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    Shooting holes in unsuspecting paper, riding my motorcycle, and playing with dead cow skin.

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    messenger bags and maybe a purse for my wife, toys?
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  1. bikermutt07

    To fix or start over

    I have seen a video of a shoemaker do a Blake stitch by hand in a similar fashion. I think he used a bent over piano string.
  2. bikermutt07

    Lots of tooled Bags

    I can see what you are saying about the tooling not being as good as the belts, but come on they still look awesome. Don't sell yourself short. The right clientele will pay good money for these and your belts. You are well on your way to being someone in this craft. Keep it up and try and get some marketing done.
  3. bikermutt07

    Tippmann Aerostitch II still available?

    Unfortunately, they are no longer in production. Seemed like an awesome machine. They tend to sell fast when used ones pop up. That's all I really know about them.
  4. bikermutt07

    Lots of tooled Belts

    I didn't catch that. I thought those were some plain belts.
  5. bikermutt07

    Lots of tooled Belts

    Very very good job. One way to hide those tiny mistakes is to present them in a whole slew of beautiful work. Kudos on that. The shear scale of quantity here makes my head spin. Way to go! I'm curious to see the keepers added...... Are those snaps holding the buckles? They look like rivets in the photos. If they are snaps, I haven't seen that style before.
  6. That is a great looking sheath.
  7. bikermutt07

    Looking for Cowboy Outlaw reviews

    It's too new right now. I think they released in March 2019. And, it's completely possible that anyone who bought one does not frequent this site or make YouTube videos.
  8. bikermutt07

    My hobby room

    Yeah, I have finally learned to rein myself in from passing interests. I have always dove headfirst into a new interest only to lose interest soon after. Now, I think it through a little before diving in. I think I just like buying stuff.
  9. bikermutt07

    overwhelmed with options

    I bought mine used and the standard table was already set up. I find it too high to sit at in a chair. And almost too low to stand at. But, I think it is sitting in the middle of it's range. I will try to take a look at it when I get home today. I am almost certain it is adjustable. For reference, I am 5'10. I used to be 6'1" but my chiropractor said/proved otherwise.
  10. Here is some from solar leather machines....
  11. bikermutt07

    Looking for Cowboy Outlaw reviews

    Just call cowboy Bob or Alexander at solar leather. They will give you an honest answer to your question. I have never heard of them steering anyone the wrong way.
  12. bikermutt07

    Round knife cutting mat.

    I bet a big paper chopper would have come in handy.
  13. Yeah, there just aren't a lot of them to be had. I'm sure availability falls into a category not unlike exotics.
  14. bikermutt07

    Round knife cutting mat.

    Thanks, I'm moving over to MDF.
  15. bikermutt07

    Looking for Cowboy Outlaw reviews

    Well, it looks like @CowboyBob or somebody is going to maybe have to pony up a machine for a review? Or contact a customer who has purchased one and ask them to do a review. I have seen this question asked several times already. On this site as well as a few Facebook forums I'm a member of. I'm certainly not the person to give a review of it, but I'm sure there is someone out there worthy of doing an independent review. I see people ready to spend money, but they are having a time commiting to this new platform. In this digital world we are living in, people just aren't spending big dollars without researching first. With no independent reviews, they will spend elsewhere. This may be a consideration for future r&d budgets? Just some food for thought...