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  1. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and I apologize in advance if this is not the correct place to post this. I am looking for a few pieces of Horween Dublin Pull Up Veg Tanned Leather in the "Natural" color. I used to buy the 2 sq. ft. (12" x 24") pieces from Rocky Mountain Leather Supply but they are sold out and don't know when or if they are going to be getting any more. I have also ordered the Horween Dublin Brown Nut and English Tan from Buckle Guy but they also do not have the Horween Dublin in Natural. Does anyone know where I can purchase some in 3-4 oz. and 6 oz? I'm not interested in seconds at all, I want the best grade possible. Thanks a lot and hopefully someone can help me! Tom
  2. Here is a wallet I finished a little while back (side note: I won’t be stamping Dublin again) Tell me what you think!?!?!
  3. Hey Guys, I have four sides of very clean 8-9 oz. Aniline Chromexcel with strong bloom for sale. Here's the details on the individual sides: SIDE ONE (12.6 lbs) $150.00 (plus shipping) Very clean side, with no marks or scratches 8-9 oz. 18 sq. ft. SIDE TWO (16 lbs.) $170.00 (plus shipping) Very clean side, with no marks or scratches 8-9 oz. 20 sq. ft. SIDE THREE (13.4 lbs.) $155.00 (plus shipping) Very clean side, with no marks or scratches, but has a couple of words written on the back (near the top of the side) in pen (picture with fingers for scale attached) 8-9 oz. (closer to 8) 19 sq. ft. SIDE FOUR (15 lbs.) $150.00 (plus shipping) Very clean side, with no marks or scratches, but has a 2" x 50" piece cut from the top edge) 8-9 oz. 20 sq. ft. SHIPPING INFO $45 shipping for 1 or 2 sides $90 shipping for 3-4 I'll ship it in two boxes Payment accepted through Paypal. Let me know if you have any additional questions!
  4. I received my first Horween leather yesterday from A A Crack so I had to quickly try it out. I am very impressed with the quality and with how easy it was to work with. Almost all of my previous work has been done with veg tan that I have dyed myself so it was a refreshing change to just pick up some leather cut it out and stitch. I’m worried though that I already thinking I need more Any tips on finishing horween does your final product need any conditioning etc? Normally I would finish my other veg tan products with resoline or carnauba cream or just some leather conditioner such as sedgwicks.
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first post here on the forum, so I apologize if I didn’t put this in the right place. Sorry for the length, I just want to give all the info I can to get the best advice. Thanks in advance for your time! I recently picked up a side of matte-ish black Horween Essex for a custom tote order. The tote was made and shipped and I started using the rest of the side for a crossbody bag with an alligator flap. I checked in yesterday with the tote customer to make sure she was happy and she said she was, but she’d noticed that the color was rubbing off on her white pants. She didn’t have this problem with her first tote from me last year and I’ve never had this problem in the 3 years I’ve been working with Essex so I was surprised. Out of curiosity, I went over to the alligator and Essex bag that I just finished up and rubbed it with a scrap of light colored T-shirt and sure enough quite a bit of color came off. Obviously, I’m concerned that not only does a customer have a tote that’s leaving color on her clothes, but in the meantime I have just finished an expensive, fairly time consuming hand-stitched bag (my first using alligator) that’ll be rubbing on someone’s shoulder and hip. I can’t have it leaving big black marks on someone’s clothes. I wouldn’t even try and sell it if I know that’s a possibility. Now that the bag is done, what can I do to try and seal it? The edges are all painted with Vernis edge paint so I’m nervous about getting any kind of solvent on them and having that turn into a big mess. I tried buffing the whole bag with a soft cloth to remove excess color, but the color transfer hasn’t stopped. I thought about using Resolene, but I’m concerned about (a) being able to apply it consistently and not having it gum up since it’s all finished and 3-D and not an easy flat surface and (b) won’t it make the matte black really look shiny and plastic-y? I liked the way it looked before with the soft finish. It made the gray alligator flap pop. Lastly, does it work well on leathers with soft-medium tempers. I’ve used it on heavy veg tan work but not this kind of thing. I can’t afford to experiment with stuff that “might” work, because if it works on a flat scrap and not on the finished 3-D bag, the whole thing’s wasted. Is there any way to salvage it? I loved the way it turned out and would really appreciate any advice. I’d also like to be able to help the tote customer so she’s not stuck with a bag that ruins her clothes. She’s in a different state, so if you have a product in mind that she could buy separately and apply as a non leather worker that’s even better. Thanks again! -Hannah
  6. I've been working with some new Horween CXL and it's amazing how much wax etc. is all over the work surfaces. I'm afraid it will transfer to hands, tools and such and will cause issues with the next veg tan I use and try to stain or dye evenly. Any suggestions as to what is the best cleaner to get rid of the residue. That wax seems to be impregnated into my large cutting panel! Jeff
  7. Hello everyone! I have been using this business to buy my supplies. The Vinymo thread from Japan they sell is the best I have ever used! It can be used to hand stitch AND in your machine!!! That’s such a bonus for me! Reasonable prices and extremely great customer service. The owner, Bill has helped me so much. I thought I’d share the link to his site. He has everything from leather, tools, edge finishing supplies, books, etc. the link will get you 10% off your purchase as well.
  8. Just finished this for a benefit as an auction item. Edges, lacing holes and engraving were done on a 100 watt CO2 laser cutter.
  9. Grey Drakkon

