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  1. Sorry I missed this last post. I never received a notification about it. Yes, sides 3 and 4 are still available, but I do have another potential buyer who just contacted me. I suppose it’s only fair that whoever jumps on them first will get them.
  2. That looks awesome! Nice to see the leather being put to good use!
  3. Glad you like them Jeff! It was good meeting you and I hope you have fun with the leather!
  4. Yeah, I'd be willing to do that. I'll send you a private message.
  5. It means that some of the oil and wax has risen to the surface. You can very easily buff it away if that's not a look you're going for, but It's very desirable to a lot of belt makers. As for location, I'm in Colorado Springs.
  6. These are still available if anyone is interested. I'm willing to entertain offers.
  7. Actually, I was just having a look and it's not as bad as I thought to Canada. It looks like it'd be $70 shipping to Ontario for up to two sides. If you're interested in more than that I can take a look too. Let me know!
  8. I'm in Colorado. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'd prefer just shipping inside the US.
  9. Hey Guys, I have four sides of very clean 8-9 oz. Aniline Chromexcel with strong bloom for sale. Here's the details on the individual sides: SIDE ONE (12.6 lbs) $150.00 (plus shipping) Very clean side, with no marks or scratches 8-9 oz. 18 sq. ft. SIDE TWO (16 lbs.) $170.00 (plus shipping) Very clean side, with no marks or scratches 8-9 oz. 20 sq. ft. SIDE THREE (13.4 lbs.) $155.00 (plus shipping) Very clean side, with no marks or scratches, but has a couple of words written on the back (near the top of the side) in pen (picture with fingers for scale attached) 8-9 oz. (closer to 8) 19 sq. ft. SIDE FOUR (15 lbs.) $150.00 (plus shipping) Very clean side, with no marks or scratches, but has a 2" x 50" piece cut from the top edge) 8-9 oz. 20 sq. ft. SHIPPING INFO $45 shipping for 1 or 2 sides $90 shipping for 3-4 I'll ship it in two boxes Payment accepted through Paypal. Let me know if you have any additional questions!
  10. Hey Guys, My wife and I are cleaning out our shop and we wanted to offer this Vergez Blanchard Stitching Clam to anyone who is interested. We bought it from Rocky Mountain Leather Supply in the Spring, but I found that I preferred my old stitching method and so this has barely been used. The leg is completely untouched, so you can cut it to whatever length suits you if that's your preference. At any rate, we're offering this for $100.00 including shipping for anyone in the US. We should be able to ship it by the end of the week since we ordered a long box just for this purpose. Thanks! Joe
  11. Hi Guys, My wife and I are moving away from steel dies in our workshop and we're looking to free up some space by selling off our leather press. Just to tell you a bit about it, we bought it back in 2011 from Kirk and Heather at Texas Custom Dies. Its in good functional condition, though some cherry juice can occasionally be found seeping from the jack. It's nothing major, we've just had to wipe it off a handful of times over the years. A replacement can be had easily and relatively inexpensively through Harbor Freight if its any concern. We've disassembled the press in order to move it from our basement to our garage, and we'll leave it for the new owner to put it back together (its very simple and intuitive). Also, just as a note, the cutting board in the second picture is not included. At any rate, we're making this available for $100.00 or the best offer and its available for local pickup in Colorado Springs, CO only. No shipping on this one. Thanks guys! Joe
  12. Rylas

    Cast Iron Tippmann Boss

    I'm interested in buying this. I'm going to shoot you an email to see some pictures.