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    Bossier City, LA. United States
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    Shooting holes in unsuspecting paper, riding my motorcycle, and playing with dead cow skin.

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    Newb, sheathes & holsters
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    messenger bags and maybe a purse for my wife, toys?
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  1. bikermutt07

    Cherry blossom decorated leather purse/clutch,

    Really great job.
  2. bikermutt07

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    Don't feel like the lone ranger, I had the same assumption about artisans. I was reading your post going, "yep, yep, that's on the money, yep." Nothing wrong with a little humility from time to time.
  3. bikermutt07

    Billiard Pocket

    I certainly haven't. I imagine they would be stapled in place and made of braided leather? Shouldn't be terribly hard to make. Any pictures?
  4. bikermutt07

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    I certainly wouldn't back off, if I were you. Just add some more affordable items to your lineup. Keep those pricey ones handy though. Heck, slap a sold sticker on or two items. That will generate some interest.
  5. bikermutt07

    Wuta 1.5 Edge crease $20

    That all sounds like good stuff, but I'm just not in the need mode right now.
  6. Bikermutt07, that’s how I got started just like you and at least that amount of money. Now I make belts for all my bike friends. I also made wallets, messenger bags, etc. I just made a small change purse for windshield pouch.


  7. bikermutt07

    Challenging Knife sheath Build

    Great job on the sheath. It seems that chiropractor created a lot of design problems for you by not thinning that thing down.
  8. bikermutt07

    WTB really cheap walking foot machine

    I haven't really had a chance to try it. My friend and I got it turning ok, but it has been at his house ever since. It is a head only, but tables and servo motors are cheap. It was originally a walking foot binding machine without reverse. It will probably handle wallets fine. There isn't much in the way of information on the internet about it.
  9. bikermutt07

    Wuta 1.5 Edge crease $20

    I like Wuta things I haven't tried, Kevin Lee stuff, and as always anything from Terry Knipshield. Of course, it would depend on the time of the month when I would have extra cash. I get my commission checks the first Friday of a month.
  10. bikermutt07

    WTB really cheap walking foot machine

    The machine I mentioned in the pm won't handle that weight. @koreric75 you got one that will work for this guy?
  11. bikermutt07

    Wuta 1.5 Edge crease $20

    Yeah I just missed it going up for sale. I guess our (yours and mine) shuffling around here was out of sync. I saw the other items, just nothing I am needing right now.
  12. bikermutt07

    Master Saddler and Professional Saddle Fitter

    Howdy Master Kate. Welcome aboard.
  13. bikermutt07

    Should I do that? Looking for opinions

    Will the lid have sides that come down over the box? That's what I was meaning.
  14. bikermutt07

    Help with pricing

    Also, make sure to mention changes in your pitch. You will find people who think you can just throw something on anywhere in the process. Make it very clear to them that if they change their mind along the way, they have to pay for that also. Be firm, but fair.
  15. bikermutt07

    Should I do that? Looking for opinions

    If it were me, I would follow what you are already doing. On a side note, if you did the apron on the lid in a black as with her name I think that would look pretty smart. Keep having fun. The elevated techniques will come with more practice. You can do this stuff for years learning something new on every different project.