT.. too much talkin', not enough sewin'... back to work!
  6. Use sharp needle Use smallest plate slot possible Use firm leather When you've minimized much as possible, then after sewing dampen the leather and tap it flat (some prefer to use a spoon and "smooth" it flat)
  7. With Fiebing's dyes, really don't git the fuzzies. Eco flow I think is thicker in the bottle, yes? More likely to be the issue. Neat-lac CAN be used for those... I seen some folks do it WELL. But the way they used to make it (1980-sumthin?) had to be thinned to work right.. full strenght out the can (it was a metal can back then) almost guaranteed to crack on something like spur strap Makes a hard finish when done properly.. makes cleaning the straps kinda sweet, painless. I know they stopped making neat-lac, then I heard that there was some newer product to replace it, but that's all I know about that. That plus the fumes from neat-lac - being a lacquer - would kill brain cells. Maybe that explains some folks ...
  8. In the last 8 er 10 days, I talked with 2 customers exactly opposite about this. one guy who won't buy anything unless the "maker" puts his label on it. Says if you won't "mark" it, must not be proud of it or "stand behind it". one guy says he hates anything with a "logo" or "mark" on it... don't want it on there anywhere, though he was okay with a small something ON THE BACK. Maybe I should have some smaller ones made? Aint much room on a pocket holster fer a P238 ...
  9. Tough to see that area under the grip on the left one with that mag in the pic. What ya got keepin that one (on the left) from falling through the holster?
  10. 1) I don't t think it matters if the back of the leather is dyed or not. If you're applying with a brush or dauber, then dont. Or you might prefer to "dip" dye it, which will do the back, and that's fine. 2) Neatsfoot is what I use. It has worked for decades. I tried mink oil and Lexol, which both seem fine but I still use the Neatsfoot. 3) I've never used that ec0-flow stuff, so I don't know if that's causing your burnishing issue or not. But if you're using quality leather, all you need to burnish is some clean water and a stick. Tough to help more without info and/or pics of what you're doing and what you're using. I use Fiebing's black dye, neatsfoot oil, sometimes seal with Fiebing's resolene. But i haven't done spur straps in quite a while.. maybe I should fix that?@!
  11. Oh, and don't forget... NEVER FORGET... LIABILITY. EVERYBODY wants to sue SOMEBODY. And it doesn't' take much. If you have space "accessible to the public" you got an issue. And if you have a business, people in general will auto assume that you have vast piles of stored money - thus you are a target for this (excessive and sometimes ridiculous) litigation. Up here we got the obvious... somebody slipped on the ice on your sidewalk ("path" for you european folk) -- now you're in court "proving" that you did everything reasonable and slightly beyond to prevent that from happening. Somebody will say "that's why you have insurance"... which is correct. But as soon as you "hang a shingle" your insurance just got WAY different - that's my point. And then you have that one (or 10) who doesn't think anybody should have guns, thus no need for holsters, so they're "browsing" your store for ways to wreak havoc. That guy who likes to be called "she" will be there to swear you discriminated somehow and people who have never been here before will be standing there trying to "return" something. And if by some series of events you get big eniough you need some employees.. ughhhh don't even get me started on employees .... still have flashbacks....
  12. You mean this one? https://hidehouse.com/products/ Not seeing the gator is why I ask.
  13. That's 8 x 12" ish for you American folk Absolutely beautiful.
  14. JLSleather


    THE sharpest detail I've seen in a long time .. this is FANTASTIC@
  15. Roughly the amount of stunning I had anticipated (give er take a smidgeon) FANTASTIC picture!
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