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  1. Hi. Do you have any pebbled leather, I'm looking for orange, that is 4-5 ounce?
  2. JeannieH

    Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Thanks! I’ve actually seen this video before a while ago. It does work. I will try it again on the WC.
  3. JeannieH

    Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Ok I will check those things. Yes please post pics for me! Ok thanks. I won’t try wetting it anymore. Checking out that thread now!
  4. JeannieH

    Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Ok thanks that gives me some ideas!
  5. JeannieH

    Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Now it won’t move the leather..tried a 1 inch width piece. My knife was just sharpened yesterday so that is not an issue. Are there other adjustments I can try? I have the piece that rolls close as possible to the bell blade..the blade is close to the foot...what else?
  6. JeannieH

    Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Sonydaze im trying to get to 2-3 mm. I was is 5 mm now. I just tried something. I dipped a piece of scrap in water then blotted it off..leather glides through now. So now I will play around and keep skiving until I get it thin enough. I saw something online about casing I thought maybe a quick dip would did lol.
  7. JeannieH

    Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Ok yes please load a picture when you can. Thanks!
  8. JeannieH

    Skiving/splitting wickett 3mm leather

    Ok. Yes I know it is for skiving..that’s what I use it for normally. But I want to use the bridle leather I have for my trimming too. So I need a front label to stamp my logo on, two pieces to attach my o rings. I believe it is 3mm. So my pieces will only be about 3/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch wide. currently it’s way too thick to do the trimmings. I have a skiving knife, but that’s not working out. I don’t have a manual splitter. All I have is the skiving machine.
  9. Hi. I have a consew dcs s4. I need to split some 3 mm wicket and Craig bridle leather to use for stamping my logo and making the holders for my d rings on a purse. Will this machine do this? If so, what adjustments do I need to make? I tried it and the leather only moves a little then stops.
  10. JeannieH

    Adding firmness to raw edge straps

    That turned out great! I love the front. It’s like the Hermès birkin. That kind of bag is on my list lol! Very impressive bag you made!
  11. JeannieH

    Music bag

    That is gorgeous, you did a fine job!
  12. JeannieH

    Zipper placement

    Ok I will post a pic. It’s nothing special. it took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about lol. I guess it was time for a serious picture because I have a lot of work ahead of me lol. Thanks though!
  13. JeannieH

    Zipper placement

    Yes I have seen that but it’s specific for a zippered wallet. I’m just needing a general tool that would work with any placement. I ended up doing this....I payed a strip of masking tape down... then measured how much space I wanted between the teeth and the leather... I then cut a thick bag stiffener the exact width I measured... put double sided tape on it and stuck it to the masking tape... so I can just move that around my bag to make sure everything is spaced the same.
  14. No problem! Glad I could help!
  15. I love the colors! Great work for your second bag. Being able to make your own pattern is a huge bonus. I have a tip for you when it comes to lining the bags. You need to make a separate pattern for your lining. This is because it needs to be smaller than your outside pattern so it fits neatly inside. I make my lining pattern 1/16 smaller than the outside. You can start there and adjust it smaller if you find the lining is still a little too big inside. If you already knew this than disregard lol!