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  1. Ebay. Or Henderson
  2. BTW I am not a sewing machine mechanic. I had to learn how to work on mine because I own 20 industrial machines and no mechanic nearby. Becoming a mediocre machine mechanic based on need. But this change of gauge isn't really that hard. they are meant to be changed in the field.
  3. It just really isn't that hard. Some of the first detailed sewing machine adjustment I did. But takes a good manual and an understanding of the adjustments needed. Try it for fun.
  4. No, on a 212 singer it"s not that hard. When I got mine in the mail both hooks were loose and no where near set up. Took 2 to 3 hours with a good manual to set the hooks, the first time I ever moved a hook. Bought a new gauge set and changed it for the first time to a new gauge in an hour or two, again the first time I did it. With a good manual. Parts are widely available. I haven't worked with other than 212 singer series. But if you find a good one of those at a good price buy it no matter what the gauge. You likely will want more than one gauge anyway. Yes it's more convenient to have one in each gauge you want. But if you use one for an occasional project and mostly at one gauge it's not that hard to change. Assuming some medium mechanical ability. Especially if you've timed machine and adjusted hook clearances before. If you can't change your watch battery or the oil in your car then maybe changing one isn't for you. In fact I need to go down stairs and change mine from 1/4 to 3/16. I expect it to take an hour. With interruptions maybe 2 hours.
  5. councilman24

    What is this

    Figured it out. Luberto's classic. Other posts on here. Maybe pink is photo artifact
  6. councilman24

    What is this I've never sewn this. Info?
  7. councilman24

    hard materials to support leather bag

    I haven't used it for leather but for cordura nylon we use MDS loaded nylon as a stiffener between two layers. It can be sewn easily and is much less likely to crack than HDPE or normal nylon 66. Its about like the cover material from office supply above except more durable. We use 0.031 (1\32) or 0.060. Below is one source as an example I found on google. I usually purchase in 2x4 sheets. Don't remember where I actually purchased it.
  8. councilman24


    For occasional use I have a set like this. I also have dedicated hole punches for number 0,1,2,5, and 8 grommets. Mine are actually this type.
  9. councilman24

    Singer 29-4 for sale

    I have to say my first thought was 'UGLY'. But likely would have bought it 4 days ago before I bought another patcher. But I'm also too lazy to paint any of my machines or stands. So, good work.
  10. councilman24

    Which patcher?

    Thanks for the replies. I've bought the Adler because it was closer and it works well. The Singer 29k71 is still available. Looks like it needs more cleaning than the Adler. Debating on a 4 hour one way drive. I have two 29-4's that both need parts and one singer stand. I may just play with them now that I have a working patcher. What to do, what to do.
  11. councilman24

    Which patcher?

    Which patcher would you pick? A Singer 29k71 or Adler 30-5? Both on stands, good working condition, both $500. I know limitations of patchers.
  12. councilman24

    Pfaff 193 arm shaft disaster..

    Man I was dizzy reading this pdf without pictures. I need pictures! But have a 145 I need to clean and tune soon. My sister bought it sight unseen by me at an estate sale only because I needed a Pfaff knee lifter table for my 238. Didn't even pay attention to the machine for a couple of years. But then realized is was a pretty nice 145.
  13. councilman24

    17-30 without stitch length adjustment lever

    Okay I knew that was the reverse but didn't realize it was variable. Just looked harder and found a manual with instructions for reverse and using it for stitch length. Just didn't look quite far enough.
  14. Just pick up a 17-30. Needs cleaning but sews well. But although labeled 17-30 with what looks like original tag it lacks the stitch length adjustment. The bulge is in the casting but not milled out. Anybody seen this before and know how to adjust stitch length? Still in van. Haven't played with it.
  15. councilman24

    What model is this?

    I don't consider clutch motors a problem. Have one I bought 4 years ago and still haven't put it on any of my 15 machines to try.