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  1. Hi. So I nicked my blade when I was removing the burrs with my stick for the skiving machine. Do I need to buy another blade? I’ve tried sharpening theee times but the gauge is still there.
  2. Ok yes it’s in there. How do I know if it’s adjusted correctly?
  3. By on do you mean on like not turned off..or installed on the machine? Im
  4. Ok thank you I will check that out! I assume I do. I haven’t taken anything off other than the front shield that plate that covers the blade some.
  5. Hello! Do they sell vacuum systems for skiving machines that you can add…or should I try making one with a shop vac or something lol? My leather (soft chrome tanned…Remy)is coming back up on my stone roller. I just bought a steel one yesterday and I did try aussie’s suggestion of putting talcum powder on a piece of leather and running it through. I want a permanent fix though because this is utterly annoying lol! also, how can I get my roller and bell blade on separate motors diy? thanks!!
  6. Ok thank you! Thanks for that info! I will check it out!
  7. Hi. I purchased these pricking irons when I first started leather working. I have used them no more than 10 times. They are in like new condition. I just don’t use them. I was doing a project where I wanted my hand stitching to look straight like my machine stitch. I believe the reverse are used for pricking the underside of thick leather also. The set is a 2 tooth and 8 tooth. I also have another wuta reverse 8 tooth I will include. Wuta sent me a replacement 8 tooth because the first one wasn’t sharp enough to my liking. I’m sure it could be honed or something or work just fine for someone else. $80 free shipping for the 2 tooth and two 8 tooth pricking irons. I would send a business PayPal invoice for payment.
  8. Ok those are good things for me to try. I have a sewing room outside (shares a door with a bigger workshop/tool shed) and it’s an insulated room with two windows...about 500 sqft. Maybe I can rearrange things to have my glue station in front of the window and open it when glueing..maybe a table can to blow out may help. I will look for a mask for the fumes as well. The water based glue is not good at all for glueing reinforcement to the base. Thanks for your suggestions and I will give them a try. Yes you are more than likely right. I will just have to work with what’s available here then.
  9. Ok yes I didn’t think about that. Well what would you guys suggest as next best? Right now I use Renia aquilim for holding parts together on the body of my bags..and weld wood contact cement for flying the base..it’s so stinky and I’m trying to replace it because I want to breathe freely while gluing and not getting high!
  10. Thank you. I did come across their website and emailed but never got a response. I will try again and update of I hear back from someone.
  11. Hi! I’ve been hunting for this Korean glue that I see used overseas. It isn’t sold online. Are there any Korean leather workers on here that can help me out? Or anyone else that knows the product! its called star bond 950(yellow one) and star bond b5(beige one). it looks so easy to spread from what I’ve sent and the consistency is very nice looking.
  12. Yes but I haven’t sewed the lining in yet. See..I have to have enough clearance from the outer foot when I sew the top of the bag for the lining..so if I stitch the holder onto the outside of the bag..I won’t be able to move the holder out the way of the outer foot when I come around to that part.
  13. The piece is already saddle stitched onto the bag. I’m just trying to close up the opening some so that you can’t see the reinforcement I have in the middle. So there is only one hole..I wouldn’t be able to back stitch it. I will attach better pics of what I’m trying to do. so I didn’t go all the way up with the saddle stitch to the area I’m Ryun to close up. The first pic shows what I’m trying to do..but with just the stitch on the ring holder and not going through the holder and the bag... I use vinymo #5 MBT thread for stitching
  14. I’m not sure what terms to use to explain but how do I stitch a single hole to reinforce sides of my ring holder? Do I use one needle or two? I’ve tried both but I’m still able to unravel thread so I’m not stitching it so that thread is knotting or locking right.
  15. Ok just saw your response! I will try that in the morning! Thank you for taking the time to explain it differently to me!
  16. Looks like this will do it for me. Thanks for you guys helping me. Looks like I need to add lacing on my learning list because there are so many beautiful decorative techniques out there.
  17. Ok. I understand what you are saying but I still don’t understand how to do it lol! I understand that in the picture of the bag I attached..they used one lace instead of halving the lace and using two ends...and that the part shown is actually the backside of the type of lacing technique...right? now..I need to figure out your instructions for doing it because I’m not completely understanding your wording for some reason.
  18. Ok! I will have to read what you typed a few times because right now it’s not clicking lol. If you find a video of someone doing what you are saying shoot me the link! Ok I will test it out.
  19. Here is a better picture. The bag has the name whip stitch in it. I don’t have the bag it’s an image off the Internet. Thanks. That does look similar! I will take a better look so I can try it.
  20. I want to do this type of lacing on my bag. But I cannot find a video with this specific look. Anyone out there can help me? I can’t tell if they used straight cuts or punched holes for this.
  21. Ok nice! I love the untreated leather!
  22. What leather did you use for the handle? Is it Vachetta?
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