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  1. Ok nice! I love the untreated leather!
  2. What leather did you use for the handle? Is it Vachetta?
  3. Ok thanks for the pictures. I don’t know how to draft my patterns on the computer..so I have to do everything on paper with a ruler. I’m not sure if I want to thread it down since it’s nice to be able to pull the lining out for cleaning...I guess..not sure if the processionals donut that way. I don’t have any expensive brand bags lol.
  4. I’m not sure I understand. I forgot to mention I’m talking about a drop in lining. Can you explain what you mean a little more?
  5. Does anyone on here have any tips for drafting the lining size for the bags? I want the lining to fit perfectly without that bunched up look..which looks low end to me. I normally do the lining pattern 1/16 inch smaller in height and take 1/16 off either side seam. But this doesn’t always work out how I want. Any suggestions?
  6. Thank you! I actually already have a skiving machine. A consew one.
  7. Ok I will give that a try! Thanks!
  8. I attached a picture of the tape before sewn and one after seen..didn’t stretch as much nor warp the scrap as much...go figure! It stretches a little bit normally it stretches more. The videos show me pulling the tape by hand and then sewing on the scrap..not sure why it did so well..guess because I was recording and the machine wanted me to look bad lol. Once you guys give me your thoughts on what you see still..I have one more problem lol..so the bag I want to make requires me to have the top part of the binding flush with the top of the bag..exposed. When I try starting with the body and binding tape flush..when I turn the wheel the binding moves toward me and down further from the top..so I’m not sure of the correct way to start and end in this case..probably simple but my brain is fried at this point. I attached a picture of the top of the bag so it makes more sense.
  9. Ok that could be an issue as well. I will take a look at it in the morning. I never adjust the bobbin tension..it’s been the same as it was when I bought it. I need to make sure I have the bobbin installed correctly too. First time having a side loading bobbin.
  10. Hi. I posted a topic before about finding a binder for the synchronized cylinder arm I bought. so I have a binder installed..but my binding stretches after I sew. The opening of the attachment is 7mm...my tape is .6 mm..and the two lives of leather with the binding amount to a little over 4mm. So unless I don’t understand how they work..the attachment seems as though it should be big enough for my tape. The tape goes in easily. My scrap pieces also curve after sewing. Do I need to keep looking for another attachment or is something else the problem? The machine sees fine. I have a size 20 diamond point leather needle and the thread is serafil 20.
  11. I have a synchronized/vibrating arm cylinder sewing machine I’m not using as much as I thought I would. Im located in Douglas, Ga if anyone is near my area. I would be willing to trade for a roller foot post bed machine. Machine works great! I bought a binder attachment for it but I think my leather is too thick for the binder because it stretches longer than it originally was before going through it. I don’t want to buy a custom binder right now, too expensive. Table and motor included. $1300
  12. Ok thanks guys! I thought I needed to use a round needle for inside seams and a tricky for the top stitching. I will order some tri cut. The only size I have in it is 22. Yes it appears that is so. I did change to a size 22 R and the problem stopped. I really like my modified foot because I can get my guide very close to the needle to get my top stitching close to the edge like the designer bags are. Ok I thought I needed the R for bag construction inside seams and the tri it’s for topstitching or leather over 4 ounce. I will order some and try them instead. I think I have a size 22. I will order a 19 or 20.
  13. Ok I will try a bigger needle as well. Will update shortly.
  14. Ok I will try to see what it does with a different center foot. But I modified that one so I could sew very close to the edge when top stitching my bags closed. If that doesn’t work I will load a better video and see slower for you guys to see. ive been sewing with this inner foot for a while. Maybe this thinner leather requires me to tweak some things. It’s like a 2-3 ounce chrome upholstery leather. I normally sew 3-5 ounce chrome tanned.
  15. Hi. My machine was sewing fine..minus the fact I noticed a few stitches not looking the same as the rest. Now, I’m getting inconsistent stitching. I changed the needle..rethreaded machine three times..changed bobbin..the stitching has gotten worse. im using #5 MBT thread on top and bottom..size 18 round point needle, consew 227 is the machine I’m on. No idea what to do now.
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