    Mini Rivet Box

    I swear I had been mulling over making a box by riveting it before I saw Retswer's at , that being said I did take some tips from what was said on his thread and made sure to skive my flaps down. This is a pretty small box, less than 2" x 2". The lid is actually wood from mitered frames with a scrap of leather glued onto the bottom. I think it turned out pretty well for a mach 2 (mach one turned out to not be feasible)
  10. Hey guys Here is a duffel bag I recently finished. It was made with dead stock calf skin leather from the YSL (yves Saint Laurent) accessory line. It has an embossed pebble grain/stingray pattern with a durable top coat, much like Saffiano leather. The bag is sewn at 6 spi (7 tpi) with 432 fil au chinois thread. Nickle plated hardware. Riri zipper. Leather is 4 oz. Thanks for looking Chris
  11. Hello everyone, ***I'm re-posting this due to losing all my photos being lost in the Photobucket ransom. I've had a few request to re-post*** Here are a few pics of my latest bag. It is a commission piece. Customer requested a bag that resembled the Louis Vuitton Greenwich Neo. The bag is made with Horween Natural Chromexcel. Fully hand sewn with beige fil au chinois linen thread (size 432 @ 6spi) There is a shoulder strap, strap to secure this bag to his rolling luggage, luggage tag, padlock with keys and clochette. Riri zipper, polished nickle hardware, cream canvas lining.
  12. Hello everyone ***re-posting this as i lost my pictures in the Photobucket ransom*** Here is a recent woman's bag I made using tumbled Horween Essex. The leather is about 6/7oz and slightly spongy. Its sewn at 6 spi (7 tpi) with fil au chinois linen thread; size 432 Fully lined with interior pocket. Thanks for looking
  13. I do lampworking (making beads and such out of molten glass using a torch) and the latest project I was working on was making leaves, then to make something out of at least one of them. Bracelets and regular neclaces weren't doing anything for me, until I thought of incorporating leather. Found a scrap of Horween that was even close to the right shape, cut it and tidied up the edges, added some beads and riveted on some things braided wire and a clasp and boom! Turned out to be pretty unique compared to what most lampworking were putting out.
  14. Decided to actually use some leather and made a sketchbook out of rag mat board covered in Horween and pigskin. Made 8 registers out of different colored acid free paper and stitched it all together with green linen thread. I think it looks pretty nice! You can see in the close up of the spine that I had to splice the thread together. At one point it made a knot and snapped.
  15. Just wrapped this one up last night. I really like the look, however, the latigo will not work for a final case (too light/flexible). I look forward to tweaking this a little bit and reconstructing out of english bridle.
  16. Hello everyone, Here are a few pics of my latest bag. It is a commission piece. Customer requested a bag that resembled the Louis Vuitton Greenwich Neo. The bag is made with Horween Natural Chromexcel. Fully hand sewn with beige fil au chinois linen thread (size 432 @ 6spi) There is a shoulder strap, strap to secure this bag to his rolling luggage, luggage tag, padlock with keys and clochette. Riri zipper, polished nickle hardware, cream canvas lining. Thanks for looking Chris
  17. I am making a folio case and need to line it with pig skin, but the Horween leather I am using is very very waxy and I am worried the glue will not stick. I am wondering if there is away to remove the excess wax before I glue them togeather Anybody had the same problem and what did you do to get round it? Thanks
  18. Hello everyone Here is a recent woman's bag I made using tumbled Horween Essex. The leather is about 6/7oz and slightly spongy. Its sewn at 6 spi (7 tpi) with fil au chinois linen thread; size 432 Fully lined with interior pocket. And a shot of the hide Thanks for looking
  19. Hey guys Just a few pics of a dopp kit that I'm making for a family friend for Christmas. It'll be gusseted construction. 5 oz Horween Latigo, hand sewn with 432 fil au chinoise linen thread. stay tuned Chris
  20. Just added a CXL bracelet to the line! Let me know what you think!
  21. Hi All, I was going through an odd lot of leather and came across some Horween sides, but not really in a color or finish I'd use so I'm selling them here. These were a buy-out from a boot maker (I think Timberland because of the notations on some of the other hides). These pictures don't show it really well, but there are basically two colors: One is a yellowish color (the color of most natural veg tan) on the top side and a much more orange saddle color on the back. The other is the other the saddle orangish color on both sides. I think the leather may have been intended to be used for the suede side, but both sides look pretty nice. The finish on the front is pretty much nude, not much aniline all. 4.5-5 oz Sides available: Saddle color on both sides: 20.3 ' 20.1' 18.5' 17.5' Yellowish on front: 17.9' 20.7' 20 (not stamped but matches us with the 21' hide it's on top of but I'll call it 20) 21.6' Asking $4 per foot (as steal for Horween as their cheapest price when buying more than 1000 feet is around $6-$7. PM or email. Payment via Paypal. Shipping from Ruby SC.
  22. Here is my first post showing what I put together last night. This is a Horween Chromexcell Moleskine holder with a pen slot and pocket on the front. Would love to hear your thoughts on this. I know that I make a few mistakes on it and need to improve my hole placement and edge trimming. John
  23. Christianlikeswhiskey

