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  1. A link for the spindle motor mount? Not sure if I can find that. Thanks.
  2. The way I look at needle size is that anything not a simple uncoated woven fabric needs the top end of any table and usually even higher. Leather, neoprene, coated fabric etc. I routinely use nothing smaller than a 19 for 69 nylon and often a 21. I haven't found a table yet that I think works for non woven or thick, dense webbing/fabric.
  3. think this is the one in the op. Hirth-Klause was the ancestor of Wolverine Shoe Company. Apparently imported leather machinery. Manual maybe dated 1898. We found this link trying to find out something about this machine.
  4. When sewing with any portable machine your going to need a work space. If you currently have a table you use for cooking, eating, hand sewing you could replace it with an industrial sewing machine on a table. When not sewing the head lifts right out to store where you'd store the portable. Cut an insert to drop on the hole and your back to you just table. Table would take up about 8 sq ft.
  5. I'm having a senior moment. What motor is this? For some reason I can remember.
  6. The end of last summer there was a Brother sewing machine on craigslist. I saw it while I was getting a different machine nearby. It was a cylinder arm walking foot but Brother sewing machine numbers are so damn long I can't keep them straight. I did manage to do a little research on my phone with out model number. But it was so cheap I messaged them and said sold. But I couldn't understand why the cylinder arm went 3 inches past the needle in the photo. Got there and realized it was a double needle! I'd never run into or seen a picture of a compound feed double needle cylinder arm. With a needle position sensor electronic controlled servo. Obviously out of a factory somewhere. Then they said it came with this bag of parts. I said great. Then they said it came with second head mounted to a broken table top for parts. I couldn't get it loaded fast enough. I got home and managed to get head and table and second head into garage half under the boat. And haven't gotten back to it till this week. Figure out it is the Brother labeled double needle version of the singer 227r. LT3-C57b. The bag of parts? I still haven't completely done through it but all new parts including many different labeled screws etc and 3 new Consew branded hooks. It kind of looks like maybe all the "parts" head may need is more extensive cleaning and set up on a new table with a motor. The whole package was only a little more than 10% of the cost of a new Cowboy version. The only machine I didn't have was a cylinder arm more than a drop feed. While one that can do 6 cord might be nice this is really what I needed. I can't justify new machines but manages to accumulate quite a stable of used, functional machines. I do have a question. I know Cowboy Bob has a flat table accessory for his version but says it only fits on a pedestal table. Is there another flat accessory table that will fit in this? Not that I need it so much. Have other compound feed 3 cord capable machines. But might be nice. And had to have a question.
  7. Put on a bigger needle. The thread hast to hide in the long groove of the needle from all friction from the material being sewn. It make work with no material but once you try to sew the thread no longer moves freely in the long groove.to make loop for the hook to pick up.
  8. You may think it's threaded right but the path all the way from the cone to the needle matters. As above cone directly below first guide, through the right guide holes in the right path before the tension disks, etc. Needle size may also be the issue as mentioned.
  9. If that class 7 in the OP has reverse (labeled 7-33r would say it does and it looks like it does) it may also have high lift added. Either with or without hi lift $1600 with reverse is very fair. I have 2 and wish I'd been able to get one with reverse.
  10. You've gotten some advice about new machines and very heavy machines but I haven't seen an answer to what you want to do? I just bought a very good condition consew 206rb-2 needing a little adjustment and a 206rb-3 running well a little more used each for $300 with tables and clutch motors. I have one machine (lighter) with a servo. I also have two servos in boxes that I haven't decided which machine to put them on. In the mean time I keep sewing with the clutch motors I've been using for 20 years. One of the 206s I sat down at to try out before I bought it and could run it at a out 200spm (actually likely less) with the clutch. That being said a servo can be added to any machine for $135. I've bought sewing Songer 111 walking foots for $100. A Pfaff 145 compound feed similar in capacity to 206 for $35. To start you don't need new, no offense to the dealers here. The ONLY machines that I paid more than a $750 for out of 8 industrial zig zags, 5 or 6 compound feeds, 2 walking foot machines, 2 29-4s and an Adler 30-1, a 132k6, 2 7 class singers and an electronic bartacker was the bartacker and one of the 7 class. A couple needed a new take up spring a screw or two or adjustment. Oh, I forgot the Brother double needle cylinder arm that is all there but does need some work adjustment, cleaning and tuning for $300 with NIB hooks and lots of other parts. Granted I watch the ads, are familiar.with a lot of machines and willing to work on them myself. You can get a lot for $1000. If you need the heaviest cylinder arm compound feed they are rare used (the Brother is medium weight and and a steal) and command a high used price. Otherwise tell us what you want to sew and the forum can guide you to the proper used machines.
  11. I just found this file somewhere last week. This should help. Prices range from $100 to $1000 around the country and depending on whether a good working machine, a spotless show piece or both. singer29classcomparisonsv02.pdf
  12. Thanks for the advice. I wouldn't likely have considered laying it down. I've hauled a gun safe in the middle of my trailer. I tie a net/cap with 4000lb webbing.and use 4 heavy ratchet straps. Key is having it in the middle so even length on all straps. But if I think I can manage to get it down and up I try that. I worry about stress bolts somewhere.
  13. Question is can an American Straight needle come apart easily for transport or does it need to move as one piece? Have trailer to move it intact and upright but hope a can make it a couple of pieces. Thanks.
  14. The idea that this has given me is to use a long stand I got with a parts 29-4 for one of my complete 29-4s that has a standard stand so I can have a bigger table than the standard stand allows.
  15. I also use my phone, not only for close but also as telescope. But I also have one of the flexible stand magnifying glasses with circular light around it. Usually use it for picking.out bartacks on parachutes I repair but works for close up look at machines too. Range from $35 to.$350. Mine is 35 years old.
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