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  1. I didn't put this in for sale because I don't own it or possess it at the moment. But there is an American straight needle available in Southwest Michigan. My understanding is that it either sews or is very near to sewing. It would end up being at most a few hundred dollars. If anyone's interested in discussing further send me a message. For more explanation it's part of a deal that I might do but have absolutely no room or need for an American straight needle.
  2. I think it may be they took off the jump foot but didn't add anying else. Still not sure?
  3. Trying to figure oit what the difference between a 132k6 and k10 is. I found one indication a k10 may either be a true walking foot or at least something different that the spring jump foot on the k6. Anybody know? I'm tired of trying to find some thing besides the parts manual and to cross eyed to sort through parts to figure it out.
  4. The high lift and reverse modifications were usually done to the more common 7-33 and 7-34. These are often used for parachute harness work. I have 3 of these. I'd have to look up the intended lift for 7-9. None of them were real high as made. I don't have the link handy but google "army sewing machine technical manual" and you should come up with two TM- manuals. At least one has very detailed maintenance instructions for the 7-33. How it will apply to a 7-9 I don't know. Two of the companies that used to do the high lift and / or ad reverse conversions are out of business. I think there was a third but don't remember who it was. I think lately folks have moved to newer machines rather than having these converted. Have fun.
  5. It was an ebay seller for the 217 plastic ones. I have the double throw and triple throw versions for the 217 in delerin and the full set of decorative stitches in original metal. Just got a double throw metal original cam for 217n. My buying history doesn't go back far enough to find ebay seller but they haven't listed them for 3 or 4 years. I lost my double throw delerin cam and contacted them directly for another one. But just don't have the contact.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/271013551433547/
  7. This is a consew version of a singer 20u in your area. They don't wvwn say zig zag in the ad. May not know. They can be made to.work. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/166590692219689/
  8. I'm in SW Michigan. Singer 20u's are all around us. IMHO ONLY buy a blue or tan Singer. Chinese made clones branded singer, consew and a dozen other brands are available as cheap as $300 for the head. I have several zig zag machines. All but 2 were bought locally I have 3 20u's, 2 Pfaff 238's, 4 Bernina 217(n),s including one 12m wide, 2 consew 199r-2a's that are double through zig zags. As cheap as $300 amd one of the bernina's with a cam drive for various stitches was $750. Also an old singer not mentioned above that I can't remember the model number if. It doesn't tension release sp anything you can compress and stuff under the 1/2 clearance foot you can sew. I also have a sailrite zig zag because it was cheap but have never used it. All except the sailrite are dropfeed only. But I know a parachute container manufacturer that uses a 20u to close the corner of the rig. Seam includes 4 layers of cordura and or parapack and 4 layers of nylon binding tape. A bernina clone is sold by Global for sailmakers. Can.be had to do a triple throw zigzag and mount a puller to the back. The consew 146 is a compound feed zig zag. One rigger I know bought one thinking it would up his capability. Not so much. Keep looking at craigslist and fb. But you have to look at every post. Many post have one bad photo and say sewing machine $200. I've gotten many good deals by being able to tell what they were and fix minor things wrong. One of the Bernina's I got for $450. I told them they should get more and it was worth more but not to me as my 5th zig zag. Left the offer standing. No other buyers in 2 weeks and they called me back. Keep looking. And contact me.
  9. A link for the spindle motor mount? Not sure if I can find that. Thanks.
  10. The way I look at needle size is that anything not a simple uncoated woven fabric needs the top end of any table and usually even higher. Leather, neoprene, coated fabric etc. I routinely use nothing smaller than a 19 for 69 nylon and often a 21. I haven't found a table yet that I think works for non woven or thick, dense webbing/fabric.
  11. think this is the one in the op. Hirth-Klause was the ancestor of Wolverine Shoe Company. Apparently imported leather machinery. Manual maybe dated 1898. We found this link trying to find out something about this machine.
  12. When sewing with any portable machine your going to need a work space. If you currently have a table you use for cooking, eating, hand sewing you could replace it with an industrial sewing machine on a table. When not sewing the head lifts right out to store where you'd store the portable. Cut an insert to drop on the hole and your back to you just table. Table would take up about 8 sq ft.
  13. I'm having a senior moment. What motor is this? For some reason I can remember.
  14. The end of last summer there was a Brother sewing machine on craigslist. I saw it while I was getting a different machine nearby. It was a cylinder arm walking foot but Brother sewing machine numbers are so damn long I can't keep them straight. I did manage to do a little research on my phone with out model number. But it was so cheap I messaged them and said sold. But I couldn't understand why the cylinder arm went 3 inches past the needle in the photo. Got there and realized it was a double needle! I'd never run into or seen a picture of a compound feed double needle cylinder arm. With a needle position sensor electronic controlled servo. Obviously out of a factory somewhere. Then they said it came with this bag of parts. I said great. Then they said it came with second head mounted to a broken table top for parts. I couldn't get it loaded fast enough. I got home and managed to get head and table and second head into garage half under the boat. And haven't gotten back to it till this week. Figure out it is the Brother labeled double needle version of the singer 227r. LT3-C57b. The bag of parts? I still haven't completely done through it but all new parts including many different labeled screws etc and 3 new Consew branded hooks. It kind of looks like maybe all the "parts" head may need is more extensive cleaning and set up on a new table with a motor. The whole package was only a little more than 10% of the cost of a new Cowboy version. The only machine I didn't have was a cylinder arm more than a drop feed. While one that can do 6 cord might be nice this is really what I needed. I can't justify new machines but manages to accumulate quite a stable of used, functional machines. I do have a question. I know Cowboy Bob has a flat table accessory for his version but says it only fits on a pedestal table. Is there another flat accessory table that will fit in this? Not that I need it so much. Have other compound feed 3 cord capable machines. But might be nice. And had to have a question.
  15. Put on a bigger needle. The thread hast to hide in the long groove of the needle from all friction from the material being sewn. It make work with no material but once you try to sew the thread no longer moves freely in the long groove.to make loop for the hook to pick up.
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