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  1. Thank Rockoboy I think to do that but it will be very tall backpack ever
  2. Hi everyone i tried to make that backpack and at the end i can't closed from the top, i know that is huge foolish but i hope some help
  3. Hi everyone this is last small wallet i make, but i can't finished the edge right, the layers looks in the end not good at all and i don't have a machine for that.
  4. i'm was enjoined with reading your short and great story
  5. i'm very benfited for your advices your insiration bikermutt07
  6. Could you give me some advice to improve this wallet the layers inside is goat leather
  7. who are you man? It's more than amazing,Tell us what your secret with stitching
  8. i tried to make fanny pack and my reference to do that is Kurk grage company my problem i can't make the right pattern it is very difficult to make something like that?
  9. First thing thanks for a big advices you gave me and i take them seriously, in fact all i want to do in this time to make wallet, and can selled it at any probable place like the local markets in my country or facebook, and if that happend with me i will coninue to next step or it will be just a hoppet in my free time
  10. Hi professors This is my first edition to that's blue wallet i would to make something new and i want to draw something in the cover but i not good in drawing and i try to practice What's the next step after swivel knife please i need name the tool and photo to that tool
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