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  1. Haven’t seen you around in a while, miss your encouraging and positive presence here! Hope you’re well.

    1. bikermutt07


      I've been away from the bench for awhile. Sorry.

    2. Retswerb


      Glad to see you here!

  2. Thanks for that. If you don't mind may I copy and paste your answer? I won't use your user name.
  3. So, in a Facebook forum someone asked the difference between a leather conditioner and a leather lotion. I've never given it much thought and treat them kind of as the same thing. Can anyone shed some light on the actual difference in them? Is lotion more for chrome tanned and conditioner for veg tanned, maybe??? Any help is appreciated.
  4. For smaller stuff the consew 206rb is good. For larger stuff a cowboy 3200 up to a 4500 will do. These are generic models of great machines of the past. They are great working proven designs that last for years. Now one could argue that you could take a machine like the 4500 or a cobra class 4 and "dumb it down" to do smaller stuff. And people have. But, here's the potential problem with that: these machines are finicky at best. If you start monkeying around with one you need to be able to put it back to where it was before. They like to operate in a certain sweet spot within their specified range. And most, don't operate well at the extreme ends of their range. They have lots of adjustments on tension and movement. The tolerances are tight to make all those parts work in unison. Once you start playing with one, you will be happy to get it where it needs to be and leave it alone. The big machines offer too much pressure to operate well with small thread and needles. The small machines will wear out prematurely running larger needles and thread on the upper end of the tensions required. Sorry my answer wasn't more informative before. I was short on time.
  5. No machine does it all. You would need at least 2 to get the job done. One smaller machine like a consew 206rb and a big machine like a cowboy 3200 to a 4500.
  6. You're welcome. The bag at the top of the post I made a pattern for. The link is for the totes.
  7. Thanks guys It came from this place. She has lots of simpler patterns. https://www.leatherdiystudio.com/ This one was called tote 12. I did change up the handle situation. Here is a picture of how it is assembled in the PDF pattern.
  8. You broke the cardinal rule. Always have at least one picture showing the knife. Looks great.
  9. These are the ones I own. They arrived sharp out of the box. I really like them. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07SHBS4C8/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_7RgQEbE2JK6PN
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