    In Need of Natural CXL

    Hey There, We are in need of a piece of Horween's Natural CXL in roughly 5/6oz. I will not need a full side of this as we do not typically add this to our collection. This is a hired job and we just need about 4 sqft. Let me know if anyone has some we can buy off you! Cheers, Christian
  24. Hi All! We have a large dead stock of Horween Chromexcel sides that we're willing to let go for a discounted rate. We switched back to English Bridle for our inline products last year, and are left with all these high-quality, unused sides. Here's what we have: -Dublin Horsefront 3/4 oz. (Smooth) ~ 200+ sq. ft. -Dublin Horsefront 3/4 oz. (Perf) ~ 200+ sq. ft. -Dublin Cowhide 5/6 oz. (Smooth) ~ 500+ sq. ft. -Chicago Tan Horsefront 3/4 oz. (Perf) ~ 175+ sq. ft. -Chicago Tan Horsefront 3/4 oz. (Smooth) ~1100+ sq. ft. -Chicago Tan Horsefront 5/6 oz. (Perf) ~75+ sq. ft. -Chicago Tan Cowhide 5/6 oz. (Smooth) ~1400 sq. ft. -Dark Oak Horsefront 3/4 oz. (Perf) ~200 sq. ft. -Dark Oak Horsefront 3/4 oz. (Smooth) ~ 800 sq. ft. -Dark Oak Cowhide 5/6 oz. (Smooth) ~ 1500 sq. ft. -Dark Oak Cowhide 8/9 oz. (Smooth) ~ 800 sq. ft. -Rich Moc Cowhide 3/4 oz. (Perf) ~ 25 sq. ft. -Rich Moc Cowhide 5/6 oz. (Perf) ~ 45 sq. ft. Let me know if you're interested in pricing, we're letting these go for much less than retail to clear shelf space. Minimum is only one side. (503)285-4637 We also sell scrap leather by the pound. Premium English Bridle natural and assorted colors. As well, we also have a Private Label line, offering a range of products to be customized: Feel free to reach out with any questions! Anthony Parrish Special Projects & Private Label Cascadian Fabrications, Inc.
  25. Guest

    Skilled leather worker needed

    Hello, I run a well known automotive aftermarket parts company that has been in business for 6 years. I am looking to hire someone to create wrist bands, shift knob covers, and other misc leather car accessories. On average, we need about 20 misc small accessories made per week. I want to use high end leather this time around like horween and exotic skins for a new line we are creating. We also want to eventually venture out and make men's bags and accessories. We are based in the US. Location doesn't matter as we can arrange shipping but being in the north east definitely will help. Please email